Man allegedly kills neighbor over late-night mowing

USA Today – by Kate Seamons

(NEWSER) – On Tuesday night, a 62-year-old Ohio woman started mowing her lawn. She never finished the task. Police says Linda Ciotto was shot in the head while mowing the grass at her Willard home around 9pm, and her neighbor stands accused of the crime.

James Blair, 50, was allegedly angered by the late-night mowing; he and his mother live next door to Ciotto, and his mother told sheriff’s deputies that her son had told her that his agitation with Ciotto had been building as she mowed, report WKYC. A neighbor tells WOIO he heard one shot, and the Huron County Coroner tells the AP that the gunshot occurred at a close distance. Coroner Jeffrey Harwood also observed a severe left arm wound that he says could have been caused by a mower blade. That jibes with reports that Blair allegedly mowed over Ciotto after shooting her.  

635740248738716643-1029707-6-20150801072859-man-allegedly-kills-neighbor-over-late-night-mowingPolice arrested Blair early Wednesday following a six-hour standoff during which he refused to exit his home. A SWAT team was on the scene, and Blair gave himself up once tear gas was used on the home. He’s being held in Huron County Jail on $1 million bond, and his mother, 73, is there with him.

Billie Hinkle was arrested the next day and charged with tampering with evidence; Chief Deputy Ted Patrick says she transported the alleged weapon, a .38 revolver, from the scene to a different location; the Norwalk Reflector reports it was found inside a bag. Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard tells the AP that in his 30 years on the job it was the most “horrific” and “bizarre” crime scene he has seen.

WOIO notes that it was told Ciotto was trying to sell her house so she could be with relatives in Columbus.

7 thoughts on “Man allegedly kills neighbor over late-night mowing

  1. A clear case of temporary insanity. Perhaps with an anger management class,his own place away from his mother and a sound system that plays ugly kid joe’s cut, Won’t You Be My Neighbor- may be all this man needs to stay out of main stream news.Why for a glass of lemonaid, I would have mowed her lawn for her.

  2. “Shot in the head while mowing grass.” Well damn, I’ve had some bad days but I ain’t been shot in the head yet. Here, have some koolaid! LOL

  3. You know, I can skirt around the edge all I want but the sh#t they don’t want you to hear ain’t heard. They are insidious! They plunk billions down to keep you compliant! They build robots to kill your a$$. They poke needles in your children and poison your air and water. And they laugh about it all the way to the bank! Do you get it now?

  4. A big percentage of the population is at the end of their rope, and it’s not going to take much to drive some people over the edge these days, so please be nice, considerate, and polite.

    If the crap had hit the fan a week before this incident, this guy and the lawn-mowing granny would have been shooting in the same direction, rather than him shooting her.

    See what I mean? When people realize that we all have a common enemy, they won’t be getting mad at each other over this petty nonsense, and they’ll be fighting on the same side instead of taking their frustrations out on each other.

    Try to relax, and save your strength for the real fight. (choose your battles carefully)

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