4 thoughts on “Look who’s behind Zika virus

  1. I hate to tell ya people.
    Butt Enya is behind the Zika viruse.
    Isn’t Zika an energy drink ?
    Or is that Zuma …or. Huma?
    I don’t fkng no anymore peoples.
    Zika is a new Energy drink from Huma Weiner.
    Hey…. if your gonna get an energy drink…
    Might as well get it from a Weiner.
    I have copyright on that slogan.
    Don’t try to steal it.

  2. I do not think that the Zika virus is worth worrying about.
    It appears to me that this is used as a cover to hide the problems from vaccines, GMOs, chemicals in foods and what ever else the government protected Corporations want to poison the people with.

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