There once was a baby bird in his warm nest with his siblings. When he got up to stretch, he stepped to close to the edge and fell out, landing in the cold, icy snow. He lie there shivering, calling desperately for his mother.

Lonely and cold he suddenly heard the footstep of a cow nosing around in the snow looking for grass. As she passed, she crapped a cowpile on the baby bird, and again, he was all warm and cozy, and in contentment began to sing softly, “cheep cheep, cheep cheep”. 

A hungry wolf sauntered by and heard little bird cheeping, snatched his ass outta the pile of cow dung and ate him.

Just remember, anyone that shits on you is not necessarily meaning harm….. And anyone pulling you out of shit may not be trying
to help either.


6 thoughts on “Koyoteism

  1. Thanks, Koyote. I came back to this little philosophical tidbit a few times today. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. I’m still not. But I came away from it thinking…

    I know who I like.

    I know who I miss.

    I know who I trust.

    I know who I love.

    I know who’s poison.

    And then I thought of The Trenchers and for some crazy reason this song came to mind:


    Philosophy is very BIG.



  2. …and one day you realize the only things that aren’t shit are Love, the Natural World, and our Bill of Rights

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