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  1. October 5, 2018

    A fantastic Link/website

    Interpretation, Unless the lead dog, always looking up somebody’s ass.

  2. What isn’t being said here is that the old and sick will be the first to die in an attack, the natural order of things nobody likes to talk about.

    1. Oh, that turned my head around. I initially thought it was about protecting the elders and the sick. I guess survival of the fittest is always in play. Yet, the notion of the elders and the sick being sacrificed for the good of the pack would only hold true if attacks came from directly ahead, no? We know they can come from any location, even directly behind. So maybe, just maybe, part of the wolves’ objective is to protect everyone they can. I’m sure there are workings in nature so complex that perhaps we, in our 21st century lives, busy and insulated, might not be fully aware of. I am not done studying this wolf strategy. So very interesting.


      1. Your right Galen

        I meant for this wolf pack, they put the sick out front for reasons other than you might think.

        Yep, us humans protect our elders in a more meaningful way. I would have died for my parents or grandparents.

        Sorry, my bad…

        I should have been a little more descriptive.

          1. Those wolves want to eat, the sick are used as bait. The ugly wolf truth , they’re going to use every wolf trick in the book.

  3. Wisdom should always lead

    The protectors of that wisdom is right behind them learning for their day up front

      1. I was taught ( not saying it’s right) but
        If you ain’t first , yer last

        I would think it’s wise they are out front
        They won’t get left behind
        They know the way , and many threats etc through experience
        And protected by the entire pack
        And if one were to fail or fall by the side
        The entire pack will know

        I guess there’s many ways to look at the possibilities of why

        So much to learn from nature..

        1. Yeah, and likely there’s no one method and each incident has its own set of circumstances, with details known only to the wolves. Agreements, and strategies, and plan B’s. Who knows? But I hope they always survive, beautiful and mysterious as they are.


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