Lawless AZ Crowd Swarm Tucson Police, Attempt to Stop Arrest of Illegal Immigrant

Breitbart TV

Sunday in Tucson AZ, an illegal immigrant with no drivers license was pulled over for a routine traffic stop over an illegal right turn. However, that traffic stop led to police and Border Patrol officers being swarmed by a spontaneous protest.

Two female protesters crawled underneath a vehicle in an attempt to stop the turnover of the suspect by the local police to Border Patrol agents.  

Border Patrol agents were forced removed the woman by pulling them out by their legs as protesters hurled insults at the officers.

4 thoughts on “Lawless AZ Crowd Swarm Tucson Police, Attempt to Stop Arrest of Illegal Immigrant

  1. Lets see….AZ, that’s where the police have been slaughtering the population for little or no cause. When confronted with illegals and their supporters, not a shot fired. I see whose side they are protecting, and who gets shot.


    I will continue to know that the criminal occupation force deserves to be killed on sight and their minions/leos within their own homes.

  3. Unfrigginbelievable…but if we the people do that, we will get the book thrown at us. I see how it is. These protestors need to be hanged for high treason! 😡

  4. I can see why the public would protest a police revene stop for a illegal right turn. They do hand out the majority of tickets to fill quota or just take there personal problems out on some one at the moment. Are you sure this has any thing to do with illegals at the start. That might have just been a bonus after the stop for the cop. A real reason for once. But a illegal is a illegal and to deportation that person should go. That is the law.

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