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The Latest: Hotel says wounded Vegas security guard is safe

Yahoo News – AP

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Latest on the investigation of the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas (all times local):

11:35 a.m.

A Las Vegas casino company says the security guard who was shot and wounded by Stephen Paddock and disappeared before he was about to give TV interviews is safe and wants people to respect his privacy.  

MGM Resorts International spokeswoman Debra DeShong said in statement Tuesday that Jesus Campos will tell his story when he is ready.

MGM Resorts owns the Mandalay Bay hotel, where Paddock shot Ramos before he opened fire on country music concertgoers from his 32nd floor suite and killed 58 people.

DeShong made the statement after a representative for Campos’ union said he prepared last Thursday for TV appearances but went to a health clinic instead.


10:20 a.m.

A union official representing the Las Vegas hotel security guard shot by Stephen Paddock before he rained gunfire on a music festival says the guard disappeared last week before he was scheduled for TV interviews.

Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America leader David Hickey said Tuesday he last heard about Jesus Campos’ whereabouts from a union member who messaged that he was with Campos.

Hickey says Campos was preparing Thursday for TV appearances but the message said he was taken to a health clinic.

Hickey says the same union member sent messages Friday saying he was with Campos but not saying where.

Campos talked with police but hasn’t spoken publicly about the Oct. 1 massacre.

Paddock opened fire from a Mandalay Bay resort suite, killing 58 people.

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5 Responses to The Latest: Hotel says wounded Vegas security guard is safe

  1. Bud Fox says:

    He will tell his story after “they” make one up for him and he has it down pat.

  2. Ed Teach says:

    They are replacing him with a look alike.

  3. FarmerDave says:

    He will tell his story after it is pre-approved and ICE has given him immunity from being deported as a crappy illegal beaner.

  4. Peter says:

    2 weeks later and no videos released. Where is the valet Chad Nishimura who parked Paddock’s car said no unusual baggage….gave out the earlier check in time with the food receipts (?) changing the time line. He’s been scrubbed from the internet. Or John Beilman….engineer of the ** military ** special phone charger found in Paddock’s room with no phone….Google that guy and wonder about connections or coincidence or circumstances. This Mandalay shooting occurred in Paradise Nevada…Major car accident in Henderson Nevada 10/14/ 17 at Stephanie st. & Russell rd.3 dead and links to Stephen Paddock’s primary care doctor Steven Winkler. Shooting victim Rhonda Lerocque from Tewksbury Mass funeral services last Saturday not too far from me is too close to home. This case needs to be solved! The money the guns the gambling the planes his flight logs Mary Lou.. Paddock Sr. FBI most wanted list ! Keep digging!

  5. NC says:

    Sure….someone’s under house arrest until he does what Big Brother tells him.

    I wonder if he knows how many fingers they are holding up during the interrogation process? aka 1984.

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