Lafayette, Louisiana Movie Theater Gunman ID’d as John Russel Houser, 59, of Alabama

ABC News

The gunman who opened fire inside a packed movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, Thursday night, was John Russel Houser, police said at a news conference this morning.

Houser, 59, is among three people who died, police said.

Nine others were injured.  

Houser is from Phoenix City, Alabama, and has no known connection to Lafayette, police said. Houser was described as a drifter by police, who said he had likely been in Lafayette since early July.

The shooting occurred at the Grand 16 Theater on Johnston Street where a screening of Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck” was playing. Conditions of those injured range from non-life-threatening to critical and their ages ranged from the late teens to their 60s, Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said at a news conference.


13 thoughts on “Lafayette, Louisiana Movie Theater Gunman ID’d as John Russel Houser, 59, of Alabama

  1. Southern drifter. More attacks on the south and it’s culture. Didn’t see that coming. (sarcasm)

  2. FYI,
    I live here. It did happen. Not a false flag. They will use this to demonize white men, but it actually did happen.

    1. Just because it happens doesn’t mean it wasn’t staged. 9/11 happened but it was still staged. Now on Yahoo they are saying the shooter was on shows for being so “radical” about tea party issues etc. Ring a bell?

      1. my take from listening here locally:
        He came here to find work from Alabama as a lot of folks have recently. He was living in a local motel for the last couple of weeks. He was all alone. He was almost out of cash and no work here.
        Now, one of the two happened
        1. planned this attack because he is fed up with the world wanted to do damage.
        2. THEY took him aside and fed him the drugs to make him do as he is told.
        Remember this, he parked the car by the exit. Placed the keys on the tire for a quick getaway. Had numerous wigs and glasses for changing his appearance. Tried to leave and came back only when confronted by the cops. Reloaded and offed himself. Generally these set ups don’t plan their escape that well.
        This will be used to demonize the white man. It will also be used to “close loopholes” in the gun buying laws. I am sure that they are already writing the new laws.

    2. What is your real name, where are you, and what qualifies you to authenticate this obvious false flag?
      When the guy with the beard gave the press conference, he couldn’t wipe the smile off of his lying f#@king face.
      This is another production, period.

      1. you know who I am. I was scanning your site to get your take on this and saw the story.
        My daughter used to work there and knows people who were there when it happened. He killed two local girls and put several others in intensive care. The one woman 33 years old was very well known locally. She owned a small local business and was in a local band. She cant be an actor.

      2. FYI y’all. Watch what the south does. Westboro is coming here to protest the funerals. We will make the lamestream media news trust me!
        Henry email me at the email that I used when I was part of the trenches y’all can have the exclusive if they show up. I hope they do. Google westboro coming to Lafayette LA and read the comments on the article. And the other ones!

  3. People, don’t you see a pattern here? Same S… Same day=Thursday….same place this time=movie theater. Time of movie=7pm….people get shot twenty minutes (give or take) later…7:23? Yesterday’s date…7-23-2015…..maybe I’m just reading too much into this. FBI always involved in these “lone wolf” shootings….it’s not a coincidence.

  4. For a modest fee, I’ll write his “manifesto” for you, and I’ll fill it with the racist diatribe you’re looking for.

  5. Just another cog in the jew gun confiscation machine , as well as a distraction for the invasion by the mudsharks .

    1. Hey bro get ready if the wbbc shows up I hope we can count on you! 110000 already claim to be showing up to kick their assess! Call me

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