Man accused of killing girlfriend, burying body in Shaler Township backyard

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Saturday morning for allegedly killing his girlfriend and burying her body in the backyard of his home in Shaler Township, police said.

George Biegenwald is charged with criminal homicide and abuse of a corpse in the death of Donna See, of McKeesport, according to authorities. See had been reported missing Wednesday by her landlord.  


George Biegenwald photoOn Saturday, investigators were seen carrying evidence out of the Clifton Avenue home, where police said See’s body had been kept in a refrigerator before being buried.

Detectives went to the home Friday night and told Biegenwald that they were trying to locate See, police said. He agreed to go with the detectives to the homicide office, where he was interviewed.

Donna See photoBiegenwald told police that he met See through an online dating service about 10 months ago and that she recently starting coming to his house on weekends and talked about moving in.

According to a criminal complaint, Biegenwald said he told See that he did not love her and that he did not want her to move in.

He told See “she needed to stop coming over every weekend because it was interfering with his time he spent with his 5-year-old grandson,” the complaint stated.

Biegenwald told detectives that See showed up at his house on Aug. 14 with “several bottles of whiskey.” The two then started drinking and got into an argument about her coming to his house.

During the argument, See allegedly jumped on Biegenwald’s back and started hitting him with a back massager. Biegenwald said he flung See off of him, causing her to hit her head on a dresser in the bedroom, according to the complaint.

When Biegenwald was told during the interview that a large amount of blood had been discovered in the bedroom, he said See began bleeding after she hit her head, the complaint stated. He said he tried to stop the bleeding and administer CPR, then put her in a bathtub and turned on the shower.

Biegenwald told detectives that See died in the bathtub, where he left her body for the first day after her death.

Police said Biegenwald admitted to moving See’s body into her car and later into a refrigerator in his basement.

According to the complaint, Biegenwald said he buried See in his backyard after spending three days digging a grave. He then “poured bleach on the ground around her grave to keep the animals away.”

Investigators located See’s body in the backyard. Her vehicle was found parked in Homewood.

Some neighbors were shocked to hear of the incident.

“You just thought he would never be able to do what supposedly happened,” said neighbor Geoff Sachs.

Others said that Biegenwald had a problem once he started drinking alcohol in the past.

“He was a nice guy until he drank. When he drank, it was something different,” said neighbor Dale Hayden.

In addition to criminal homicide and abuse of a corpse, Biegenwald is charged with tampering with evidence.

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  1. I’m sorry for your loss, Sunfire.

    Marriage is for the young. My advice to all guys my age is to stay married to your high-school sweetheart, because when you get older, the magic is gone, and relationships become more like prearranged affairs that lack any hint of the spontaneous magnetism that only exists in youth.

    Yes, I’m well aware that your wife is insane, but ALL women are (from a male perspective), and it doesn’t get any better than what you have. And old men cruising the bars for new mates look pathetic, anyway.

    1. I have never been married and never will be. I actually feel sorry for people that are raising kids in these bizarre times of ours. All of the women that wanted to date yours truly had either control issues or other head issues.

    2. “Yes, I’m well aware that your wife is insane, but ALL women are”

      Bwahahahaha… LOL…. I blew my coffee all over my kybd…..LOL

  2. “He was a nice guy until he drank. When he drank, it was something different,”

    It usually is. That’s why I rarely drink more than 2 or 3 beers at most. Haven’t touched hard liquor in more than a decade, at least.

    On the other hand, Mother Nature’s tranquilizer…

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