‘Machine Gun America’ theme park where kids fire deadly weapons to open this weekend

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The Mirror – by Rob Bleaney

Children as young as 13 will be actively encouraged to fire real guns with live ammunition when America’s newest theme park opens this weekend.

Machine Gun America boasts high-tech simulators which offer thrill seekers the chance to play at gunning down zombies and bad guys – and participate in wild west style shootouts.  

But it’s firing high-powered automatic machine guns that has angered gun-control campaigners – and the fact that the park bosses are so proud to be romanticising violence.

Ready, aim: The park will open this coming weekend

General manager Bruce Nierenberg told 10News: “Everybody has something they always wanted to try.”

“This would be on people’s bucket list to try it and have a new experience.

“It’s romanticizing our freedom and our history, I mean, it’s part of American life. That’s how we gained our freedom.”

Nierenberg says no guest is ever left to shoot by themselves, nor in control of a weapon without a range safety officer with them.

But critics say the concept is dangerous, particularly in the Orlando area famed for its family-friendly attractions.

“You’ve got Holy Land right there in Orlando. You’ve got Disney World, and Epcot,” said Lucia Kay McBath, a member of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense.

“All places for family fun where they should feel protected.”


5 thoughts on “‘Machine Gun America’ theme park where kids fire deadly weapons to open this weekend

  1. “You’ve got Disney World, and Epcot,” said Lucia Kay McBath, a member of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense.”

    Well it may be, Ms. McBath, that not everyone wants Disney World teaching their kids the about the wonderful world of homosexuality, and would rather see their kids gaining some practical skills, instead.

  2. Sorry but that sounds WAY MORE fun than standing in line for 3hours to ride dumbo or tea cups.
    With all the sexual assault on children that happens at disney how can anyone defend it or use it a pillar of wholesomeness?
    Orlando is also a mecca of conventions and expos. They do porn, satanism, real estate and many other types of “less than family friendly” events in that place. A gun range is hardly the blight of that community. Want to clean up Orlando? burn it down.

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    Ahhhhh,… NOW that is some wholesome family fun!!

    As for this douchbag, Lucia Kay McBath

    She is the female face of what Commie-Front-Mom’s looks like, act like, and sound like!

    She should have her children taken away by CPS (Child Pedophile Services) for endagerment,… she is raising & exposing her kids to the dangers and predations of communism everyday,… thereby causing irreparable harm to their nomal mental/social development.

    Let’s use one of these scumbag commie agencies,… to go after scumbag commies like Lucia Kay McBath, and their Rockefellar sponsored commie group, “Commie-Moms Against The Right To Not Be Killed By A Treasonous Gov’t”

    JD – US Marines – Yes,.. the commies will latch onto any paradigm, including a “Mothers love” to push their garbage!


  4. My kids were shooting (under strict supervision) and owning their own “deadly weapons” since they were eight years old. Now they teach their own kids the same way. More panty twisting from the MDA.

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