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Death of the Great Recovery Part 2: The Second Coming of Carmageddon

The Great Recession Like the disintegration of the formerly charmed stock market, the return of Carmageddon is right on schedule. I had stated early last year that one of the first cracks in our economy to become evident would be … Continue reading

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Stocks Perfectly Poised to Plummet Past Point of No Return

The Great Recession We are now well into the year when I said stocks would plunge in January and would prove to be a gaping “crack” in the economy by summer, and look at how seriously the market has fallen … Continue reading

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Larry Kudlow is Still an Idiot

The Great Recession One Loonie fell today, and another rose. The Canadian “Loonie” tested 2018 lows against the dollar when existing Canadian home sales crashed to their lowest in five years. On the same day Loony Larry Kudlow rose to … Continue reading

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The Dumb Money is Helping the Smart Money Exit the Stock Market

The Great Recession Bloomberg this week ran a story telling us how the smart money gets out of the stock market when it hits its all-time peak and how the dumb money helps the smart money out. Only they didn’t know … Continue reading

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All Fed up on Peak Debt

The Great Recession How inflated with debt have we become? How long can we float on our own bloat? Reasonably trim in 1970, the sum of all debt publicly financed by the US government was $275 billion. Last week, the … Continue reading

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As a Matter of INTEREST, Talk of Inflation Fear, the Fed’s Perfect Unwind, Concern about Wages is ALL Economic Denial

The Great Recession The Federal Reserve is now hacking its own zombie recovery to death and eating it by reversing the actions it employed to create this artificially supported recovery. Each time the Fed unwinds its balance sheet, 10-year bond … Continue reading

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Stock Market’s Massive Moves Not Seen Since Great Recession: Many who didn’t see the bubble bursting have fallen

The Great Recession Talk about the market busting a move … and a lot of people! In less than half a month, the Trump Rally lost a third of the height it had developed over a period of sixteen months … Continue reading

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Epochal Stock Market Flash Crash Reconnects Stocks and Bonds, Portends End of Fake Recovery

The Great Recession It took sixteen months to build the exceptionally steep Trump Rally, and just one week to eliminate a quarter of it. While I wouldn’t call that jolting reversal a stock-market crash in the ordinary sense, the largest one-day … Continue reading

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Grandma Yellen Pats Markets on the Head and Sends them off to Bed … with a Warm Glass of Poison

The Great Recession The sweet grande dame of the central bankster world sees nothing but the brightest future to the furthest horizons for the markets she has been nurturing with her benevolent “wealth effect,” as one of her close colleagues called it. … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day Drives Stock Market 666 Points Below Ground: What that says about the frosty season ahead

The Great Recession I’m pretty sure the nation’s favorite groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, knows more about the weather than he does about markets, and I’m not all that sure he knows anything about the weather! In fact, I don’t understand the underground … Continue reading

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I Bet My Blog on a 2018 Economic Collapse — 2018 Economic Predictions

The Great Recession Blog My 2018 economic predictions follow through on the accurate predictions I made in 2017. In my last article, I stated that I had bet my blog the stock market would crash by January 2018. In fact, … Continue reading

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The Ghosts of Crashes Past, Recent, and Future as they Appeared on this Blog

The Great Recession Blog It’s not boasting to state plainly that you were right if you are equally direct about your errors. I have until now rightly predicted all of the stock market’s major downturns, starting with the one in … Continue reading

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Trump Tax Plan Greatest Gift Establishment Ever Got

The Great Recession As soon as President Trump put his Goldman boys, Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin, in charge of his tax plan, I knew Trump’s tax plan would never fulfill his and his henchmen’s promises of helping the middle class … Continue reading

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Stock and Awe, Bears in Bondage

The Great Recession The Trump Rally pushed ahead relentlessly through a summer full of high omens and great disasters, all which it swatted off like flies. Even so, all was not perfect in the market as nerves began to jitter midsummer beneath … Continue reading

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Federal Reserve Hesitates on QE Unwind / Balance Sheet Reduction

The Great Recession Is the Federal Reserve’s Great Unwind already coming unwound? I thought it would be good to check up on Federal Reserve balance sheet reduction since the Fed is supposed to be up and running on the move … Continue reading

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Here’s You and Here’s the Top Ten Percent

The Great Recession In a nutshell, here is a graph that summarizes everything you need to know about the unsustainable US economy. Unless you’re in the top ten percent of income producers in the nation — or, at least, living … Continue reading

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Yawning Debt Trap Proves the Great Recession is Still On

The Great Recession While David Stockman stated early this year with resolute certainty that the debt ceiling debate would blow congress up and send the nation reeling over the financial precipice, I avoided jumping on the debt-ceiling bandwagon. While I … Continue reading

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Nuclear Stupidity: Tillerson Says Diplomacy Continues Till First Bomb Drops

The Great Recession Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says President Donald Trump wants him to push forward on diplomacy with North Korea “until the first bomb drops.” (Bloomberg) Brilliant! That means until the first entire city is destroyed. At least, that … Continue reading

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US Stock Market Whistles Past the Graveyard

The Great Recession It was a summer fit for the start of the Epocalypse followed by a fall where every event leans into Halloween. Summer began with a total solar eclipse that cast a long shadow across the nation from sea to … Continue reading

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I Know What the Economy Did Last Summer Part 2: The Real Estate Rollover

The Great Recession In fact, I knew what the economy did last summer before summer even began. Since the beginning of the year, I have been writing that it appeared housing was reaching a new bubblicious peak and that the real estate market … Continue reading

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