70 thoughts on “Lynyrd Skynyrd: Sweet Home Alabama Live At The Oakland Coliseum Stadium 7/2/1977


    No more Stupid Tramp, okay? Please? Bought their “Breakfast in America” album and it’s musically the worst decision I ever made.

    1. Well DL, I like Super Tramp and I like Lynard Skynyrd.
      Hey DL, I am Glad ya liked this one. 😉 , I was starting to wonder. I will post more of this another day eh.
      Yes this was a old concert too 7-2-76 😉 . They still sound good to me.
      This concert rocks
      Usually I will post 1 a day but lately these last few days I have been doing 2 a day. Maybe some one else or even you could do one for variety 🙂
      I just happened along this concert on another site. Usually I get most of my music off of just one site just for music ya know.
      Again I am glad ya liked this one DL 🙂

    1. LOL Hubby took them goose hunting in Katy, Tx. back in the 80’s. He says when they showed up, they rolled out of the limo in a cloud of smoke. Everything in the vicinity got high. Fun to hunt with, but word for the wise, stay Behind those boys when they’ve got shotguns. There was no telling What they were going to shoot at. To quote him, “They ain’t right” (he means that in a laughing way) LOL 🙂
      Fun music. Pick one and post it, Bulldog. 🙂

        1. Yep, us too. Trying to think of one of their old songs with lyrics that would pertain to discussions in the Trenches… I’m blanking, right now. :/

          1. Just put up their song called “Big Shiny Nine” song 😉 Not up yet though.

          2. I just sent in a couple of their oldies. Henry/Admin get to pick which one. (“Big Shiny Nine” is a new one [“La Futura” album], digger. He was talking about their oldies LOL 😉 )

          3. Digger,
            Just got the song. Big shiny nine. That is one that I hate to say I have not heard and I know my zz top. Outstanding.

          4. @ 5:54 Glad ya got it glad ya liked it 😉 Bulldog.
            I have never heard that one either. Thought that I just had to send that one to ya on this saturday nite 😆
            I kind of like it myself too.

  2. One of the few bands I missed,had tix and plane went down!This was true that death cheated Zep/T-Rex and a few others I was very close to seeing.Saw a lot of great bands as a kid(including ZZ bulldog,saw em in hockey rink in middle of summer 1979!).That said,saw a lot of great bands as a kid in 70’s/80’s and beyond and still though not with same regularity still see concerts.Check out all the videos of Skynard in England backing up the Stones,awesome show with Traveling Man being the highlight in my opinion!

    1. Missys sister had tickets to the show before the crash. She kept them and when they started up again with his brother she got free tickets and back stages passes because she kept her old ones.

      1. Nice,though could not picture them with all the losses and still go see em,never saw Ross/Collins or any of the other off shoots even when they got back together under the banner with bro,still have ticket and a original of Street Survivors with flames album,stopped making em at about a 100 thousand copies due to accident,they did reissue with original cover but have a original,had tix for Zep in Philly and had plans for the Zep Boston show when unfortunate death struck again.Skynard was just starting large arenas on a regular basis as main act,damn shame.Will certainly though always be a part of soundtrack to my life,as for a trenches ZZ,I would say Waing For The Bus/Jesus Done Left Chicago,good post apocolyptic music to relax by with a shot when things at least appear calm!

  3. Since I am amongst rock n roll friends here, what are yalls thoughts on Brian Mays guitar skills. I always thought he was among the best at making a guitar literally talk.

    1. I met him and rest of the band,their is no mistaking his awesome guitar sound,saw em a few times in the 70’s including tour that is on live album(We Are The Champions),had a original from London Hard Rock t-shirt my dad picked up on business trip signed by the band on that tour,bunch of us got to hear sound check,they were really nice folks even on a busy scheduale.I will say started to not like the musical direction they headed in during the mid 80’s on but putting out “The Show Must Go On”right before Freddies death was a great song and tribute,he was one hell of a frontman/showman.Was weird when they toured a few years back with Paul Rodgers,loved and saw Bad Co. but those two though great singers were very far apart style/voice wise,didn’t see that tour.

          1. Hey Missy…….. wanna dance? Don’t hit me Bulldog. 🙂 don’t tell my wife either,. 🙂

          2. Happ Saturday Night Angel!!! How is new York? South Louisiana is sam o sam o!! But we did put a green house together today!! It took all day!

          3. She is on the phone with digger currently. Hey y’all, I’m getting a little jealous.
            Just kidding 🙂

          4. Well geeze guys I would dance with ya if I could. It would have to be a wheel chair dance though

        1. I saw the Running With The Pack/Burning Sky and Desolation Angel tours as a kid,those were some great(and wild !)shows.I missed the Electric land tour and then for most part that was it for Bad Co.,but fond memories of those shows.

