Kenya calls in Israeli Special Forces to help end jihad seige in mall

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At request of the Kenyan government “Israeli special forces now operating to try and end Nairobi Mall siege.” It’s interesting to watch how the free world responds in a post-American Obama world.

Jihad in Kenya: Muslim Group holds non-Muslims hostage after massacre in Kenyan mall siege, 39 dead, 150 injured

Among those killed yesterday in the jihad attack aginst Kenya by the devout Muslim group, al-Shabbab, was a Canadian diplomat, the Kenyan president’s nephew and his fiancé, and Ghana’s leading poet. Three British, two French, one Australian and one Chinese citizen also confirmed dead. 

Why am I not surprised Kenya did not ask the jihadi sympathizer in the White House for help. Where was the leader of the free world on this mosntrous attack on freedom? Obama is half-Kenya for G-d’s sake.

“All Muslims leave… we only want to kill non-Muslims”: Jihadists massacre at least 22 in Kenyan shopping mall after releasing anyone who could prove they were Islamic by reciting a prayer

Kenya calls in Israeli Special Forces to help end mall siege  Mideast Dispatch, September 22, 2013

According to Agence France Presse (AFP), at the request of the Kenyan government, Israeli Special Forces are now helping Kenyan forces try to end the on-going terrorist siege at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, where Islamist gunmen (and one gunwoman) have been holed up for over 24 hours with about 30 hostages.

A Kenyan security source told AFP that Israeli forces have now entered the mall, at the request of their Kenyan counterparts to help rescue the hostages and bring out the injured.
Reuters differs from AFP, reporting that Israeli anti-terrorism experts were helping in negotiations, but would not participate in operations.

59 people were killed and almost 200 injured yesterday in the coordinated attack by the Islamic Somali al-Shabab movement. Those escaping said the terrorists first separated Muslims from non-Muslims before beginning to execute the non-Muslims. Among those killed was a Canadian diplomat, the Kenyan president’s nephew and his fiancé, and Ghana’s leading poet.

There are about 4,000 Kenyan troops in the south of Somalia, where they have been fighting Islamic militants since 2011.



Tom Gross adds:

Kenya and Israel have long enjoyed close relations, particularly in the security sphere. Kenya assisted Israel with refueling and in other ways during the daring Israeli raid in 1976 to free Israeli and Jewish hostages in Entebbe, Uganda (in which the current Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s brother was killed).

Last month, Kenya asked Mossad agents (together with American ones) to investigate whether the massive fire at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi was a terrorist attack.

5 thoughts on “Kenya calls in Israeli Special Forces to help end jihad seige in mall

  1. Pam Gellar is a raving loonie, never missing a chance to blame Muslims for all the world’s evils and she keeps pushing the lies about 9/11.

    This post is a PR puff piece for Israel. Most likely, Israel had a hand in this attack and just happened to have their special forces group nearby, on standby.

    To read more about this hater of us GOYIM, click on the link below:

    Pamela Geller: The Looniest Blogger Ever

    1. The only other article on this was from Debkafile, which was even more pro-Israhell slanted than this one. At least this one has the facts straight, regardless of the anti-Muslim rhetoric.

  2. I find this quite surprising as Kenya, a member of the commonwealth does have the ability to ask London to send the SAS or SBS to such incidents or could ask Australia or New Zealand for assistance from their SAS squadrons and the Israeli’s just happened to be there is quite a coincidence don’t you think?

    And when you start seeing coincidence’s like this, it sets alarm bells ringing, think back to 7/7 when a bunch of ex MI6 people working for a “private” security firm were carrying out a drill at the very stations, a drill that was almost to the sync identical to the reality and we are supposed to go “Great, handy them blokes being there eh?”. A coincidence that the bus that blew up security cameras were “serviced” not by the usual firm but by people who seemed to have disappeared of this planet and the final coincidence that Netahanyu didn’t leave his hotel over half an hour earlier because he was told of the Liverpool St bombing but decided not to tell his good old mates at the Metropolitan police or HM Govt nor his neo-con friends sitting waiting for him at the hotel RIGHT next door to one of the bombs… Coincidence strikes again. And of course no one remember a BBC programme called Crisis Command where the second episode (several years before) was almost a shopping list of what happened on 7/7, god dammit another coincidence Hmmm? Forgot to add as well that the person running TfL at that point was an ex CIA senior member and his liaison at the Greater London Council just happened to be a very right wing Senators ex chief of staff but of course this is all just happenstance, nothing to see here folks.

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