Largest Nuclear Drills In Russian History Completed: What Are They Preparing For? Is This Related To FEMA’s HR6566?

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die  The two linked stories below prove that our friends (enemies?) Russia has just completed their largest nuclear drills in modern history with Vladimir Putin himself leading these drills. What are they preparing for? Does this have anything to do with Russia putting nuclear missiles in Cuba again recently? How does this new development tie into our own Congress’s recent Bill HR6566 which orders FEMA to prepare for mass deaths in America?


Large-scale exercises of the Strategic Nuclear Forces under the command of President Vladimir Putin have completed in Russia, the president’s press-secretary Dmitri Peskov reports.

He says that these were the first nuclear force exercises on such a large scale in Russia’s modern history.

Voice of Russia, RIA, Interfax


The command drill of the nuke forces, the largest in its recent history, also included combat training launches of strategic and cruise missiles, Dmitry Peskov added.

All components of the nuclear forces, including the long-range air forces, the sea and the ground forces, participated in the drill.

As part of the drill, Russian Strategic and Space Forces on Friday tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Topol, the Defense Ministry confirmed.

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25 thoughts on “Largest Nuclear Drills In Russian History Completed: What Are They Preparing For? Is This Related To FEMA’s HR6566?

  1. “All components of the nuclear forces, including the long-range air forces, the sea and the ground forces, participated in the drill.”

    The key words here being “all” and “nuclear”.

    Is this to infer that any plans for conventional warfare are almost off the table?

  2. Undoubtedly this is a showing of strength against western threats. The joos of Israel are leading the madhouse. An attack against Iran will ultimately bring ancient and unadvertised oaths to come to bare. It will probably be the death of us all.

    It’s hard to put worry toward. What the hell are we going to do about it?

  3. Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.

    As long as it stays in the conventional realm, that is.


  4. They’re telling the Dumb American Imperialists IF YOU USE NUKES you can expect a retaliation within 8 minutes, The American Imperialists still think & live way back in the forties when they can Nuke and don’t expect to be NUKED back, I feel sorry for you American Imperialists you are going to get NUKED if you DARE to initiate a nuke attack on Iran or anyone for that matter!

    1. Hey Stendec, we’re not the bad guys here.

      Besides, I somehow misplaced all my nukes, and I can’t find them anywhere.

      As far as Iran goes, Ahmadinejad is my favorite leader of ANY country in the world. I’d vote for him for president.

      KIndly reserve your hostility for our so-called ‘government’, NOT those of us who have no control over them.


      1. “In the last analysis, my fellow country men, as we in America would be the first to claim, a people are responsible for the acts of their government.”
        Woodrow Wilson, Address, Columbus, Ohio, September 4, 1919

        1. Woodrow Wilson was talking about people who were not yet dumbed down by the so-called ‘education” (indoctrination) centers, psychotropic pharmaceuticals and TELEVISION.

          In other words, people who still had a brain, or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

  5. My advice for ALL American Imperialists to RISE UP AGAINST your GOVERNMENT they want you to die by the MILLIONS so they don’t have to pay your social security & other entitlements which they HONESTLY can’t do, so they want you to DEAD that is why none of your Zionists controlled media never mention that Russia already stated , An attack on Iran is an Attack on Russia.

    1. Advice we don’t need. Talk is cheap.

      Why don’t you bring some heavily armed friends and give us a hand.

      1. Hahaha! I used to be a proud American to the point where I would say, “We don’t need any outside help. We are Americans!”. However, at this point, I am still a proud American, but if there are those that would like to come and lend a hand in helping us get rid of the Zionists, I wouldn’t be too proud to say no. Remember pride can be a good thing, but too much pride (overzealous pride) will get you killed. As they say, “Pride goeth before the fall”.

      2. Here we go again!! I think your favorite ACTOR used to say that alot!!! Well I’be damned!!! there’s 314 MILLION Americans WITH GUNS in their HANDS and you ask for outside HELP! I’d damned!Maybe you should give NATO a call not me but NATO is the ones to call on Like the Libyans did & they’re FREE today,Americans should give it at least a try,CALL NATO.

        1. O.K., but in case you didn’t get the memo, the NWO is GLOBAL, buddy, so when the stormtroopers in whatever country you live in come bustin’ down YOUR doors and bustin’ YOUR heads, DON’T come crying to US for any help.

        2. Be advised, we Americans need no help from anyone. We are the largest and heaviest armed army on Planet Earth. And with all due respect had it not been for our arming of Russia in World War II, they would all be carrying German passports. We cannot be conquered by any country as we possess the ability to destroy the planet, and being uniquely American we will do it before we will allow ourselves to be enslaved by anyone.
          We have no need of your counsel, you obnoxious bastard. Go play somewhere else.

          1. I guess he didn’t understand what I meant. If people from outside our country want to help us get rid of the ZIONIST JEWS, they are welcome to a piece of the action, but know first and foremost that we didn’t ask for their help in the first place and it is completely voluntary on their part, so don’t expect free citizenship when it’s over, as you will be required to return to your country of origin and go through the immigration process like everyone else. However, if they are siding along with the UN/NATO/NWO, then they will eventually expect to get a bullet in their backs. Is that more clear?

            But like #1 said, the NWO is global so I believe your country will have your own problems to deal with soon, Stendec. So you can stop worrying about America’s problems until after you get your country’s house in order.

          2. Thank you, Henry, for setting that a$$hole straight. That loser’s just jealous of our country, because when TSHTF, his pissant country will be doomed, while we will be fighting to defeat the Globalist scum ! Read ’em and weep, Stendec.

          3. # 1, I figured you we’re yankin’ his chain about givin’ us a hand. I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere near that asshat with a gun in his hands. You’d most likely get a bullet in the back ! You’re an American patriot, # 1. He’s a foreign insurgent with hemroidial issues.

          4. You guys spoiled all my fun. I had that joker hook, line AND sinker. It’s not often I get someone who doesn’t know me well enough to know when they’re being played, I figured he was good for two or three more comments before he caught on.


          5. @ #1, hahaha We all had to share in some of your fun though when that bozo was so obvious. We couldn`t let you have all the fun ,LOL. Ya know #1 – I snapped on a couple of my freinds yesterday and then again this morn. One of my freinds?, just thinks that our govt. is the gods honest gift to man kind and they actualy think that GoDaddy is awesome – and that is when I snapped on her. It was good that I snapped when I was on the phone with them _ they don`t get it.

  6. There are three tripwires that will trigger WWIII

    Invasion of Iran, Syria, or Pakistan will force the China-Russia Alliance to act in defense of it’s vital interests. America was put on notice some time ago.

  7. Lol,you guys need to read some ‘Pax Judaica”.This was in the works since about 1900 and it`s only a decade behind schedule.And btw,the time to stop it was a little something called World War 2,but we chose the Jews over our racial brothers and sisters and so this is what we get.The few survivors of Dresden might call it justice.

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