  4. On a side note Brian got his doctorate in astronomy and is a prof at some fairly well thought of university in London,can’t remember the name of university at the moment.2

    1. “May studied physics and mathematics at Imperial College London, graduating with a BSc (Hons) degree and ARCS in physics with Upper Second-Class Honours. He then studied for a PhD degree at Imperial College, studying reflected light from interplanetary dust and the velocity of dust in the plane of the Solar System. When Queen started to become successful, he abandoned his doctoral studies, but co-authored two scientific research papers: MgI Emission in the Night-Sky Spectrum (1972)[89] and An Investigation of the Motion of Zodiacal Dust Particles (Part I) (1973),[90] which were based on his observations at the Teide Observatory in Tenerife.
      In October 2007, more than 30 years after he started his research, he completed a PhD thesis in astrophysics,[91] entitled A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud,[92] passed his viva voce, and performed the required emendations.[93][94][95][96] He graduated at the postgraduate awards ceremony of Imperial College held in the Royal Albert Hall on 14 May 2008. He was able to submit his thesis only because of the minimal amount of research on the topic undertaken during the intervening years and has described the subject as one that became “trendy” again in the 2000s.
      He is co-author, with Sir Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott, of Bang! – The Complete History of the Universe (published in 2006) [97] and “The Cosmic Tourist” (published in 2012).
      Asteroid 52665 Brianmay was named in his honour on 18 June 2008 on the suggestion of Sir Patrick Moore (probably influenced by the asteroid’s provisional designation of 1998 BM30).[64][98]
      May appeared on the 700th episode of The Sky at Night hosted by Sir Patrick Moore, along with Chris Lintott, Jon Culshaw, Prof. Brian Cox, and the Astronomer Royal Martin Rees who on leaving the panel told Brian May, who was joining it, “I don’t know a scientist who looks as much like Isaac Newton as you do”.[99] May was also a guest on the first episode of the third series of the BBC’s Stargazing Live, on 8 January 2013.
      On 17 November 2007, May was appointed Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University,[100] taking over from Cherie Blair, and installed in 2008.[101] He held the post until 2013.”

        1. Excepting Great White buffalo and hollow body Rickenbacker guitars would disagree with ted on most things!

          1. Ted was an OK guitarist, but there are so many that kick his ass. Hell, my dad played twelve string blue grass music and could put him down in a guitar fight.

        1. Knew some, but looked it up and copy/pasted in the details (just to make sure I got it right, LOL) 🙂

  5. Missy @5:00pm- How did you get your post up there (out of time sequence)? Same o same ol here, too. Beautiful day today. Hit 57! Tonight we’re suppose to get a rain/snow mix, then snow again later next week. Don’t think it will stick, though. Waiting for Spring.

    1. I don’t know?? I just replied! I am sorry you will get more snow :(, Spring will eventually come! That we know! But if they don’t stop chemming us, we will never see the sun again. Everytime we get a blue sky, lo and behold the chem planes start flying. How can you grow food without the sun?? No vitamin D. Anyway just pisses me off, but it is Saturday and I do not have to work tomorrow, taking our youngest to our property in the country to shoot her bow!! Bulldog has pandora playing, ZZ Top brown sugar just came on!!

        1. I am too far south for dogwoods, had them when we lived in Kentucky, I have alot of Azaleas and they are all budding, i have 15 on our property at our house. We have 15 Crepe myrtles, they have not budded yet, the peach tree just broke with pink flowers!! All of the blueberries have flowers, but my golden duranta, which dies back in a freeze, I usually only have to cut off the tops, this year i had to go to the soil, so I think I may have lost them. But they don’t produce food just color. I also planted 30 strawberry plants and atleast 30 different herbs. Plus another lemon, grapefruit and kumquat tree. We live in the burbs, but it is an older house, so the yard is decent size, but our country property, where I want to be, just floods so bad in the winter, we can’t figure out how to move out there!

          1. Hmmm….,houseboat comes to mind!A lot of folks might be glad if not so much work to have a moat for their home!

          2. James, we bought some property out in the country, it is old rice fields, we were hoping to make it a homestead, well that won’t happen. But we do have a gun and bow shooting range, even though we have to wear our water proof boots!!! Hey I am a southern girl, I Love the water, it is all around me!!! Bayous, coulees, ditches, rivers, they are all brown, but hey where do you think gumbo came from??? I Love the South, its in my cajun blood!!

