List of Sheriffs Standing Up Against Obama’s Gun Control (Updated)

This list comes from the website,  Constitution Club.  

The information is not confirmed by From the Trenches.  If there is any sheriff whose name is on this list that does intend to enforce further infringements on our 2nd Amendment, please send your disclaimer to  Hell we will even print your phone number if you would like so that your comrades can call you to affirm your loyalty to the international soviet insurgency. – Henry Shivley

1. Jackson County, Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman

2. Linn County, Oregon Sheriff Tim Mueller

3. Madison County, Idaho Sheriff Roy Klingler

4. Crook County, Oregon Sheriff Jim Hensley

5. Douglas County, Oregon Sheriff John Hanlin

6. Curry County, Oregon Sheriff John Bishop

7. Livingston County, Missouri Sheriff Steve Cox

8. Smith County, Texas Sheriff Larry Smith

9. Josephine County, Sheriff Gil Gilbertson

10. Madison Count, Alabama Sheriff Blake Dorning

11. Larimer County, Colorado Sheriff Justin Smith

12. Charleston County, South Carolina Sheriff Al Cannon

13. Morgan County, Alabama Sheriff Ana Franklin

14. Houston County, Alabama Sheriff Andy Hughes

15. Gilmer County, Georgia Sheriff Stacy Nicholson

16. Pine County, Minnesota Sheriff Robin Cole

17. Grant County, Oregon, Sheriff Glenn Palmer

18. Coos County, Oregon Sheriff Craig Zanni

19. Johnson County, Missouri Sheriff Charles Heiss

20. Martin County, Florida Sheriff Bill Snyder

21. Siskiyou County, Califorhia Sheriff Jon Lopey

22. Humboldt County, Nevada Sheriff Ed Kilgpore

23. Stanislaus County, California Sheriff Adam Christianson

24. Grant County, Oregon Sheriff Glenn Palmer

25. Lawrence County, Missouri Sheriff Bard DeLay

26. Shasta County, California Sheriff Tom Bosenko

27. El Dorado County, California Sheriff John D’Agostini

28. Tehama County, California Sheriff David Hencraft

29. Lassen County, California Sheriff Dean Growden

30. Del Norte County, California Sheriff Dean Wilson

31. Modoc County, California Sheriff Mike Poindexter

32. Mendocino County, California Sheriff Thomas Allman

33. Plumas County, California Sheriff Greg Hagwood

34. Humboldt County, California Sheriff Mike Downey

35. Madison County Alabama Sheriff Blake Dorning

36. Charleston County South Carolina Sheriff Al Cannon

37. Morgan County Alabama Sheriff Ana Franklin

38. Houston County Alabama Sheriff Andy Hughes

39. Paulding County, Georgia Sheriff Gary Gulledge

40 Canyon County Idaho Sheriff Kieran Donahue

41. Fresno County, California Sheriff Margaret Mims

42. Washington County, Oregon Sheriff Pat Garrett

43. Multnomah County, Washington Sheriff Dan Staton

44. Yavapai County, Arizona Sheriff Scott Mascher

45. Boone County, Kentucky Sheriff Micahel A. Helmig,

46. Clermont County, Ohio Sheriff A.J. Rodenberg

47. Morgan County, Alabama Sheriff Ana Franklin

48. Maricopa County, Ariznona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

49. El Paso County, Colorado Sheriff Terry Maketa

50. Weld County, Colorado Sheriff John Cooke

51. Oconee County, Georgia Sheriff Scott Berry

52. Gilmer County, Sheriff Stacy Nicholson

53. Johnson County, Kansas Sheriff Frank Denning

54. Mesa County Colorado Sheriff Stan Hilke

55. Collin County Texas Sheriff Terry Box

56. Spartanburg County, South Carolina Sheriff Chuck Wright

57. Mesa County, Colorado Sheriff Stan Hilkey

58. Spartanburg County, South Carolina Sheriff Chuck Wright

59. Baker County Sheriff Mitchell Southwick

60. Bonner County, Idaho Sheriff Daryl Wheelter

61. Bay County. Florida Sheriff Frank McKeithen

62. Cherokee County, Georgia Sheriff Roger Garrison

63. Schoharie County, New YorkSheriff Tony Desmond

64. Otsego County, New York Sheriff Richard Devlin Jr. –

65. Berkeley County, South Carolina Sheriff Wayne DeWitt

66. Wagoner County, Oklahoma Sheriff Bob Colbert

67. Roosevelt County, New Mexico Sheriff Darren Hooker

68. Austin County, Texas Sheriff Jack Brandes

69. Jerome County, Idaho Sheriff Doug McFall

70. Randall County, Texas Sheriff Joel W. Richardson

71. Elkhart County, Indiana Sheriff Brad Rogers

72. Nye County, Nevada Sheriff Tony DeMeo

73. Berks County, Pennsylvania Sheriff Eric J. Weaknecht 

74. Clearwater County, Idaho Sheriff Chris Goetz

75. Nez Perce County, Idaho Sheriff Jpe Rodriguez

76. Idaho County, Idaho  Sheriff Doug Giddings

76. Lewis County, Idaho Sheriff Brian Brokop

77. Asotin County, Washington Sheriff Ken Bancroft

78. WhitmanCounty, Washington Sheriff Brett Myers

79. Jackson County, Oregon Sheriff Mike Winters

80. Malheur County, Oregon Sheriff Brian Wolfe

81, Deschutes County, Oregon Sheriff Larry Blanton

82. Jackson County, Oregon Sheriff Mike Winters

83. Polk County, Oregon Sheriff Bob Wolfe

84.Cedar County, Iowa Sheriff Warren M. Wethington

85. Beaver County, Utah Sheriff Cameron Noel

86. Box Elder County, Utah Sheriff Joseph Yeates

87. Cache County, Utah Sheriff G. Lynn Nelson

88. Carbon County, Utah Sheriff James Cordova

89. Daggett County, Utah Sheriff Allan Campbell

90. Davis County, Utah Sheriff Todd Richardson

91.Duchesne County, Utah Sheriff Merv Gustin

92. Emery County, Utah Sheriff Greg Funk

93.Garfiled ounty, Utah Sheriff Than Cooper

94. Grand County, Utah Sheriff James B. Nyland Sr.

95. Iron County, Utah Sheriff Mark Gower

96. Juab County, Utah, Sheriff Alden Orme

97. Kane County, Utah Sheriff Lamont Smith

98. Millard County, Utah Sheriff Robert Dekker

99, Morgan County, Utah Sheriff Gene Ercanbrack

100. Piute County, Utah Sheriff Mary Gleave

101. Rich County, Utah Sheriff Dale Stacey

102. San Juan County, Utah Sheriff Mike Lacy

103. Sanpete County, Utah Sheriff Kay P. Larsen

104. Sevier County, Utah Sheriff Nathan Curtis

105. Summit County, Utah Sheriff David A. Edmunds

106. Tooele County, Utah Sheriff Frank J. Park

107. Uintah County, Utah Sheriff Jeff Merrell

108. Utah County, Utah Sheriff James B. Tracy

109. Wasatch County, Utah Sheriff Kenneth Vanwagoner

110. Washington County, Utah Sheriff Kirk Smith

111. Wayne County, Utah Sheriff Kurt R. Taylor

112. Weber County, Utah Sheriff Terry Thompson

113. Bernalillo County, NM Sheriff Dan Houston

114. Catron County, NM Sheriff Shawn Menges

115  Union County, NM Sheriff William Spriggs

116. Chaves County, NM Sheriff Patrick R Jennings

117. Otero County, NM Sheriff Benny House

118. Cibola County, NM Sheriff Johnny Valdez

119. Quay County, NM Sheriff Joe Schallert

120. Colfax County, NM Sheriff Jim Maldonado

121. Rio Arriba County, NM Sheriff Joe Mascarenas

122. De Baca County, NM Sheriff Dennis A. Cleaver

123. Roosevelt County, NM Sheriff Darren Hooker

124. San Juan County, NM Sheriff Ken Christesen

125. Dona Ana County, NM Sheriff Todd Garrison

126. San Miguel County, NM Sheriff Benjie Vigil

127. Eddy County, NM Sheriff Ernest J Mendoza

128. Grant County, NM Sheriff Raul Holguin

129. Santa Fe County, NM Sheriff Robert Garcia

130. Guadalupe County, NM Sheriff Michael R Lucero

131. Sierra County, NM Sheriff Joe Baca

132. Harding County, NM Sheriff Herman Martinez

133. Socorro County, NM Sheriff Phillip Montoya

134. Hidalgo County, NM Sheriff Saturnino Madero

135. Taos County, NM Sheriff Miguel Romero Jr

136. Lea County, NM Sheriff Rod Coffman

137. Torrance County, NM Sheriff Heath White

138. Lincoln County, NM Sheriff Rick Virden

139.Los Alamos County, NM Sheriff Marco Lucero

140. Valencia County, NM Sheriff Louis Burkhard

141. Luna County, NM Sheriff Raymond Cobos

142. Osage County, Missouri Sheriff Michael Dixon

143. Ravalli County, Montana, Sheriff Chris Hoffman

144. Randall County, Texas Sheriff Joel W. Richardson

145. Mohave County, Arizona Sheriff Tom Sheahan

