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Hurricanes Harvey and Irma May Lend Helping Hand to Economy, but Hurricane Iniki and Katrina Tell More Complex Longterm Tales

The Great Recession Blog It is widely believed that World War II gave us the end of the Great Depression. As a result, people have said for decades there is nothing like a wartime economy to bring recovery from economic recession. … Continue reading

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Team Trump Transmogrifies into the Swamp Thing

The Great Recession The establishment has eaten the White House, and yet I continue to read supporters of President Trump who desperately hold to the delusion that Trump  is playing a game of 4-D chess — a game so advanced … Continue reading

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Trump’s NAFTA Makeover Not So Extreme

NPR – by Chris Arnold The Trump administration on Wednesday will start to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico. And despite very tough talk about NAFTA during the campaign, it appears the administration has backed … Continue reading

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Wars and Rumors of Wars: Fire and Fury Signifying Nothing?

The Great Recession August is a sultry month for stocks as markets thin out during the dog days of summer. Everyone leaves investing for a break from the heat. Statistically, August is the worst month for overall stock performance, while … Continue reading

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The Jewish Role in the Refugee Crisis

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Graphic Anatomy of a Stock Market Crash: 1929 stock market crash, dot-com, and Great Recession

The Great Recession The 1929 stock market crash became the benchmark to which all other market crashes have been compared. The following graphs of the crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed, the dot-com crash, and the stock … Continue reading

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Continue to Beware the Job Numbers (Is it the Bureau of Labor Statistics or Bureau of Lying Statistics?)

The Great Recession One reason I started my own economics blog was because of how tired I was of reading government-regurgitated half truths about the economy. Nothing has changed. As Newsmax and other publications report this week that July was a bumper … Continue reading

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Machine Mania in the Marketplace: How Computers Came to Own the World

The Great Recession With 60% of stocks now being traded by bots that fake each other out in order to create buying opportunities, stock exchanges have lost their connection to the reason markets are created in the first place. The … Continue reading

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Bank Deregulation Back in Vogue: It’s time to dance the last fandango!

The Great Recession The Great Recession was so great for the only people who matter that it is time to do it all again. Time to shed those bulky new regulations that are like clod-hoppers on our heals and dance … Continue reading

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Why Support Israel – Christians United for Israel

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Baltimore Cop Caught on Bodycam Planting Drugs at Crime Scene

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US Economy Keeps Moving Into Summer Storm

The Great Recession One of the kookiest moments last month came when Fed Chairwoman Yellen spoke about seeing no financial collapse in sight during our lifetimes “Would I say there will never ever be another financial crisis? No. Probably that … Continue reading

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The Broken States of the Union

The Great Recession For the first time in US history a handful of US states is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Illinois is about to be downgraded to junk bond status, which will turn its financial problems catastrophic overnight. … Continue reading

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US Baits ISIS to Stage False-Flag Chemical Attack to Justify Greater US Attack against Syria

The Great Recession What could be smellier and more tempting bait to get ISIS to launch a chemical-weapon attack than a US guarantee that “any” chemical weapon attack in Syria will be automatically blamed on Assad’s regime and will automatically … Continue reading

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Central Banks Buying Stocks Have Rigged US Stock Market Beyond Recovery

The Great Recession Central banks buying stocks are effectively nationalizing US corporations just to maintain the illusion that their “recovery” plan is working because they have become the banks that are too big to fail. At first, their novel entry into … Continue reading

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Retail Apocalypse Engulfs US Economy

The Great Recession You may not see it yet, but the scale of the retail apocalypse is so massive that it is about to engulf the US economy. As when a flood tide has crept around you on all sides … Continue reading

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Carmageddon Crashes into “the Recovery” Right on Schedule — EXACTLY as Predicted Here

The Great Recession Blog Carmageddon, as Wolf Richter has called it, is hitting the US economy exactly as I said a year and a half ago would start to happen at the very end of 2016 or the start of 2017. … Continue reading

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Is the Central Bank’s Rigged Stock Market Ready to Crash on Schedule?

The Great Recession We just saw a major rift open in the US stock market that we haven’t seen since the dot-com bust in 1999. While the Dow rose by almost half a percent to a new all-time high, the NASDAQ, … Continue reading

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Summer Storm Keeps Building as Second Dip of Great Recession Approaches

The Great Recession These updates to my list of “Seven Troubles Assailing the US Economy” are far too important to remain buried at the end of that article since many readers may not return to the article to check for updates. The … Continue reading

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We’re sailing into a massive stock-market crash

The Great Recession If I can show you that economists, central bankers and stock analysts are blind in the area of their expertise to the most obvious setup for disaster ever, then you’ll realize we are perfectly poised for potentially the greatest … Continue reading

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