6 thoughts on “Leopard Tank Brake Test

  1. THAT is trust and faith. I wish that level of faith for all here. I am not the most religious of anyone but I have a recently renewed faith because I will probably need it in the near future and hope that everyone here has the spirit to prevail. I don’t know you personally but our cause is righteous and right is right. God bless

  2. If I were one of those dutchies…I’d a smoked a huge dutchie before-during-and after standing in that crowd.

    Incidentally, I believe it’s a fake. Here’s why.

    Look at the color and shade of the road in front of their feet and directly behind them. There’s a distinct transition and blur.

    Also, note the amount of dust and wind being pushed in front of the tank? Note the light breeze blowing their jackets? Then when the tank stops none of them are hit by the blast of wind, nor does the dust travel forward through the crowd which it most certainly would. Dust seems to hit a brick wall. And the girl’s hair doesn’t move at all. Heck, it’s possible the tank was inserted as well and the whole thing is fake minus the background.

    I can’t seem to find a higher res version that 480 pixels. That hides a lot too.
    So does the crappy compression.

    Looks like a student project for a compositing exercise.

    Nonetheless, very clever indeed.

    Here’s a real one to compare. Note the strong wind blowing opposite the tanks direction when it stops. The dust hits resistance and blows back quite a ways down the road behind it. not so in the dutch one.

    CGI is becoming so advanced soon it’ll be nearly impossible to tell.


  3. Thanks for the proof of blind faith that members of our military are brainwashed to uphold

    Hey anyone stupid enough to stand in front of a mechanical item built by man , operated by man and have the belief that it will do it without fail.. is a full on idiot or brainwashed to believe that way

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