Macron On Edge As Up To 120,000 Angry “Yellow Vests” Prepare To Storm The Bastille

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

French President Emmanuel Macron may institute emergency tax cuts in an attempt to stem violent protests which have gripped France for three weeks, according to Bloomberg.

The government is increasingly worried that the economy, alongside its own political fortunes, is threatened by demonstrations against fuel taxes that have spiraled into a push-back against Macron’s policies.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said the impact of the riots was “severe,” and left a meeting of finance ministers in Brussels to return to Paris for crisis talks with colleagues. –Bloomberg

In order to make the tax cuts work, the French government will need to find ways to cut spending that doesn’t hobble growth, as well as tax measures that will stimulate the economy.

For Macron, the stakes are high as he doesn’t want to damage the credibility he needs to push for reforms in Europe. The European Commission has already said his existing budget is at risk of non-compliance with EU rules.

According to Marc Touati, economist and president of business consultancy ACDEFI, Macron may be forced to take a more radical approach, even if that means the deficit slipping a bit. –Bloomberg

The protests have crippled revenues across the country, with some large supermarkets seeing drops as much as 25 percent. Hotel bookings have suffered a similar fate.

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15 thoughts on “Macron On Edge As Up To 120,000 Angry “Yellow Vests” Prepare To Storm The Bastille

  1. These yellow vesters destroyed businesses and other things. Makes me wonder why, if this is real/organic, the people would destroy fellow French men’s businesses, loot them, and overturn cars.

    Who’s really behind this?

    1. As I understand it from a French reporter today, there was about a 1% infiltration of Marxists Antifa types, trying to co-opt. The rest, the majority, are working-class French who are fed up with taxes and a non-living wage, and with the not-stop immigration. This could be the genuine article. Damn that co-opting!!


      1. ps: Many were outraged that private businesses were attacked and did not condone such attacks, calling them misdirected. Some are focusing on state buildings and Macron’s palace. We are hard-pressed to break it down and get to the truth. Could be heroes are rising.


          1. Well, Katie, it’s one to watch. So much dis-info out there. Hope more will soon surface from sources somewhat trustworthy.


  2. I was looking at 1″ hemp rope yesterday at Home Depot. Thinking about buying about 100′. Looking for suitable lamp posts now.

  3. While I do realize this started out as a working class uprising of sorts, I still think Soros or someone like Soros is involved–where in the blue blazes do working class folks with families to feed and bills to pay and jobs to earn money at…where do they get the money for these yellow vests? I hope this is legit, but I have my doubts when snipers are shooting at various folks, Maiden style…

    1. I read that French people (maybe just Parisians, not sure) are required to have the yellow vest in their vehicle at all times This is for safety, so we’re told, in case they have to get out of their car in the midst of traffic.

      Communism has so many different outfits.


  4. Take those bright yellow TARGETS off and set some government officials rounded up.
    Thars snipers in them thar roofs, by gumm!!

  5. The passion of the French people and their sense of human outrage is honorable and vital, despite the probable covert ops Antifa jackals trying to bring discredit to the protests. Protesters worldwide should not neglect to focus on the wire pullers behind Macron – the Rothschild family and global elitists who wish to strip personal Liberty and loot property rights through subhuman Agenda 21 and similar measures, all paid for by “little people”.

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