146. Bath County, Kentucky Sheriff John Snedegar

147. Klamath County, Oregon  Sheriff Frank Skrah

148. McCulloch County, Texas Sheriff Earl Howell

149. Churchill County, Nevada Sheriff Benjamin D. Trotter

150. Garfield County, Colorado Sheriff Lou Vallario

151. Bradford County, Pennsylvania Sheriff Clinton J. Walters

152. Wayne County, North Carolina Sheriff Carey Winders

153.  Adams County, Pennsylvania Sheriff Jim Muller

154. Sussex County, Delaware Sheriff Jeff Christopher

155. Powell County, Montana Sheriff Scott F. Howard

156. Catawba County, North Carolina Sheriff Coy Reid

156. McLean County, Illinois Sheriff Mike Emery

157. McLennan County, Texas Sheriff Parnell McNamara

158. Tuolumne County, California Sheriff James W. Mele

159. Edgefield County, North Carolina Sheriff Adell Dobey

160. Walton County, Florida Sheriff Michael Adkinson

161. Yamhill County, Oregon Sheriff Jack Crabtree

162. Barry County, Missouri Sheriff Mick Epperly

163. DeSoto County, Mississippi Sheriff Bill Rasco

164. Edgar County, Illinois Sheriff Edward Motley:

165. Putnam County, New York Sheriff Donald Smith

166. Steuben County, New York Sheriff David Cole

167. Henderson County, North Carolina Sheriff Charlie McDonald

168. Cedar County, Iowa Sheriff Warren M. Wethington [added by admin.]

169. Cheyenne County, Colorado Sheriff Ken Putnam [added by admin.]

170. DeSoto County, Mississippi Bill Rasco [added by admin.]

171. Montgomery County, Texas Tommy Gage [added by admin.]

172. Tuolumne County, California Jim Mele [added by admin.]

173. Union County, Oregon Boyd Rasmussen [added by admin.]

174, Anderson County, Texas Sheriff Greg Taylor [added by admin.]

175. Yakima County, Washington Sheriff Ken Irwin [added by admin.]

176. Washington County, Oregon Sheriff Pat Garrett [added by admin.]

177. Lewis Clark County, Montana Sheriff Leo Dutton [added by admin.]

178. Cascade County, Montana Sheriff Bob Edwards [added by admin.]

New Mexico, 30 of the state’s 33 county Sheriff’s will not enforce Federal Laws that violate the Constitution.

Letters from County Sheriffs

Letter from Sheriff Tim Mueller

Letter from Sheriff Charles Heiss

Letter from Sheriff Glenn Palmer

Letter from Sheriff Steve Cox

Letter from Sheriff Brad DeLay

Letter from Sheriff John Hanlin

Letter from Sheriff Gil Gilbertson

Letter from Sheriff Jon Lopey

Letter from Sheriff John Bishop

Letter from Sheriff Adam Christianson

Letter from Sheriff Ed Kilgore

Letter from Sheriff Craig Zanni

Letter from Sheriff John D’Agostini

211 thoughts on “List of Sheriffs Standing Up Against Obama’s Gun Control (Updated)

    1. Oh wow, I would get your fellow citizens of Connecticut to reverse that, your county Sheriff is what stands between the county residents and government tyranny. That is why Sheriffs are mentioned in the Constitution, and also why they are supposed to be elected rather than hired or appointed, and why they are the higest level of law enforcement in their county.

      It is the duty of the county Sheriff to protect the unalienable rights of everyone in the county and to refuse to enforce unconstitutional acts, statutes and actions from ANY level of government. The county Sheriff can even arrest and jail LEOs from other jurisdictions (yes, even federal and State) for violating the rights of the people in the county. Where Sheriffs are still elected (as in my county) it is so important to vet the candidates to make certain they know the power and purpose of the position and only elect those who WILL use that power for that purpose.

      Unfortunately many Sheriffs either do not know this or know but do not use the power properly. The above named Sheriffs apparently do know their power, and I hope none of them ever participated in a drug bust or ever arrested anyone for a drug “crime” because the prohibition of any ingestible substance is clearly unconstitutional without an Amendment to the Constitution. Similarly ALL consensual acts between adults and all solo acts by individuals that do not violate the rights of another are Constitutionally legal acts and any laws against them are clearly unconstitutional (prostitution, gambling, and giving or selling a body part, for a few instances — read Peter McWilliams “Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society” for a full list and read the Constitution for the full list of the very few things government is actually authorized/allowed to do).

      1. Unfortunately new england is WAY too “blue” to let a thing like the constitution stand in the way of a bad idea. Conn., like Mass., is willing to give up huge amounts of their collective paychecks as long as you tell them it’s for something you can label “equality”, whether it is, or not.

        1. To me, it is “convince me first and then I will decide if it is something that will benefit me into the future.” If I disagree…good luck!

          1. Convince you? Why? If a person is to ignorant to see what is blatantly been proven time and time again…then hell I say let them live in eternal bliss. For the sake of argument show me one place gun control has ever worked. Just one. I mean other than Chicago. /sarcasm

      2. The fact the Sheriff is the top law enforcement officer in the state was taught to us in the police academy in 1974! This has been the pecking order forever. Here in Palm Beach County the Sheriff’s Office has gradually been assuming jurisdiction from the many little towns scattered throughout the county. While the Sheriff has always had the authority in said towns, it was not the primary patrol entity until the dismantling of the municipal police after the take-overs. It is far more efficient to take over like this, and I never understood why every little town had it’s own department.

  1. The Lopey link is bad although he’s an Oathkeeper so I would assume he’d be on board with this. Will let you know of any other bad links I find as I am using this to contact our sheriffs.

    Everyone needs to write to their county sheriff to ask them what their positions are on this!

    1. I would just love entering the County of Orange (CA) Sheriff’s Department and ask where they stand on Obama’s “Gun Control”. I think I would be escorted out faster than I would get a ticket for turning right on a red light!

      1. People in each state need to draft a letter to all their county sheriffs … to ask where they stand. Would be good to know when and if the SHTF ya know?

  2. Saw some updates on FB but trying to get everyone to contribute to the list here… as you seem to have a good start on it! Don’t forget Richard Mack and Arapaio! 🙂

  3. I could be mistaken but I think sheriff Joe down here and Phoenix should be on the list aswell. I can not find the link but I believe he said he would protect the rights of Maricopa county citizens.

    1. Oh good: I thought we were left off the list in Maricopa, I was SHOCKED, with how bad Joe has it in for Barry.

  4. Seems as if we in Michigan are greatly lacking in having any sheriffs’ stand up against gun control or who would forcefully defend the 2nd Amendment if need be.

    1. Might be worth sending this list to them and letting them know they have a responsibility to their County’s residents,which these other Sheriffs have taken seriously.

  5. I thought this video was very educating. Just that if more people were aware though of whats going on and they have to understand the pros and cons to the situation. I support these sheriffs all the way,

    1. Support a home wrecking, property taking, dog killing, corporate enforcer because the SOB claims to not want to enforce additional infringements against the sovereigns on the land?


