MAGAnificent! The Economic Truth or Terror is Known at Last

The Great Recession

What does MAGAnificent America look like now that it’s here? Does America really feel greater after the last four years? Be honest now. Be really honest. From where I stand, America has never looked worse in any year of my life! That’s a statement packed with facts.

One of the big lies we are currently told by Trump’s remaining congressional allies and staffers, which I’m getting particularly sick of, is that we should remember his great accomplishments. Let’s look at those that are often claimed by Trump in his endless boasting. Outside of his unhinged stock market, which has been soaring, America’s economic decline was already relentlessly happening before COVID, as I frequently pointed out throughout his last two years.

Remember Trump’s GDP growth rate prior to COVID? Trump’s average, excluding his anomalous and worst COVID year, because he can’t be blamed for that, was 2.57% AND FALLING! Obama’s average for all years he was in office, excluding his first Great Recession year, because that was handed to him by George Bush on the way out of office so he can’t be blamed for that either, was 2.16%.

That minimal 0.4 point difference erodes to nothing when you consider Trump’s last pre-COVID year, which was supposed to be greater than ever, had settled back to 2.33% for the full year average, and 2.1% for its last quarter. It was falling, falling falling before COVID. The difference is particularly meaningless when you consider the massive breadth of economic destruction Obama had to dig out of throughout his first term.

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