Sent to us by the author, Gary Bertnick.

Laughter and gladness spill forth
A good day in the good, dazzling sunshine
Some clouds and a rich blue sky above
A few birds here and there
Fresh breeze to soothe the heat,
People you love at your side
The simple, sublime pleasures of trusted family;  
They play together, eat together, live together
Laugh and sometimes struggle together,
Victories and defeats alike.
As each day unfolds
Hope and expectations burn brightly
Hearts seeded generously with heavenly treasures
Carried swiftly on strong silver winds,
What is true and important
What matters, counts and lasts
What holds meaning and purpose
What draws upwards
And justifies all perseverance
Smooths out all rough edges with endurance
And births even stronger, deeper Spirit faith
The true gift of our God who works within,
The “pressing on” carried as a torch!
Through the dead of night
When darkness pretends
And evil loudly parades all about
Greed and lust held as virtues
Bodies as momentary idols,
Increasing material wealth a most vital “birthright”,
One Light shines much brighter
More than worldly happiness
Even as with one celebrity held above or below another,
The most powerful confidence, delightful assurance
Knowledge that is eternal life within another and another and more
At rest and at lasting peace;
These ones have seen the Majestic end from the beginning
Together watch as Heaven’s royal goal in procession draws nearer and nearer
Closer to a growing, very large and extended family.

– Gary Bertnick

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