Kentucky State Police Begin Operation R.A.I.D.


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — To increase driving safety, Kentucky State Police is starting a new “safe driving program”.

Operation R.A.I.D (Remove aggressive, Impaired. and Distracted Drivers from Kentucky Roadways) will remain active for one year.  

Law enforcement will be more visible and the number of check points will increase.

This program will allow each post to identify target areas.

“Not only just texting, but any distracting drivers. This includes eating and drinking. We are going to be out looking for those people. You’re going to see a major force when it comes time for St. Patrick’s Day weekend and holiday weekends,” said Trooper Biven, Kentucky State Police.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’ studies show two-thirds of all fatal crashes link to aggressive drivers.

4 thoughts on “Kentucky State Police Begin Operation R.A.I.D.

  1. “Law enforcement will be more visible and the number of check points will increase.”

    Funny how highway “checkpoints”, once considered the hallmark of tyranny in this country, are now the norm, and you’re supposed to just get used to it.

    They can’t pull enough drivers over for seat-belt violations anymore, so they’re expanding the tyrannical practices to include drinking, eating, talking, texting, yawning, farting, etc. etc. etc.

    Basically, the Kentucky pig farm wants to pull over anyone they want to, because they can’t find enough pretty girls to rape with only the seat-belt violations as an excuse to pull them over.

    There will be no peace, justice, or law and order until after the war, so just get ready to join the action when things get rolling. Until that time, the news only confirms what we have to do to survive as a free people.

    1. The “operation raid” that America’s waiting for involves a few dozen citizens surrounding the local police station, and pulling out all the little piggies one by one for the neck-stretching they deserve, and have been begging for with their crime spree.

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