  6. I just posted an updated list with links… not showing because there are 40 links +. Hopefully will be approved and the post can be edited to reflect the updates!

  7. I need links for Terry Box, Mike Downey, Mike Poindexter, Thomas Allman,

    Thanks to those who helped me update.

  8. I’m proud to be an American today. I am concerned for the lives of these brave men. If I were one of these sheriffs I would be as publicly vocal as possible. Be out in the forefront as much as possible to guard against being ‘suicided’. Make no mistake, they are risking their lives. God Bless you in this fight.

    1. Wish we could get Sheriff Ian Parkinson on that list from San Luis Obispo County, CA. He is NOT a Constitutional Sheriff!!!

    1. I’ve only seen two Nevada Sheriffs so far. I’ll have to email Sheriff Pitts (Elko County,Nevada) again and tell him to get on the list.

  9. Wash.Co.Sheriff Pat Garrett:He said: “A good example of our system at work is the Supreme Court decision in Printz v. United States. That case tested federal statute that required local officials to carry out portions of federal law under the Brady Bill. In this case the Court found that the federal government may not constitutionally require local officials to enforce federal law and the court held that the statute was unconstitutional.”

  10. I am so glad to see some sheriffs’ are standing up against gun control. In Florida, where are our sheriffs’? It seems as if we are greatly lacking in having any sheriffs’ brave enough to take a publicly stand to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. Florida Sheriffs, you were elected to office to serve and protect us and if necessary forcefully defend the 2nd Amendment. We need to hear from you now, your voice, before defending our freedoms become bloody. Gun Control is not People Control.

  11. all sheriffs has websites and facebuk accts
    so go there and ask them if they support 2nd amendment.
    right now i’m attacking my sheriff on his facebuk to give me the answer if he is a constitutional sheriff or NWO scum.
    Many sheriffs want to stay in shadow till last moment.
    So forced them to give you the answer. IT IS YOUR RIGHTS!!!
    here is my letter:
    Sheriff Jerry L Demings I hope you will take Constitution side and become pro gun pro 2nd amendment Constitutional Sheriff. I hope you don’t like partisan wars in Orange county. Look how other sheriffs from other states protect 2 nd amendment. We are watching you Sheriff.

    1. Does anyone have any idea about the county sheriff’s departments in Kansas:

      Wyandotte, Leavenworth, Linn, Miami, Douglas

      I have searched like no other regarding Wyandotte and have come up empty. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  12. Has anyone else heard of Oath Keepers?

    Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, veterans, peace officers, and firefighters who will fulfill the oath we swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God.

    Our oath is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and we will not obey unconstitutional (and thus illegal) and immoral orders, such as orders to disarm the American people or to place them under martial law and deprive them of their ancient right to jury trial.

    We Oath Keepers have drawn a line in the sand. We will not “just follow orders.”

    Our motto is “Not on our watch!”

    1. Yes any sheriff that belongs to Oathkeepers would automatically be on this list.

      One request… when posting things like ‘How about sheriff in X county’ please note whether you have searched for it or not and if you have a link.. otherwise makes us think there is one.

      If you do have a sheriff that has pledged not to violate the constitution please post the link that shows the quote or some other proof of it.


    2. Oath Keepers is also for veteran Armed Forces, LE and Fireman. I am a veteran and an Oath Keeper and i know a few others.

    3. Right on Oathkeeper. There are thousands of us and growing every day; active military, LEO’s, veterans, retired LEO’s and civilians willing to take the oath of allegiance to the Constitution.

  13. Doesn’t surprise me that Williamson county, TX is not on the list. Them police are like the gestapo. Only the citizens can protect themselves from the corrupt police and sheriff’s department and trust me, they will. Ammo is selling like hotcakes all over the county and in Austin. So who needs them. We can protect ourselves.

  14. Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims has also written a letter declaring her support of the 2nd Amendment and Constitution. Freedom is alive and well in California’s Central Valley!

    1. Have you got a link to that? I have looked on his sheriff’s page but don’t see any statements. THANKS.

  15. This is only the “Constitutional Club” as long as these sheriffs oppose indefinite detention without due process and trial as authorized under the NDAA.

  16. You can put me on your list of Sheriff’s that do not support Gun control. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Sheriff for standing strong and protecting our rights here in Idaho!! Hopefully Kootenai County will follow your lead!!

    2. I knew I loved your county for a reason (the beautiful mountains, and rivers are part of the reason), now you’ve given me even more reasons to work and move there! Thank you!

    3. Indeed, as a St. Maries resident I’m pleased to here this and I was expecting it. My wife says ‘good going Shortcake’. We have much confidence in you and wish you well. We do thank you for standing tall.

  17. As a native Oregonian (Dixie), I’m glad to see the Sheriff’s of Oregon standing strong along with other sheriffs around the country. It’s time…

  18. one point of fact #44 Multnomah County Is in Oregon Not Washington, Being From Washington state I have yet to hear of any county sheriffs taking a stance. I wonder which if any county in Washington State will join this list It would be an honor if It was Pierce County.

    1. Waman-Yeah I looked at that twice and thought maybe it got confused because it came after Washington County did or shorty thereafter.However I can’t find mention of it joining though I know I didn’t just imagine it.I remember thinking “alright two of the larger counties coming on.Still can’t find it,please any link would help.

      Ki In Linn

    2. I know Pend Oreille County, WA, Sheriff Alaz Botzheim made a public statement. Glad I voted for him!

      “I hold my Oath of Office as the guiding commitment to my actions each and every day. As such, my office will not participate in any action that would violate our citizens’ Constitutional rights, to include the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.”

  19. Sheriff in Dare Co. NC won`t even answer questions…he just Ignores us.If you live in Dare Co.NC,and don`t have a gun you better get one quick.

  20. Yuba and Sutter counties need to join this list, I doubt they will since they’re no good pr#@ks that don’t give a sh*t about anything but money.

  21. Texas and Missouri are currently advancing laws to make ALL federal gun control laws null and void in our States under the 2nd and 10th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution…

    1. North Dakota is also introducing legislation to prevent any local or state law enforcement agencies from cooperating and enforcing federal gun control legislation. They are currently in session; they only meet for 100 days, every two years, so perfect timing.

  22. Canyon County from Idaho is on there twice. It is also lacking the Bonneville county and Coure de Lane(spelling) sheriffs as well.

    1. Thank you for posting the videos, Chris! I had called his office just a few days ago to ask where he stood. We ALL need to be calling to thank these men.

  23. How about Spotsylvania County Virgina? One of the most corrupt localities in the country. A complete opposite of its heritage.

    1. i agree about both Spotsylvania and Stafford counties, two of the most corrupt counties due to the power of Commonwealth Attorneys over the judges and law enforcement officers especially the Sheriffs.

  24. So these sheriffs are going to protect my 2nd Amendment rights. Good job! But are they going to protect the rest of my constitutional rights? Under the NDAA they can confiscate me from my gun.

  25. Lets keep putting pressure on any sheriff who has not come down on the constitution side of this issue. It needs to be in writing, words can be forgotten. I saw that sheriff Smith from Smith county TX. is on the list and I heard him say he would not support any un-constitutional laws. That is all well and good, but what does he consider constitutional? What do any of them consider constitutional?

  26. You need to have someone edit this list… you have several duplicates of Sheriff’s names (some with 2, some with 3, listings).

  27. We need more Sheriff’s like this in the State of New York and then Maybe Como and the Rest of the Politician will realize it’s not about the Guns and that they can not violate the 2nd Amendment. There is nothing in the 2nd Amendment that states it’s for hunting, so why do the Politician keep saying the 2nd Amendment is all about hunting and guns are all about the same. I don’t hunt and I have GUNS for my Safety. Plus GUNS don’t kill PEOPLE kill it’s like saying Knives Kill or Cars Kill So lets BAN them. Sounds pretty stupid does it so why ban guns.

  28. This sounds real good. But sorry,…Ive lived long enough to know what a rat smells like….and this sure sounds and smells fishy to me……Is it because they have no ammo?
    is it because they know we remember their shit they have done to us?
    are they still enforcing unlawful anti constitutional orders
    are they scared we will blow their ass away?

