A Man Was Dancing at a Bus Stop, So 4 Cops Taser, Beat, and Arrest Him

The Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Austin, TX — In today’s ‘See Something, Say Something’ society, doing the ‘pee pee dance’ while waiting for a bus is grounds for police action — at least that’s what a woman in Austin thought when she called the cops on a dancing man. Unfortunately, for the dancing man, police would also perceive his harmless behavior as a threat and move to neutralize it.

This latest instance of ridiculous police brutality was captured on video Tuesday outside of an Austin restaurant. As the video begins, a nicely dressed man was standing at a bus stop doing a bit of a sidestep dance in place. The officer responding to the fearful woman’s 911 call perceived this dance as a potentially dangerous act.  

The dancing man appeared to have a mental imbalance and may have flipped the bird at someone driving by. According to witnesses at the scene, the man may have had “some kind of disorder” and a “mental imbalance of some kind.” However, this was not grounds for what happened next.

In the video, we see the man doing nothing other than dancing when the officer approaches him as if he’s holding a child hostage. Within just a few moments the officer has his taser drawn, aiming it at the man’s head.

When the bus shows up, the man attempts to get on it, as it appears that was his intention the entire time. However, the cop would not have it. As the man attempted to walk toward the bus, the cop waved it on.

“He didn’t do anything,” a bystander says just before the situation turns violent. “He’s just standing there, minding his own business.”

Then, boom, taser goes off, and the man falls to the ground.

For dancing, this man was shot with a taser and then tackled, assaulted, and handcuffed.

“Stop tasering him, you asshole,” a bystander yells as the cop continues his assault.

“Am I under arrest,” the man keeps asking as the cop sits on him.

“Put your hands behind your back and stop resisting,” says the officer to the man who is lying face down and not resisting at all.

At this point, another officer shows up and apparently had no other way to join in the assault, so he started grabbing the man’s legs and twisting them.

“What the f#@k, you can’t do that,” another bystander yells.

“He is not even moving,” a woman says.

A third cop then shows up and the officers, clearly at a loss for what their justification was for attacking the man, simply stand around and talk about ‘safety.’

For good measure, to make sure this handcuffed dancing man, who had harmed no one, would be absolutely neutralized — a fourth cop showed up.

“Four cop cars for a person that was appearing a little unstable but not bothering anyone,” says the woman taking the video.

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13 thoughts on “A Man Was Dancing at a Bus Stop, So 4 Cops Taser, Beat, and Arrest Him

  1. BLOOD BOILER!!! I believe this will continue and way worse under Trump, this is obvious. He’s giving full power to these armed goons.

    1. Yes, Trump is big on “law and order.” What “law and order” means to Trump and the rest of today’s “conservative” Americans is simple: the police can violate the Bill of Rights and all other laws intended to protect citizens’ rights, but citizens need to strictly follow every letter of the written (and unwritten) law or pay dearly.

      I, for one, will never accept this. I’ll gladly die first. And anyone who does accept it has less dignity than a maggot on a dog turd.

      1. Bullcrap, it is not going to be any worse under Trump than any other president. They are all puppets and they all love to wield power against mostly defenseless people.

  2. “He didn’t do anything,” a bystander says just before the situation turns violent. “He’s just standing there, minding his own business.”

    He got a pig’s attention.

    Unfortunately, that’s more than enough these days.

  3. At least the bystanders verbally took the victim’s side. Maybe someday we’ll see them pull out guns and blow the heads off pigs who are caught in the act of committing violent felonies like this.

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