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List of Seven Troubles Assailing the US Economy as We Head into Summer

The Great Recession The following is not simply a list of negative risks to the economy but a list of of serious economic conditions that are already placing drought-like pressures on the overall economy. This list doesn’t include the long-term structural problems with the … Continue reading

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If Wannacry cyber attack didn’t make you wannacry, the next one will!

The Great Recession The Wannacry malware that hit like a global mega-bomb, showed everyone how vulnerable we are to a global cyber attack. Billed as “one of the largest global ransomware attacks the cyber community has ever seen,” the infection started … Continue reading

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The Trump-Putin-Nixon Water-Tower Coverup Scandal

The Great Recession I know I said I’d stay closer to economics in my commentary and not so much pure politics, but today became so surreal, I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t make stuff up this rich if I were drinking … Continue reading

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Did Trump Get Thumped … or Supporters Get Dumped?

The Great Recession Trump’s supporters are increasingly alarmed, outspoken and feeling betrayed as their champion rolls over and plays lap dog for the political establishment. Even Rush Limbaugh, Trump’s golfing buddy and longtime advocate, said this week that what is … Continue reading

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You Got Trumped! Trump rapidly losing strongest supporters

The Great Recession Maybe Trump didn’t realize that all of his supporters actually expected him to deliver on all of his hard-edged statements. Or maybe he was Trojan Trump from the get go, just as I postulated many months ago to … Continue reading

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You Got Trumped: Bannon banned and Cohn-Kushner establishment advanced

The Great Recession President Trump, how’s that swamp drainage project going? Another big move in the last couple of weeks has been the sidelining of Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon as the Goldman-Sachs group wins more influence in the White … Continue reading

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Tiny Trump Hands Deliver Teeny Tiny Tax Plan, US Stocks Collapse in Despair

The Great Recession The big announcement of the really, really big Trump Tax Plan with the “biggest tax cuts in history” came out bigly on Wednesday, as Trump promised. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, Trump’s … Continue reading

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You Got Trumped! Trump tax plan taxing for the maestro of negotiation?

The Great Recession Is coming up with a Trump tax plan overtaxing the maestro of negotiation as he tries to conduct his way through congress? An initial clue can be found in his tax-related repeal of Obamacare. The all-important Obamacare … Continue reading

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You Got Trumped! Trump not yellin’ about Yellen anymore!

The Great Recession Having castigated Janet Yellen for keeping interest rates artificially low in order to help the Obama Administration keep a Democrat in the White House, Trump now likes Janet Yellen and likes low interest rates, too — so … Continue reading

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You Got Trumped! The Donald’s personal military revolution is just Trump change

The Great Recession Nowhere has Donald Trump matched up with the original story of the Trojan horse more than in his overtures of peace, instead of military conflict. Nowhere has Trump changed more than in these same issues. Candidate Trump frequently … Continue reading

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Getting Trumped and Thumped in Syria

The Great Recession As president Trump relishes telling the story, he was sitting with President Xi of China, who was enjoying a beautiful, huge slice of chocolate cake — the best chocolate cake you ever saw, which can be enjoyed … Continue reading

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Base Jumping off the Stock Market’s Peak

The Great Recession Blog According to Bank of America, there is no time to leap into the stock market like the moment before its cataclysmic fall. BofA’s Michael Hartnett has no doubt that the stock market stands on the edge of … Continue reading

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Will Mid-March Madness Maul the Stock Market in 2017?

The Great Recession Blog Many of the 2017 economic headwinds I’ve described will hit during the Ides of March, just as the Trump stock-market Rally shows signs of topping out. This might not be the Great Epocalypse — not all at once anyway — but a … Continue reading

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2017 Economic Forecast: Global Headwinds Look Like Mother of All Storms

The Great Recession Blog Headwinds that are starting to assail deep structural flaws in the US and global economies form the basis for my 2017 economic forecast, which looks like an all-out economic crisis building throughout the world. Some of these headwinds are global; … Continue reading

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Will Trump’s Talk Turn the Trump Rally into Lasting Gold or End in the Trump Dump?

The Great Recession Blog Trump is market magic. The Donald spoke, offering nothing he hasn’t said hundreds of times before in his campaign speeches, and the Dow parted its way through the 21,000 barrier without hesitation. The stock market’s rise from 20k … Continue reading

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2017 Economic Headwinds: Housing Bubbles Popping up and Just Plain Popping Everywhere

The Great Recession As we enter 2017, housing bubbles are showing signs of bursting all over the world. I know I’ve been promising I would lay out the economic headwinds for 2017, but 2017’s headwinds are building so fast and furious that I’m having to … Continue reading

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The Trump Triumph Changes Economic Predictions for 2017

The Great Recession The triumph of Donald Trump as the champion of a revolution against the status quo assures huge economic changes in the coming year, which I’ll list below. His victory struck a shocking upset to the globalists who have steered the … Continue reading

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Arguing Immigration with a Compassionate Liberal -or- How to Twist Your Head into a Pretzel

The Great Recession Arguing with a liberal about the economic impact of rampant immigration will twist your brain into a pretzel. It inevitably goes something like this: “Illegal aliens and legal immigrants are taking millions of our jobs.” “No, they’re … Continue reading

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The Inevitability of Economic Collapse

The Great Recession While I haven’t had the privilege of divine revelation, I do try to look at the forces that are in play that have the power to move nations economically. Two dominant countervailing forces right now are those who have … Continue reading

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More Fake News: Media Contrived Photos to Diminish Trump’s Inauguration Crowd

The Great Recession Blog Last week the mainstream media devoted huge resources of time and space to comparing photos of President Obama’s inauguration audience to photos of President Trump’s inauguration audience. Apparently audience size matters because major news media all over the US … Continue reading

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