    When they refuse to follow illegally mandated DC law,…and work for the peoples of their jurisdiction,…… then Patriots can trust them…..until then…they are but another target of opportunity.

    Talk is dirt cheap Ladies and Gents.

  29. no citizen is required to obey any rule law or act based on an illegal alteration of the constitution, no law enforcement officer is bound to enforce any law rule or act based on an illegal alteration of the constitution, no judge is required to hold court on any charges stemming for a law rule or act based on an illegal alteration of the constitution..all citizens of the united states are bound by our faith in the constitution to defend it from such illegal alterations….

    1. James, I agree with you but good luck find honest cops, judges, lawyers, or politicians who will stand for the truth as you have presented it.

  30. This is the official response received in written form by a Mohave County (AZ) resident who inquired as to Sheriff Sheahan’s 2A stance vis-à-vis the latest EO’s and legislative proposals coming from Washington:

    “The Sheriff believes in the Second Amendment as it was written and its intent.”

    “The Sheriff does not and will never support any legislation that attempts to restrict magazine capacity and does not support any type of ‘assault weapon’ ban.”

    “Additionally he will not support any unlawful confiscation of firearms from law abiding citizens which violates the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Sheriff is a firm believer in the stance taken by the National Rifle Association (NRA).”

    From an article in the Kingman (AZ) Daily Miner:

    “I believe in the 2nd Amendment,” said Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan. “I do not support an ‘assault weapons’ ban or restrictions on ammunition.” Sheahan sees those segments of Obama’s proposals as an infringement on people’s rights.

    As for the other aspects of Obama’s gun-safety ideas, Sheahan said most don’t have much of an effect, and he would rather see local entities coming up with plans. “The less involvement from federal government locally, the better we are,” he said. “We know how to deal with our problems best.”

  31. So a maine sheriff is standing up for our rights.I sent an email to the Kennebec county sheriff here in maine and this is the email he sent me.


    It is good to hear from you, thank you for reaching out. I am a strong advocate for the Second Amendment, and my defense of it has already begun at the Legislature. Last week I headed a group of ten firearms instructors in the teaching of firearms to 45 Legislators. Our emphasis was that the real issue with these incidents that have occurred are the result of mental illness.

    I will continue my legislative fight, and the defense of our constitutional rights.


    Sheriff Liberty

  32. I just sent a e mail (23/01/2013, 13:15 MST), to Sheriff Gary Raney, (Ada County, Idaho), requesting information about what, if any stand he intends to take on the 2nd Amendment RIGHTS of the Citizens of the County, here’s hoping that he’ll even respond, without sending some of his deputies to my house!

  33. Was an AK-47 used in the elementary school shooting that left 20 children and 6 adults dead, the rumor is circulating that an AK-47 was not used in the shooting only hand guns. Can any’ 1 please verify fact for the matter was an AK-47 used in that shooting?

    I’d like to congratulate every Sheriff for taking the true stand on behalf of the US throughout the Counties they serve. It’s about time something got checked.

    Please take note Sheriff’s, please install ACA, American Corrections Association, County jails in your Counties.

    Please read this link to see why through reading the immediate statement to hit the screen upon clicking the link,

    I do not know if the Sheriff maintaining this jail stands in support of the cause of objective for this page. It wouldn’t surprise me if’ he did.

    And if you happen to see or hear rumor of any’ thing involving Whatcom County WA State Sheriff Bill Elfo please immediately refer to the manager of a Facebook page titled “Boot Bill Elfo” with regards to the substance of ethics and the man, please don’t be snowed for a minute he is in bed with EX WA State Govenor Gary Locke who is employed directly by Obama.

    The WC Sheriff is in bed with Gary Locke under a deliquent ten years more than just late coming scheme to implement a plantation slave inmate labor ranch jail system in WA County.

    The full while the old jail he promised to replace when he ran for WC Sheriff in 2003 is not and has not been replaced and they have not even broken ground yet yet they are seriosuly scrambolng to right at this very minute that their money scheme might be carried out.

    He, the WA State Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo has been straight kniving the full way for 10 years with NOTHING whatsoever having been accomplished all for a jail scheme at the expense of the Consitutional rights of inmates kept under his watch in the most pitiful sourly subtandardly deplorable excuses of a decrepit jail going.

    It is not good to be kept there no matter who it might be, your son your neighbors boy it does not matter, it is a prosecutor favorable confine it is a vice grip of leverage and sway and you will come out in worse condition than when you went in everytime.

    Beware of him, Sheriff Elfo, if’ for any reason he comes snowing around and about.

    He’s no good and he’s in bed with Federal money, there is no 10Th amendment let alone any 2nd amendment whatsoever about him he bows to whatever it takes for his reach of cash scheme at the full cost of Whatcom County’s true jail needs.

    1. I thought I remembered seeing several listed more than once,probably repeated when they had a copy of their letter available.

  34. Was an AK-47 rifle used in the elementary school shooting that left 20 children and 6 adults dead, the rumor is circulating that an AK-47 was not used in the shooting only hand guns were used.

    Can any’ 1 please verify fact for the matter, was an AK-47 used in that shooting? -Just a question, anyone?

    I appreciate every Sheriff herein the listing having taken a stand on behalf of the US Constitution while on behalf of the constituents of the Counties they serve.

    It’s about time something got checked.

    Please take note Sheriff’s, next time you build a County jail please install an ACA, American Corrections Association, County jail in your counties.

    It be the best thing you could possibly do for your county constituents. This is not an advertisement pitch. It’s straight serious.

    Please view this link to see why through reading the immediate statement to hit the screen upon clicking the link, //

    I do not know if the Sheriff maintaining this jail stands in support of the cause of objective for this page. It wouldn’t surprise me if’ he did. Holloway would have.

    I’d like to give you a heads up on corruption and a WA State Whatcom County Sheriff.

    If you happen to see or hear rumor of any’ thing involving Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo please immediately refer to the manager of a Facebook page titled “Boot Bill Elfo” with regards to the substance of ethics and the man. His internal affairs chief furnished alcohol to a 19 year old Sheriff’ Dept Explorer girl.

    There’s an adobe link, I’ll hope to locate it and submit it later. He’s busted, but not so long as he’s Internal Affairs Chief under Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo.

    Becoming Internal Affairs chief following two promotions the first three months after his Superior Court conviction and Sheriff Dept slap wrist discipline.

    The Whatcom County Sheriff is in bed with a guy named Marvinn Wolfe to whom Sheriff Bill Elfo answers and Marvin Wolfe is connected to Gary Locke, at least from what I had read of it.

    It’s about a deliquent ten years more than just late coming scheme to implement an essential harvest of free inmate labor or some lost cause for idea like it.

    Whatcom County Sheriff Elfo went to Washington DC to beg Federal money in about July 2007 claiming that because Whatcom County was a border county
    they needed a special amount of Federal money for a special new jail system yet the county being a border county has no impact existing such as he claimed in 2007.

    2013 it’s still not built ground is not even located let alone broken.

    The full while the old jail sheriff Elfo promised to replace when he ran for the Whatcom County Sheriff’s seat in 2003, it is not replaced yet they are seriosuly scrambling right at this very minute that a maximum money scheme might be come to fruition.

    Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo has been straight kniving the full way for 10 years with NOTHING whatsoever having been accomplished, all for a new jail already most desperately need in 2003 that’s never happened the full while the one still remaining is no bettee than living in your own filth in certain cells of the jail.

    Airvents are non properly working and there’s more than I might go into right at this moment, take my word I’ve encountered it first hand for myself.

    All at the expense of the Consitutional rights of inmates kept under sheriff Elfo’s watch in the most pitiful sourly substandardly deplorable excuse for a jail going to continue to exist. The built in 1983 Whatcom County jail, it is’ long passed gone foul no joke’ .

    It is not good to be kept there no matter who it might be, your son your neighbor’s boy even your daughter it does not matter it could happen you just never know, it is a sheer prosecutor favorable confine it is a vice grip of sheer leverage and force and sway and it is very packed most unhygienic and it is a jail anyone and everyone comes out of in worse condition than when they had entered.

