Leasing Company Orders Flags Removed, States it Makes the Complex “Look Bad”

woman_fights_to_keep_her_flag_in_her_houseTruth and Action

Julia Lease from Whitehall, OH has been ordered by her leasing company to take her new American flag off her porch because they state it is “making this complex look bad. It’s detracting from the beauty of everything else.”

“I’ve lived here 36 years and I’ve flown a flag every day since and now all of a sudden they want this flag taken down because they say it detracts from the looks of the apartment complex. Well I can’t see how an American flag can detract from anything. After all, this is our country,” states Lease.  

She was told she would get a second notice and if she didn’t take the flag down, they would.

“Our soldiers are fighting for this flag, why can’t I fly it?” Lease asks.

We are seeing more and more cases where the American flag is becoming an unwanted sight. We’ve posted a story about a man in California ordered to take own his flag from inside his apartment, a veteran who was fined $8000 and had a foreclosure lien placed on his home for having a tiny flag in his flowerpot, and a story about a Texas man who was told to take down his flag because it was a ‘threat to the Muslim community’.


6 thoughts on “Leasing Company Orders Flags Removed, States it Makes the Complex “Look Bad”

  1. “After all, this is our country,” states Lease.”

    Not until we take it back. It’s being sold to foreigners piece by piece (good luck to them trying to collect it, though), and handed over to foreign invaders, who are given far more ‘rights’ than Americans.

    Wake up and smell the coffee. The hour is late.

  2. There’s a list of certain things that must be accomplished in order for a country to turn into communism. One is the removal of religion. Another is to stop any patriotism, like being proud of your flag. Then it’s the indoctrinization of idea’s at the schools for your kids. Basically, never do things on your own, follow the system and let government take care of everything. Then they have total control.

  3. Really? Her last name is Lease….?

    That’s read like :
    Jimmy Train laments about the long train of abuses… stay tuned, story at eleven.

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