Fox 6 Now – by Beverly Taylor

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A communication gap leads to an Ebola scare. It started out as a normal, quiet morning on W. Windlake Avenue, near south 13th St. But then the emergency crews arrived, and Romana Rivas got nervous.

“When you see the red tape and you see everybody standing in the street looking at our house and you don’t know what to think. I thought maybe carbon monoxide, a virus — I even thought of Ebola,” said Rivas.   Continue reading “Emergency crews respond to Ebola scare stemming from language barrier”

Reuters / Gene BlevinsRT

New software used by the Los Angeles Police Department shows not only where crime is most likely to happen, but also tracks ex-cons and others likely to commit crimes. Civil rights groups are concerned over its use for entrapment and data collection.

Dubbed ‘LASER,’ the software program was developed by the CIA’s venture capital arm and connects the dots from 15 separate sources of data to draw links and connections for combating crime. Ultimately it is able to analyze street crime locations, as well as ex-cons and their alliances, the Associated Press reported.   Continue reading “Los Angeles police using CIA software to track criminals, ex-cons”

Washington Post – by Abby Ohlheiser

Police officers in Florida surprised students, teachers and parents Thursday with an active shooter drill. And by “active shooter drill,” we mean that a Winter Haven middle school went into lockdown as two armed police officers burst into classrooms, guns drawn, leaving the unsuspecting children terrified — and their parents furious.

According to Fox affiliate WTVT, officials at Jewett Middle Academy e-mailed parents to inform them of the drill, after it took place. By that point, WTVT reports, cellphones were already filling up with texts from frightened students, who thought there was a real shooter in the school.   Continue reading “‘I thought he was going to shoot me.’ Unsuspecting middle school students terrified by active shooter drill.”

Chester Nez, of Albuquerque, N.M., died June 4, 2014, of kidney failure, said Judy Avila, who helped Nez write his memoirs. He was 93.AZ Central – by Betty Reid

Marine veteran Michael Smith wept Wednesday when he heard about the death of Chester Nez, the last of the original Navajo Code Talkers.

Smith, from Window Rock, who had met Nez several times, described him as a “quiet, humble” Navajo Marine.

Smith said that the passing of Nez — the last of the first 29 Navajo men who created a code from their language that stumped the Japanese in World War II — marked the closure of a chapter in the story of a special group of veterans.   Continue reading “Remembering the last of the original Navajo Code Talkers”

FDANatural News – by Jonathan Benson

Relatively new to the food products market, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, a Southern California-based family company famous for its organic, fair-trade pure castile soaps, has come under scrutiny by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for merely sharing with its customers the proven health benefits of eating extra-virgin coconut oil.

The FDA sent a letter to Dr. Bronner’s on July 8, 2014, warning that its Magic “All-One!” Fresh-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil had suddenly transformed into an “unapproved drug” based on one simple health claim indicated on its packaging. By selling its coconut oil with the stated claim, maintains the FDA, Dr. Bronner’s is engaging in the sale and distribution of an illegal drug.   Continue reading “FDA targets Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps for sharing health benefits of coconut oil”


Five Syrian nuclear scientists have reportedly been killed by unknown assailants while riding a bus north of Damascus, near the research center where they worked, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports.

“Unidentified attackers murdered five nuclear energy engineers who worked in the scientific research center near the neighborhood of Barzeh, northern Damascus,” Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP.   Continue reading “5 nuclear scientists assassinated near Damascus – report”

PictureFood Freedom USA

A Nevada rancher, and his 12 year old daughter, were put on a terror watch list recently which hampered their planned trip. Secondary Security Screening Selectee, Ammon Bundy, shares his “domestic terrorist” treatment at the Phoenix Airport with Luca Zanna of the Love, Guns, and Freedom radio show. Bundy also discloses the details on what will happen in the next 90 days to 3 million acres of public land in Nevada. Second Hour… Apache County Supervisor Barry Weller and his struggle to stand against Agenda 21 and property rights in Arizona. Also Attorney for Freedom Marc J. Victor, some great rifle training tips and important news… stay tuned… the battle for our Rights has just started…   Continue reading “Rancher Recounts Terrifying Experience with the TSA”

Las Vegas Review Journal – by Keith Rogers


Life on the ranch six miles downstream of this Virgin River hamlet has been peaceful in the six months since hundreds of gun-toting militia members from across the nation rallied in support of defiant rancher Cliven Bundy.

Without firing a shot that day, April 12, they persuaded federal agents to let them release more than 300 of Bundy’s “trespass” cattle that Bureau of Land Management agents and contractor cowboys had gathered in a corral.   Continue reading “Nevada rancher Bundy waits as FBI probes”

SB Nation – by Seth Rosenthal

On Wednesday, before the Cavaliers’ game in Utah, those following Cleveland noticed Dion Waiters did not join the team during the pre-game presentation, including the singing of the national anthem. When asked by the Plain Dealer’s Chris Haynes, Waiters attributed his absence to his religious beliefs:

Waiters informed Northeast Ohio Media Group that he is a Muslim and that he plans to excuse himself prior to the national anthem from here on out.

Continue reading “Dion Waiters skipped national anthem for religious reasons”

This is Walker’s Wisconsin and his Green Tier cronies……Green Tier is Wisconsin’s cover name for Agenda 21 and this “Republican” darling is not Constitution friendly.

Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel – by Jesse Garza

Citing environmental concerns, Milwaukee County will not renew its lease with the Cudahy Sportsmen’s Club, effectively killing the trap shooting range formerly called the Cudahy Gun Club that has been a fixture on the South Shore since 1932.   Continue reading “Milwaukee County to end lease with Cudahy Sportsmen’s Club”

Fox News

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi went “On The Record” with Greta Van Susteren in his first and only interview since being released from a Mexican prison.

The Marine spent 214 days languishing in two different Mexican prisons before his release.

See highlights below from the hour-long exclusive interview.   Continue reading “‘Like Some Kind of Animal in a Cage’: Sgt. Tahmooressi Tells His Story”

222-boykinUniversal Free Press – by Rick Wells

The Marxist Model as described by Special Forces Lt. Gen. W.G. Boykin warns of engineered economic collapse, martial law, and dictatorship. He details the enemy’s six part plan which has been used in other countries when they were taken over and which is currently evident in the United States.

An education into the histories of these very real threats were part of the Lt. General’s training and he shares his concern for the future of America. The six points in this video presentation are briefly summarized below:   Continue reading “Marxist Takeover of America – Special Forces Lt Gen Boykin – It’s Happening Now”