    To be honest it’s enough to all but be up in arms about, it is chaos even for the jail deputies who run it. Non properly working airvents and worse I’ve experienced it first hand and the women in that slum hole dive have it far worse than the majority of the male inmates.

    Beware or be advised of him, Sheriff Elfo, if’ for any reason he comes snowing around or otherwise blowing about.

    He’s no good, he’s in bed with Federal money. There is no 10Th amendment let alone any 2nd amendment whatsoever about him he bows to whatever it takes for an under reach of cash while at the full cost of Whatcom County’s true jail needs the deliquence ever continues.

    Never mind federal mandates for cash, eh? Thanks for the support of the 2nd amendment skipping the idea of sheer Federalized sheriffs.

      1. The only AR-15 found at the Newtown massacre, was found in the TRUNK of the PERPs CAR… it was NOT USED .. only handguns. the “BUSHMASTER”, however, goes with the LapDog MEDIA’s narrative.

        1. So you’re telling us that you have conclusive proof that Lanza was even AT Sandy Hoax?

          Please share.

          Waiting with baited breath.

  35. Thank you for the input Bushmaster, I’d seen a Facebook post and heard from someone else something about it was hand guns that were used, still not really sure started out wondering and had had more to share.

    Thank you for the response, it is most appreciated.

  36. @william – FYI: NO ONE was “killed” at sandy hook. It was a HOAX. Look at even some of the MOUNTAIN of data verifying that it was a hoax! Just like the aurora/giffords/VaTech HOAXES.

  37. they where killed alright but not with a ar-15 bushmaster, it was locked in the trunk of the car when the police got their,so how did he shoot so many times with hand guns,good question, i was watching that day on the internet when it happened, they changed the story 4 or 5 times before they ended up on the last story. there was also a shotgun that disappeared,and another guy that they showed a picture of that they didn’t show again.

    1. Actually, the long rifle that was locked in the trunk of the car was not a Bushmaster AR-15, but a shotgun. There was never any AR-15 type rifle involved… it was all a hoax… the federal government’s agenda to disarm the American public. Adam Lanza was reported to have 2 handguns with him initially, but it was actually 4 handguns, and as soon as he emptied one, he went to the next. That’s how he was able to inflict such damage in a short period of time. However, it wasn’t at Sandy Hook Elementary, but at St. Rose of Lima, a private school also located in Newtown, CT. The video seen on 12/14/12 was actually taped at a drill on 12/10/12 at St. Rose of Lima. It was all a ploy, a hoax on the American public… again.

    2. So firewolf3251, you’re saying that you ACTUALLY saw the ALLEGED bullet-riddled bodies of those children and teachers, as well as the ALLEGED bullet-riddled classrooms and hallways of that school?


      Please do us the courtesy of posting those photos, so the rest of us can see them also.


      1. Kinda what he’s saying: No pictures have come out of the school, and I’m reasonably sure that was also the official word on it.

        1. Lawsuit field day had such carnage entered the WWW to appease your own somewhat most’ selfish query. This stuff does not go forward for oggling world wide viewers. Even if it had you’d be calling it fake so wake’ up.

          Get real, this is the 3rd time I’ve wrote this for missing test question I am getting wore out so think what you like, look beyond your own inverted narrow scope for crying out loud.

          There would have been lawsuits by grieving families, sorry. None of it was for the web or public view an after three times I mean like I could almost say kiss off oop I just did.

          I saw familes children included making attendances of funerals on the spot right after.

          You think those familes wouldn’t be in Court had they been fabricating other occasions to make it look like makeshift funerals?

          C’mon man, wake up a little bit. Get real IE competent.

          Every sheriff on here knows full well what happened.

          Yo should yorself in addition but for some strange or better unknown reason you don’t.

        2. Go visit the graves, they should still be with broken fresh turf and fresh flowers about new tombstones with dates and such to affirm.

          Go visit the cemetarys, then’ report back and then if you have proof you might have an ear to listen.

          Body bags of children being pulled out and the like, I could see a county Sheriff clearing all of that media literal paparazzi out of the area.

          Apparantly there was a mass murder. I saw pictures of familes with children going to the funerals and they looked REAL.

          Give it break. Like as if it simply did not happen and like as if now all this.

          1. Yeah, like “lawsuit” has ever deterred anyone from posting things on the web. Wake up, this is the age of piracy and anonymity. 4chan is a board “with no memory”, and if you don’t tell who you are, you’re long since gone, in 15 minutes. It’s not MY selfishness on the board, it’s the known selfishness of millions of people, and the idea that a school full of people, with cameras everywhere, INCLUDING on every phone in the place, and nothing has surfaced. Newly turned graves? Well, that shows me dirt. Can’t imagine where I could see dirt, if you hadn’t told me to go look there, right? A purported dad goes to a press conference and laughs, and jokes with people until the cameras come on, then hyperventilates, and looks grave, while the cameras that he’s aware of are rolling…
            Seen these yet?

          2. “Yeah, like “lawsuit” has ever deterred anyone from posting things on the web”. <- Oh snap, the lawsuit comes after the violation has first arrived oh snap' and snap' snap' snap' the cash arrives in full tote the lawsuit the trailor. It wasn't exactly what I had been directly meaning if you might happen to see past this much alone, and just what would the lawsuit stand for and come for 'next?

            "Wake up, this is the age of piracy and anonymity. 4chan is a board “with no memory”, and if you don’t tell who you are, you’re long since gone, in 15 minutes". Eh? Not sure I catch what your quite asking or expecting there?

            "It’s not MY selfishness on the board, it’s the known selfishness of millions of people, and the idea that a school full of people, with cameras everywhere, INCLUDING on every phone in the place, and nothing has surfaced". <- It's not a unmet feat to have seen to it that no footage or snap' shot would surface, as is does near frequently always'. So' who wouldn't have thought ahead and how sure are you the people on the scene as it happened would have been ready thinking of cameras to be onto auto dig into the pockets, we're talking this kind of disaster in progress and people are on auto reach for their freaking cell phone like people don't reach for it enough as it is?Sharp LE or rather people inclined by instinct for the sake of their lost ones under such circumstance, I could see it being kept from getting out for a full oggling glare of the world. Kinna ruse rude to think like that if ya ask me to look past the kinna dirt you are referencing.

            "Newly turned graves? Well, that shows me dirt. Can’t imagine where I could see dirt, if you hadn’t told me to go look there, right? Sure, a cemtary full of towns folk general area people with lost ones buried, people who visited graves and happened to when the funerals had happened". <- Yeah, dirt. They won't leave a grave with coffin unfilled for mere proof of any world doubter on assume general public full time display.

            "A purported dad goes to a press conference and laughs, and jokes with people until the cameras come on, then hyperventilates, and looks grave, while the cameras that he’s aware of are rolling…
            Seen these yet"? <- No, I haven't seen those yet. You have the link of the whole set? Are you sure of when and how it was posted if it was real or if' it staged part in full? Post it right here and show me the full proof is on set with the full footgae and that it was aired same as you state the scene of the school shooting to have been staged for a shooting that did not happen. Thanx.

          3. Ok, Mr. Maher… did you see any of the caskets at the funerals? If you did, can you tell me if they were open caskets, or closed caskets? If they were closed, how do you know if there were any bodies in any of them? Sure, the funerals may be real, so that the world could see them, but were there any bodies that anyone could see? No one has seen them, not even the parents of the children that were supposedly killed. Funny, too, little Miss Emily Parker? No one remembers her being at that school, nor is she on any of the school records. But, hey, there’s a photo op of her “family” with Obama the next day, when he showed up for his photo opportunity, and guess what? The dead girl that was supposed to be at the coroner’s for an autopsy, and subsequent release to the mortuary for preparation for her “fake” funeral… she’s alive and well and taking part in the president’s photo op. How do you explain that misnomer?

          4. @ Willy (as in ‘Slick Willy’) Maher:

            “There would have been lawsuits by grieving families, sorry. None of it was for the web or public view an after three times I mean like I could almost say kiss off oop I just did.”

            Would that be those actors posing as “grieving families” you’re referring to, clownboy?

