Kyle R*ttenhouse Lawyer Claims He Will Sue Joe Biden “Successfully” After Campaign Calls Kyle A White Supremacist

The Christian Walker

Lin Wood, the attorney that successfully represented Nicholas Sandmann, Richard Jewell and many others has tweeted that he will now sue Joe Biden for defamation. 

In fact, Wood went on an absolute tweet storm defending Rittenhouse and warning Joe Biden about impending doom.

There are even more tweets than this. Wood is probably still firing off tweets. It. Is. Glorious.

The rest of Twitter has begun to chime in as well. Scott Adams, the creator of the “Dilbert” comic said this:

It is true. President Trump was asked to disavow “white supremacists” and at best he sort of did. It is a common strategy for dishonest media leftists like Fox’s own Chris Wallace to ask the President to disavow something that has no relevance at all.

It’s like asking the President to get on his knees for no gosh darn good reason and expecting him to do it. Most of us would. But not our President.

The mob hates it when Trump won’t bow. What they’ll hate more is when Lin Wood keeps suing their near and dear protectors: mainstream media and the social media goons that won’t even let you say kyle’s name.

Hopefully Wood sues Biden ASAP. It is time we all stand up for truth, even if it means we are called the worst of names. It is the least we can do, as the greatest country on this side of heaven is at stake.

The Christian Walker

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