Marijuana Motors: Automobiles Could Soon Be Made of Weed

High Times – by Mike Adams

While every stoner dreams of having a badass ride made entirely out of weed, one automotive company has brought that concept one step closer to reality by developing a new hemp-based product that industry experts say will change the way automobiles are made by 2016.

Faurecia, which has become a major player in the global automotive market, ever since it hit the ground running in 1997, recently introduced a new hemp-based plastic called BioMat, which serves as a more environmental sound alternative to traditional injection-molded plastic.  

BioMat’s hemp fiber design was brought to life with the help of the chemical engineering team at Mitsubishi as a method for manufacturing interior automotive components like dashboards and door panels.

A statement issued by the company suggests that BioMat “reduces the industry’s dependence on the oil price and helps reduce greenhouse gases and will contribute to a higher recyclability level for future vehicles, as well as to a positive impact on the life cycle assessment.”

The use of hemp has become increasingly more common throughout the automotive industry as we know it, but industry experts say that BioMat’s formula of all-natural raw material takes the old school principles of hemp-based products to a new level level – contributing to lighter automotive weight for improved car performance and better fuel economy.

“We are committed to an automotive future that is lighter, more customizable, more comfortable and more convenient for vehicle buyers through entirely new paths, guiding the industry away from oil-based products, away from conventional latches and gauges, and away from the limitations of styling,” said Faurecia North America President Mike Heneka.

As of last year, Faurecia was ranked the seventh largest worldwide supplier of OEM parts for companies like Volkswagen, Ford, Renault-Nissan, General Motors and BMW.

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