            “I saw familes children included making attendances of funerals on the spot right after.”

            What you was an ACT, bozo. You saw it on the TELEVISION, so it MUST be true, right? Get your head out of the idiot box (or your @ss, whichever place it’s currently located) and try reading the actual facts of this false flag op on the internet, which is the ONLY place the truth is still to be found anymore.

            ” Go visit the graves, they should still be with broken fresh turf and fresh flowers about new tombstones with dates and such to affirm.”

            So you’re saying that if I go out and dig a hole in my backyard, take a dump in it, and cover it up, throw some flowers on it, and then tell you it’s a grave, that you’re gullible enough to fall for it? If that’s the case, I’ve got TWO bridges AND some prime swampland I’d be willing to sell you REAL cheap.

            “Body bags of children being pulled out and the like, I could see a county Sheriff clearing all of that media literal paparazzi out of the area.”

            You freaking moron, the ‘alleged’ bodies of the ‘alleged’ victims were ALL removed (allegedly) in the dead of night, ACCORDING to the MSM, so how can you claim to know this to be a fact? Are you psychic?

            “Apparantly there was a mass murder. I saw pictures of familes with children going to the funerals and they looked REAL.”

            I saw pictures of the Loch Ness Monster AND Bigfoot, and damn, they sure looked REAL too!

            You’re either one of those brain-dead sheeple that believes EVERYTHING they see on TELEVISION, OR you’re working for the so-called ‘government (my first choice), so go do your TROLLING at some other site. You’re in the Major League here, clownboy, when obviously you don’t even qualify for the PeeWees.

          5. Oh, and btw, TROLL ALERT!!!

            You’ve been made, and you’ve been served, b#tch, so GET LOST!!!

          6. How much ya getting paid or are you here as a court ordered snitch plea agreement Troll. Go SCREW YOUR SELF WILLIAM MAHER. You go troll in some govt. gay bar .

  38. I think he means like,and really no denying it,there has been absolutely no cctv at all to confirm anything,and if there was wouldn’t they be showing it?after all that would give more credence to their banning assault “weapons”and high cap mags.Makes you wonder.

  39. Apparently Whatcom County Sheriff’s Dept Internal Affairs Cheif Steve Cooley became obsessed with a Sheriff dept (19 year old) Explorer (prospect) girl. A girl named Kristen. A girl who later joined the military.

    WCSD Steve Cooley furnished Kristen with alcohol several times and with it there are some stories to be told like when it came to passing out on one glass of wine. Mr: Cooley was convicted of furnishing Sheriff Dept Explorer Kristen with alcohol,


    Three months later Bill Elfo gives him a first promotion award the first of two with the 2nd making him the highest ranking highest paid sheriff deputy in the dept. A pervert.

    You might also like to go to a FB likes page, “Boot Bill Elfo”.
    Be sure to like the page.

    Yes, the built in 1983 Whatcom County sourly substandard deplorable non hygienic over packed sheer slum dive jail is a most real issue with Bill Elfo elected on his promise of building a replacement jail in 2003, sheriff Bill Elfo.

    It’s been ten years. He is scheming to harvest inmate labor. He does not know what he is doing, he is schemed out beyond of his own mind and the jail simply never got built and they are still angling a full cash max milk scheme for one to be built.

    Whatcom County sheriff Bill Elfo answers to Marvin Wolfe and Marvin Wolfe answers to Ex WA State Govenor Gary Locke who answers to Obama who answers to the NWO.

    Elfo has been to WA DC to beg Federal money and on and on that over ten years yet they haven’t even broken ground.

    I believe ex Whatcom County Exec Pete Kremen and Bill Elfo are up for a class action cash suit.

  40. Does anyone know if there are any other sherif listing websites listing such as this one?

    By the way, there was a Whatcom County Lynden city six police officer shooting of a 23 year old hispanic who suffered from a mental health illness.

    His dad called the city of Lynden police in order for them to take his 23 year old son to the mental health ward, it wasn’t a first time.

    The city of Lynden LPD arrived and immediately shot the 23 year old hispanic male to death in front of his father and 1 other family member, a brother, “had to hide under a pick up truck” because he “believed he too would have been shot by the LPD”.

    The Lynden police department shooting death murder only requires a proper investigation by the Whatcom County sheriff, Bill Elfo.

    Bill Elfo refuses to adhere to his responsibilty for the Whatcom County constituents, “he refuses a proper sheriff’s investigation” yet it was stone cold murder.

    The murdered man’s family are up in arms but because Whatcom County sheriff Bill Elfo arrests to rest on the buck lies with him and under his internal affairs chief all things sealed by he, nothing is done the man is murdered by multiple shooting LPD officers and nothing’ has arisen through investigation other than to let the LPD clean off of the hook.

    There is more than just this. Bill Elfo be prime reason wny gun control should be adhered to for LE agencies also. If the sheriff can clean get away with this and other then I am afraid that LE needs to be disarmed of weapons entirely otherwise, as it is not, instances like these need resolved that they are not covered up by crooked corrupt IE incompetent sheriffs.

    Bill Elfo is a risk to all ethical good sheriffs. Be well aware of the man. It is in your own and that of the constituents of your own counties better interest that nothing can be found in order to begin hack away at the position and holding of power for the sheriff of any county all across the US.

    He is most certainly a rotten apple by all terms of the word of a over barrel.

    Good looking out, please take good care.

    Does anyone know if there are any other sherif listing websites listing such as this one?

  41. If anyone has any question about Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo’s

    mishandling of the Whatcom County Sheriff dept’s County constituents,

    please contact Whatcom County Sheriff’s dept deputy detective Steve Harris.

  42. “My intelligence is non effected or is it affected by you either for all of the mystery you’ve presented.”


    WHAT intelligence, pray tell?

    Once again, morons like you prove conclusively:


  43. “As for sheep, #1 NWO Hatr, you’ve miss spelled it “sheeple”..

    I mispelled NOTHING. It IS sheeple.

    And it’s “MISPELLED”, not “miss spelled”, Goober.

    That third grade education really shows. You may want to seriously consider night classes in adult education.

    If you really apply yourself, you may even work your way up to the fifth grade in say, oh, five years or so.

    And don’t bother replying, as I’m through wasting any more time on your sorry @ss. This conversation is terminated, as of now.

  44. no sorry didn’t see body’s, but did see them finding the ar-15 in one msm story then changed to the guy i never seen him anymore ,the back to the school and the car again this time also showed shotgun,and they where talking over the radio about we have suspects apprehended. like i said they changed the story’s 4 or 5 times never did show the old clips again.

  45. I see only 29 Sheriffs in NM listed. There were 30. I am trying to find out which 3 of the sheriffs did not participate.

  46. As an OIF Veteran and The Father of Two OIF Veterans I would like to thank all of the Americanb Sheriffs who are standing tall on this issue.

  47. Your fight is my fight. Please make sure to proofread though.

    People listed twice:
    Al Cannon, Andy Hughes, Bill Rasco, Blake Dorning, Darren Hooker, Glenn Palmer, James W Mele (written as “Jim” 2nd time), Mike Winters, Stacy Nicholson, Warren M. Wethington

    People Listed 3 times:
    Ana Franklin

    No State Listed:
    Gil Gilbertson (Oregon), Mitchell Southwick (Oregon)

    Make sure all counterarguments to gun grabbers are accurate and articulate please!

  48. Very good start but just a start. I didn’t see Westchester County NY where the local paper published the map of gun permits nor did I see many large metro counties nor my own rural county.

  49. All I can say is I know of multiple sherriffs in Colorado not on that list who at least in private agree. The one I work for part time has instructed us to use force if necessary to protect the community … against any gun grabbers be they state or federal. And he is not on the list.

