LAPD officer killed in mob ‘training’ with other cops

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A Los Angeles police officer was killed by his colleagues in a training exercise meant to simulate a mob, the officer’s mother stated in wrongful death claim against the city.

The officer, 32-year-old Houston Tipping, was killed in the training in late May. The five-year veteran of the force suffered severe injuries to his spine as well as trauma to his head, according to the LA Times.

Tipping’s mother, Shirley Huffman, has not yet filed a lawsuit to accompany the wrongful death claim.

“[LA Police Chief Michael Moore] stated that Officer Tipping impressed his peers with a ‘willingness to go the extra mile to make the world a better place,’” her claim stated, according to the Times. “Yet, that wasn’t enough to avoid other officers paralyzing him and eventually killing him in violation of law, and his civil rights.”

Chief Moore and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti attended Tipping’s funeral last week. Huffman was also in attendance but did not speak, according to the Times.

The police department has opened an investigation into the training exercise and will determine whether it is too dangerous to continue. The city has not named the officers who were involved in Tipping’s death.

Tipping died in the hospital three days after sustaining the injuries.

2 thoughts on “LAPD officer killed in mob ‘training’ with other cops

    1. Karma is a bitch at times and it’s also appropriate at others. It was the heat of the moment and they got carried away, but for sure whatever happened will be covered up as quickly as possible. They are rehearsing what they are planning to do to you.

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