Over Leveraged Securities – Derivatives Gone Wild – A Bunch of Crooks Running the Con

Let’s just start with the 21 trillion dollar debt; no way in hell can you have a legit stock market with this kind of debt, no how, no way. We have American gold sitting in other countries vaults used as leverage, a pacifier to keep them at bay for loaning American mobsters huge money to keep a fake market looking like something half way legit.

The 401k is the instrument most used to support this splattering of diarrhea upon the American people, over the years trillions have been lost from falling market value, and brokers giving phony advice, many of which used a method of “churning” in which they moved the money from one type of investment fund to another, promising bigger returns, costing the account holder a fee, which comes right out of the said account, basically screwing the holder of the 401k.  

Our con man in chief, Donald Trump has continually spouted off about how well the economy is doing, cognizant of the implication of what he is saying, what I mean by that is, circus barking a con, a con unsuspecting Americans buy into to invest more of their hard earned cash, into the the dirty toilet of the American stock market.

Millions of retired Americans have lost trillions from an insecure market, watching their 401k disappear into thin air, now relying on their children for support.

Unsuspecting Americans turn on the idiot box and watch the “fast money half time report” jump out of their easy boys and call their brokers faster than a speeding bullet, dump more cash in and watch their money disappear before their very eyes.

In 2008 we started with the derivative con, starting the exchange traded fund, triple leveraged mind you with derivatives, 401k never had a chance.

The market isn’t for the 1% percent, never has been, never will be, too much con, too much Trump.

2 thoughts on “Over Leveraged Securities – Derivatives Gone Wild – A Bunch of Crooks Running the Con

  1. The rich really never had a chance either, only the mega rich, the billionaires make all the money. Those are the .25%.

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