  50. 29 Mar 2010 at 3:41 PM Constitutional Law, Utah
    >>Utah Invokes Eminent Domain Against the Federal Government<<
    By Elie Mystal
    This is the kind of story that sounds unbelievable — until you realize that it’s dealing with the people who run Utah. The WSJ Law Blog reports:

    Utah Governor Gary Herbert on Saturday authorized the use of eminent domain to take some of the U.S. government’s most valuable parcels.
    A state is invoking the Takings Clause against the federal government? This reminds me of the time I came home and my dog told me to get off the couch. Sure, I was surprised that my dog was (a) talking and (b) ordering me off my own property. And so I resolved, right then and there, to never drop acid again.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know what the hell Utah lawmakers are smoking …

    I’m going to put some kind of latex protection around my brain before I get down into the muck and deal with Utah’s argument. I suggest you do the same. The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

    The goal is to incite a court battle that they believe they can win at the Supreme Court giving Utah the right to develop the disputed land and generate some $50 billion for the state’s public schools.

    “This is the solution to being the lowest-funded education system in the nation,” said Rep. Ken Sumsion, R-American Fork.

    Sumsion and Rep. Chris Herrod, R-Provo, argue the federal government has an obligation through the U.S. Constitution and Utah’s statehood act, to sell off federal land and provide 5 percent of the money to the state, but hasn’t followed through.

    Lawmakers have complained for years that the federal land ownership in the state limits property taxes and development, hurting the state’s ability to fund its schools. But they have been unable to move the federal government on the issue.

    Sumsion said this is a more direct shot.

    “We’re going to eminent domain it and say this is a down payment for the 5 percent you owe us and we’re going to court over that issue,” he said.
    So, the Utah strategy is to blackmail the federal government by stealing land it feels belongs to them? I’m sorry, wasn’t this exactly what O.J. tried to do?

    Utah says that it is doing this because it wants more money to fund education. So where do you think the money is going to come from to litigate Utah’s takings claim?

    Legislation would direct the attorney general’s office to pursue the litigation and the lawmakers want $3 million from the school trust fund to bankroll the lawsuit.
    Yes, let’s take $3 million from education to fund a frivolous lawsuit we’re starting to get more money for education. What could possibly go wrong?

    Of course, it’s possible that the legal fees the state plans to spend won’t be necessary:

    But if the law is as bad as Democrats say it is, a court will quickly overturn it and the state won’t have to spend much money defending it, Herbert said.
    Wow. Okay, so the Utah Governor thinks that it won’t cost the state very much money to defend this law that is ridiculous on its face because it is prima facie ridiculous. Unless it’s not totally ridiculous, in which case the state will spend $3 million out of its education fund, until the Supreme Court tells them that they can’t generate money for education by blackmailing the federal government. But the state is only trying this … for the children.

    Utah baby, where logic goes to die.

    In War Between States and Feds, Utah Strikes Latest Blow [WSJ Law Blog]
    Utah lawmakers propose using eminent domain to take federal land [Salt Lake Tribune]
    New Utah Law OKs State Seizure of Federal Lands; Aim Is Supreme Court Showdown [ABA Journal]

  51. If your County Sheriff hasn’t made a public declaration, contact them & ask them to join these brave souls!

    I’m compiling the updates, contact info for national Sheriffs’ Associations, and various letters into one “clearinghouse” blogpost:

    Also, there’s an interactive map showing the current status of this phenomenon. Counties whose Sheriffs declared noncompliance are in red, counties where other action is occurring are in yellow.


      Just came across this,haven’t checked it(going to bed).However it shows Marion county Oregon and I can’t find much of anything in the way of a commitment. To vague in what the sheriff says.Kinda wanted to know since it’s next door to Linn.
      If half of them pan out it will sure make that map look pretty.Great idea with the map.

      1. Thanks! I originally wanted to just show the extent of the phenomenon, but it turned out much better than I thought. I can paste URL’s, pics, videos, etc – make a “story” bound to the geographical area.

        The map data source is the official USGIS + 2010 Census results, so I have a TON of data not even showing – age brackets, income, races, % farmland, etc. It’s like 200 extra columns, but I’m keeping them just in case anyone would need to cross-compare this phenomenon to, let’s say, average age in county, or median income.

        Also, today I just found a way to export specific columns, so now I have a “Master List” of ALL 3,141 counties 🙂

        Master Counties List (3,141, in pages of 100) – Google Fusion Tables + USGIS

        BTW, if whoever is curating this site – or anyone else working on a similar project – wants access to this data, or a copy of it, or w/e, I’d love to share.

        1. You did a me. You got Washington County-Wasatch County-Sanpete County each listed twice. Utah.
          Kinda thought there were a few extra.S@$# happens.(I’m what you call an expert).LOL.
          That is a nice way to list.You must have updated it since I saw it yesterday.

  52. MT. Lewis&Clark County ,Sheriff Leo Dutton
    MT. Cascade County , Sheriff Bob Edwards

  53. When the time comes for an armed standoff in Alabama, between my sheriff and the feds: I WILL STAND WITH MY SHERIFF and brandish/use my weapons on those who invade Alabama in any attempt to violate the constitution, which I took an oath to defend against ALL ENEMIES, both foreign and DOMESTIC.
    Like Putin stated to G.W. Bush “We do not want your form of “democracy”!
    Neither do we want Obama’s “change”, nor any desire to be “safe” in his Machiavellian world view.

  54. San Diego Police Chief:


    Lansdowne has gone on record saying: “I could not be more supportive of the president for taking the position he has. I think it’s courageous with the politics involved in this process. [And] I think it’s going to eventually make the country safer.”

    He made it clear that it may take “a generation,” but new laws could eventually …take all guns off the streets.

    This is quite a departure from other law enforcement personnel we’ve seen around the country–particularly Sheriffs–who’ve come out firmly against any infringement on the 2nd Amendment. We’ve cheered those officials for standing with the people, and now Lansdowne has taken a position completely opposite them.

    Moreover, Lansdowne has also been slamming the NRA in interviews. And he seems overtly thrilled at the money the NRA is being forced to spend to get their message out in the wake of the crime at Sandy Hook Elementary. “We broke the NRA,” says Lansdowne.

    Breitbart News contacted Lansdowne’s office about these statements but received no comment

  55. Infowar Social Networking Coalition shared Citizens Action Network’s photo.


    by Wynton Hall 28 Jan 2013

    In an explosive exchange outside the U.S. Conference of M…ayors meeting

    in Washington, D.C., security guards for billionaire New York City Mayor

    Michael Bloomberg accosted senior Talk Radio Network investigative

    reporter Jason Mattera when he asked the mayor about his strong support

    for gun control.


    In the video, Bloomberg is seen surrounded by security. Mattera approaches

    Bloomberg and asks, “In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire

    security team?”

    Bloomberg’s reply: “Uh, you, we’ll get right back to you.”

    “Why can you defend yourself but not the majority of Americans?” Mattera

    asks as the mayor walks away. “Look at the team of security you’ve got. And

    you’re an advocate for gun control?”

    The video then cuts to Mattera walking further down the street when one of

    the men guarding Bloomberg, identified as Officer Stockton NYPD, stops

    Mattera and asks to see his photo ID.

    Mattera complies before asking, “Is this standard procedure for the press?

    Wait, wait, wait, it’s standard procedure to be questioning members of the


    The officer reaches inside his jacket and grabs a pen, as if to write down the

    journalist’s name. “You’re going to write it down now?” asks Mattera. “Oh, no,

    sorry,” says Officer Stockton.

    The video then cuts to a scene further down the street where Officer

    Stockton, trailing Mattera once again, can be heard saying, “Mr. Mattera,

    sir? Do you have a date of birth?”

    “It’s none of your business what my date of birth is,” Mattera replies.

    Mattera’s Jan. 18th on-the-street interview, done in conjunction with Talk

    Radio Network’s “The Andrea Tantaros Show,” is not the first time Mattera

    has received brusque treatment for asking liberal politicians tough questions.

    The two-time New York Times bestselling author’s past on-the-street

    interviews have created viral video Internet sensations. In 2011, Vice

    President Joe Biden warned Mattera “Let’s get it straight, guy–don’t screw

    around with me” when he confronted Biden about his use of a rape reference

    when discussing Republican opposition to President Barack

    Obama’s “jobs” bill.

    The Washington Post calls Bloomberg “America’s most prominent and

    deep-pocketed advocate for gun control.”

