Marine Exposes Homeland Security Military Build Up: ‘Is Everybody Blind?’

Published on Oct 21, 2013 by 68Truthseeker

A city council meeting in Concord, New Hampshire erupted in applause after retired Marine Col. Pete Martino issued this dire warning about the U.S. government using local departments to build a standardized “domestic army” right before our eyes. Don’t miss this passionate and informed testimony.

3 thoughts on “Marine Exposes Homeland Security Military Build Up: ‘Is Everybody Blind?’

  1. Nope, we are not blind, we here in amerika are lazy and in denial big time. People here have let the govt. and the police get away for way too long with their dirty deeds and now they think they can and the people have gradually been conditioned to accept them. Many people seem to not care until it hits home personally and many people do not even know that it already has hit home.

  2. more confirmation of the Militarization of our cities and communities
    I would say, NC, correct: “in denial, bigtime”
    As if there is no communist threat……..!!
    When in fact there is a huge threat….the likes of which this country has never before faced…given the technologies that today exist.

    1. Yep!
      And this attack is from the same group who brought in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia…its aimed square at us and is even more dangerous now than it was then..

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