6 thoughts on “Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department SURPRISE Press Conference #LVMPD

  1. After Independent journalist Laura Loomer exposed the original lunch receipts and the time frame she was ordered out of future press conferences. Now only “accredited” journalists are allowed and today that happened. NOT ONE FREAKIN ‘ REPORTER asked where is the damn surveillance tape from Mandalay! What about the computer hard drive discrepancy from the 60 minutes tv show episode 2 weeks into October…..the deaths of people involved? Let’s start with the valet Chad Nishimura. Not enough space to write here…..a little input from everyone who remembers…How just how to wake up others? The next murder cover up could be any one “they” choose.

  2. How long would it take to forensically review 21,560 hours of video?
    Ok, Let’s see how many hours there are in three months including weekends. hmmm,,, 2,160 hours… that’s strange, just to view the videos it would take 10 people roughly seven days a week,24 hours per day, for three months. When would they have time to actually study and document what they have found, review such evidence between themselves, hold numerous meetings, then finally arrive at a conclusion and then produce a report about their conclusion?
    Unless I missed something or my math is wrong, something else is not adding up. They couldn’t be lying.?… would they lie?…..
    The sheriff does appear to have a demeanor, very similar to what my kids displayed, when being questioned about the missing cookies, many years ago. hmmmm……..

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