19 thoughts on “Lakeville, Mn. – Why is the flag at half mast?

    1. Not good enough, that doesn’t mean the flag comes down to half mast, total bullshit propaganda bringing us down to a bunch of pussies.

      I could care less about a bunch of newspaper liberals with black dildos stuck up their ass.

      1. I agree, Mark; It is bullshit. You may remember my rant about this a few weeks ago.
        I was just citing the “reason” given for the dipping.

        1. Yep, I remember Darzak, no disrespect towards you whatsoever, just really pissed off about this re writing of flag etiquette bullshit. They will drop the flag now when ever they damn well please, usually over some weak ass liberal propaganda steering the weak minded into some kind of fantasy land BS.

  1. I see this garbage all over the country. Flag etiquette all over the goddamn map, flag doesn’t mean shit anymore.

  2. Mark,
    It started with the Annapolis Mayor requesting that they be lowered. First, Trump declined. Then he got criticized, claimed he didn’t know about the request, and ordered them lowered. Typical Trump.
    Here are a couple stories about it:

    “Trump declines request to lower flags in memory of Capital Gazette shooting victims”

    “Donald Trump Pulls 180, Orders Flags Lowered For Murdered Media”

    “Following criticism, President Trump orders flags to half-staff for Capital Gazette shooting victims”

    1. Thanks for the clarification, let me rephrase that, what whimp ass, no good traitor for a president, ordered the flag half staff? Who cares about a bunch of commies who print lies for a living? the flag might as well be used for toilet paper.

  3. I thought half mast was mainly reserved for ships. Half staff is usually used to refer to land based flag poles. I don’t know. Just a point of interest…

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