  56. Look where’s he’s from! A bastion of liberalness, which means he’s a Democratic Socialist. This is the agenda of the Communists, and he’s one of them!


    Steve Watson Jan 28, 2013

    The Virginia House of Delegates approved a bill Friday that would see state

    agencies and employees forbidden from helping to enforce Federal gun

    control measures in the state.

    The Virginian-Pilot reports that the Militia, Police, and Public Safety

    Committee of the House approved House Bill 2340, which will now proceed

    to a vote on the House floor.

    The measure’s official summary states that the bill would “Prevent any

    agency, political subdivision, or employee of Virginia from assisting the

    Federal government of the United States in any investigation, prosecution,

    detention, arrest, search, or seizure, under the authority of any federal statute

    enacted, or Executive Order or regulation issued, after December 31, 2012,

    infringing the individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms by imposing new

    restrictions on private ownership or private transfer of firearms, firearm

    magazines, ammunition, or components thereof.”

    Republican state delegate Todd Gilbert told the Pilot that the bill will ensure

    that “no employee of the commonwealth or any of its political subdivisions

    should help the federal government tread upon our long-held belief that

    Second Amendment rights are highly individualized and very important.”

    The legislation was introduced by Del. Bob Marshall, R-Prince William

    County, and was approved by the Republican-controlled Delegates’

    Committee by 15-7 votes, following a short debate.

    “This is really an assault on second amendment rights and it has nothing to

    do with gun safety,” Marshall said in regards to the federal legislation.

    Another measure introduced by Marshall, now under review, would also

    allow teachers or others to be trained and carry a concealed weapon in

    public schools. Under current law schools in the state are currently

    designated gun free zones.

    Though gun owners see these moves as positive, some have warned that

    the legislation is merely posturing and does not constitute any real

    opposition to the federal gun control proposals.

    “If we don’t put some teeth into it, it’ll be useless,” Mike McHugh of the

    Virginia Gun Owners Coalition told the committee. “I think we’re coming to a

    point in this country where the states are going to have to finally decide –

    and I hope it doesn’t end up like years ago – that we’re going to have to face

    down Barack Obama’s federal plantation.”

    The bill also does not include any mention of what punishments would be

    handed out to any state or local employees who did enforce federal


    Obama is pushing for universal background checks for all private gun sales,

    as well as the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban. However, the

    measures are expected to be defeated in the U.S. Senate.

    The president outlined 23 gun control executive orders earlier this month.

    Virginia is one of the states that has seen an exponential surge in gun sales

    following the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre and the resulting

    Obama push for draconian gun control laws.

    In the days immediately following the Newtown shooting, gun dealers

    requested nearly 5,150 background checks on purchasers in Virginia. That

    figure amounted to the largest number ever in a single day, according to

    Virginia State Police.

    Since that time, the number of background checks requested per day has

    frequently been double 2012 figures.

    Virginia law allows anyone who is 18+ to carry a firearm openly. Anyone over

    21 can apply for a concealed carry permit.

    Several other states including Wyoming, Texas, Mississippi, and Tennessee

    have already introduced legislation to make it illegal for local and state

    police to enforce federal gun control measures.


    A 33-year old mother took matters into her own hands when three men broke

    into her house in Magnolia, TX on Friday night while she and her 6-year old

    child were home alone.

    The mother grabbed her pistol, and when the men found her she had the gun

    pointed at them. She shot at them, causing them to flee the house. She

    thinks she hit one of the intruders.

    The police are investigating, and if anyone has any information they are

    asked to call Montgomery County Crime Stoppers at 800-392-STOP

    (7867), the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800 (24 hrs) or

    Detectives S. Mullis or P. Hahs at 936-760-5876.

    … This story is similar to another incident in Georgia in which a mother used

    her revolver to save herself and her 9-year old twins from an intruder.

  59. I think you need to check the Montana sheriffs…the names aren’t quite matching up with the Constitution Club…there are some counties being left off of your list (Lake, Wibaux and Sanders – confirmed on the state news by the sheriffs themselves through different sources –

    Also, Lewis & Clark County is on here, but not on their list (although Sheriff Leo Dutton has confirmed in writing that he will not enforce any infringement of the 2nd Amendment)…

    Also, you have Cascade County Sheriff Bob Edwards. He has been elusive in his answers, he has NOT declared publicly that he will resist direct orders that violate 2nd Amendment rights, he has merely stated that he doesn’t agree with anything that violates said rights and that he does not support confiscation of any weapon…but he did NOT say he would not do it. At least not to the media. I would check up on that information if I were you. (That information is found in the article found in the link above).

    1. Robin -you must mean me.You are right on both counts,”too vague”
      But Cascade more so.Thanks for the catch,usually I will rate them on how they phrase it.And assuming you mean me(guilty anyhow).

  60. Four more Missouri Sheriffs’ have joined.
    Mo.Ralls Connty,Sheriff Gerry Dinniddle (type’m as I see em)
    Mo.Marion County, Sheriff Jimmy Shinn
    Mo.Jackson County, Sheriff Chuck Heiss
    Mo.Liningston County, Sheriff Steve Cox

  61. Once again,

    Sheriff Ana Franklin of Morgan County is #13, #37, and #47.

    See my last post for several more discrepancies….

    I converted the list in to excel so I have current data analysis.

  62. I am so saddened to see only one Ohio Sheriff listed! Only one! I am schooled and so dismayed .i live in Lucas County in North West Ohio

  63. Manny De Mello says:
    January 20, 2013 at 10:16 am
    Convince you? Why? If a person is to ignorant to see what is blatantly been proven time and time again…then hell I say let them live in eternal bliss. For the sake of argument show me one place gun control has ever worked. Just one. I mean other than Chicago. /sarcasm



    Europe in general vs US:

    1. yeah, GUN crime drops somewhat, and then the crooks return to what they did for thousands of years: They beat people until they drop money, or can’t resist being raped, or just.. die.

      Or such gems as “After a school massacre, the U.K. banned handguns in 1998. A decade later, handgun crime has doubled.”

      You know, if gun control takes guns out of the hands of criminals, and off the streets, maybe we should try it with drugs, sometime!

  64. These guys are all acting tough now. Remove the mouth from suckling the Federal teet, pull the plug on Federal funding, then we will see all these sheriffs grovel and kiss up and take a different stance. The problem with Sheriffs are allot of the time they answer to no one and have far too much power. They can literally get away with murder. Just look at Sheriff Joe Arpaio as a classic example of someone with too much power. This guy writes his own rules, goes completely unchecked and bullies and intimidates everyone and anyone who ever tries to run against him for office.

    1. I don’t think you get what really happens. When the federal government provides “funding”, say, a set of money for road-construction, they have a list of “requirements” that the state must meet to receive it. To get a dollar worth of road cash, there are $1.60 in requirements. Tell me how the state is WORSE off not paying $1.60 for every dollar they needed to spend? It’s similar in other respects, healthcare for example… Doctors still send a bill, they don’t work for free. Where do you see the downside in throwing off the extra federal level of red tape?

    1. Seems a shame that they’re making an exception for the military. God forbid a human error kick in on one of THOSE sales…

  65. Way to take a stand El Paso County, CO Sheriff Terry Maketa!!!! You sir..have my vote to stay in office again!


    I wonder if Constitutional sheriff’s who stand independantly in support of the 2nd amendment in the state of WA will refuse to oblige this bill if it gets pushed through in the State of WA?

    Seems to me like it might be some form of harassment that could go on to unwarranted extreme, particularly in WC. If you should happen to go to “Boot Bill Elfo” FB likes page and view the last two posts of today and yesterday you’ll learn of the clear issues of question for the sheriff and the constitution. Is well worth a proper look and review Constitution club.

  67. Oregon just got slammed if that HB 3200 passes,unless it’s re-election posturing or something.
    Wonder if our Sheriff Mueller will say anything about it,going down Monday and talk with him though.If not, will always did want to go to Texas.

  68. I regrettably don’t see any of Tennessee’s 95 sheriffs on that list. I’ve always thought we was the “volunteer” state. Are we really the “stand back” state with so many sheriffs lacking constitutional knowledge ?

    Come sheriffs, get off your behinds and get on the list.

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