          3. Missy-Sounds like our Tx place is further north than you. Not many dogwoods, just a few, mostly in the woods in E. Tx (remembering my years in Lufkin & Nacogdoches.) Crepe mrytles in our Bryan yard don’t bloom until late July/early Aug. Your gardening is making me homesick. Love having my fingers in the earth, growing things. I catch hell every time I’m down there because I spend all my time in the yard. LOL

          4. I Love dirty fingernails!! scrubbing the dirt out!! I have a friend in Texas, she is one of those who gets her nails done, etc. Not me, then how could I garden!! Gloves, no not me, I want to feel the dirt, I cannot remember the last time I wore nail polish!!! plus I chew on them, so they are always short anyway!! Spring and summer, I am outside, always in the garden, whether it is the food producing one or the one in the front to make the neighborhood happy!! I Love working in the yard, it is therapy!! I just wish I were a self made millionaire so I would not have to work, I would just be a farm girl, that is where my spirit is. I had chickens here, but had to get rid of them, we had 6, well I am getting my chickens back, I Loved them, but this time only 2, they need alot of grass to eat, and I do not want to feed them GMO feed. Chickens are so fun!!! When i married Bulldog, I told him 25 years ago, I want a mountain with a creek and a farm, well I am still waiting!!!!

  6. Missy @ 6:23pm I’m like you. 🙂
    PS – After telling 2 husbands that I wanted a mountain w/ a creek and a farm, I’m still waiting too. :/

    1. Hey Angel. after this winter My wife wants a house in fl. close to the beach. in the area of Sarasota. Now all we have to do is win the lottery. If we do there will be a zone of interior for all the patriot warriors, (especially trenchers) in this great nation for R and R between combat missions.

        1. yea its gotta be hot year round for her issues. Direct sunlight actually physically heals her. hot and humid is very uncomfortable for me, but that doesn’t matter if it would heal her. that’s what a..c. id for. haha.

          1. Hey Paul if your wife likes humidity, come to Louisiana, we have alot of Humidity and skeeters, they are biting me now, I am outside on my, laptop. as soon as it warms up the frickin mosquitos come out with a vengeance!!! But hey I be a southern girl, sha! sha is cajun for cute. If you hear someone say sha ti fi, that is cute little girl, and sha ti garcon, is cute little boy, cajun french, not real french!! When I grew up, sha came out of my mouth every other word, then I met Steve and the world changed me, I went overseas, to other states, I lost my cajun, I miss it!! Cajun people are pretty cool, they are very simple!!

          2. humidity doesn’t bother her. but skeeters? hmm ill use that as ammo. thanks Angel. 🙂 hah.

      1. Paul,

        You may want to rethink Florida, high population, hurricanes, etc. I am no expert, but my best guess on places where you you want to be when the SHTF is northern Arkansas, Southern Missouri or the Northwest. I can’t say anything, I am not in an ideal place. But we are all where God puts us. I live in Hurricane alley, they don’t scare me, but with HAARP, there is no telling what they can do. I would stay where you are compared to Florida, just my opinion.

        1. yes we have been looking at north central AK, and south central mo. However she LOVES the ocean. I realize what you are saying about fl. though. at our age probably wont but we are checking things out. We have to monitor her mom and dads care presently, so this is in the future if things haven’t gone to hell before hand. we are ready in either event. we will NOT be standing down.

          1. Paul,

            be where you need to be, I Love Eureka Springs, Arkansas, it is my favorite place on earth. I just Love how it is isolated, no walmart, no big corps, but yet
            you have a big christian community, a big art community and a big biker community all getting along in one place!!! It is like heaven on earth. I married a Ozark, MO guy, but yet we are here!! Eureka Springs is where I am headed as soon as this last baby of mine is raised!! The kids can come to our camper and visit!!

          2. aw hey Missy I love eureka springs too. one of my favorite places to visit if not THE most favorite. You need to persuade my darling dearest. 🙂

          3. Paul, as soon as you are ready, give her my phone number, I will convince!! Eureka Springs is the best place ever!! I go there every year, I even convinced my rich older sister, who is a B****, and she called and said how glad she was I recommended the mountain retreat!! But of course her hotel room was better than mine! I do not like my sister! Sorry, I know she is family, but her heart is evil. I won’t go there, but let’s just say her and I don’t speak anymore. i will leave it there. But Eureka Springs is the best place on earth!! The springs, the views, the people, they are all awesome!!

    2. What’s up with these men? Don’t they listen? 🙂 Hey if I ever get my mountain, creek and farm, you are more than welcome!! I will save a spot for you! We can dig in the dirt together! 🙂

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