Mark Schumacher’s letter to James Woods sent certified mail

Mr. Woods,

It’s my pleasure to write to you as an American National who seeks to reinstate our Bill of Rights, as originally set forth by our founding fathers, Articles 1 thru 10 respectably. As an American National, I see my country being flushed down the toilet by enemies from Israel who are bent on the destruction of American ideals, for nothing more than world dominance, with a one world governance, usurping everything American patriots have fought for over a period of hundreds of years.  

Recently, From the Trenches World Report, has taken an interest in your problems with the social media platforms , namely Twitter, and how they have attempted to silence you, basically ignoring your Article One right of free speech, something we take very seriously here at From the Trenches World Report.

As a member and author for over seven years at From The Trenches World Report, along with many other long time members and authors, I have decided to ask you for not only a $10,000 donation, but to come on air during one of our daily hour long shows, and mix it up with our founder, Henry Shivley, and explain your interests in reinstating our beloved Bill of a Rights, and your thoughts on how this could be accomplished.

We ask you for the donation because it is sorely needed to keep the site running effectively. It’s never easy asking for money; we thought you would understand as we have been running on empty for many years now. Our site has been obliterated by enemies of the Bill of Rights, effectively making it impossible to acquire adequate funds to run the site.

Obviously, you must agree the Bill of Rights have been usurped, erased from the books, and thrown into the tyrannical trash heap from hell. The new world order Jew overlords frothing at the mouth, ready to pounce with weapons at the ready to expedite the process.

As a popular celebrity, who has starred in many motion pictures detailing this very nightmare, we thought it would be interesting hearing your views and detailing your thoughts on this incredibly serious matter. Myself and founder of the site, Henry Shivley, thought it would be interesting to hear your views, along with a donation, as we have been running on fumes for over seven years, shut down at every quarter by the overlords at the Google headquarters, knowing full well we are a serious threat to them and all they stand for.

I’m sure you can understand the implications from your own unfortunate circumstances as your free speech rights have been flushed down the Twitter toilet.

Please feel free to look us up at From The Trenches World Report, as we here invite you to tune in to Henry’s daily show, and maybe even comment and possibly author an article or two while detailing your experiences and thoughts on how this New World Order nightmare will tear apart everything America stands for, and how it would rip apart everything hundreds of thousands have died for, hundreds of years ago.

Natural resources are being stolen from you and I on a daily basis, our Bill of Rights are no longer enforced, stolen from our families and replaced with tyranny as American Nationals are set to be replaced by globalist tyrants who want a one world order and will kill to achieve it.

If you have been in contact with others such as Alex Jones in some shape or form over the years, it would be wise to get in contact with other real American Nationals such as members of From The Trenches World Report, and let us relate the true facts and nuisances of the Original Bill of Rights, and how they were designed to give American Nationals the tools needed to run our lives like true free men, not slaves as we currently are. We at the Trenches are lovers of the Bill of Rights and all Articles within, not paid shills who crave the all mighty dollar over all else.

Please consider conversing with us, listen to the obvious benefits of Common Law and how Common Law was designed to keep men free with fair rulings from everyday common men and women, not some clown dressed in a black robe, ruling over you like a circus freak touting corporate policies designed to enslave you.

Learn from our expert Henry Shivley about common law and how it was originally designed to keep us free and away from tyranny.  Learn about the power of the Writ for the Mandamus, the order to obey the law.

Please Mr. Woods, look us up, converse with us, understand the true meaning of the word freedom, and use your celebrity status in a way that would help to bring back America’s true Bill of Rights, all its Articles and how perfectly they were designed to keep us free from slavery. Help us recover what has been stolen from us.

___________________________________________ Date ___9-25-18___

Mark Schumacher

33 thoughts on “Mark Schumacher’s letter to James Woods sent certified mail

  1. It was mailed today, certified mail to two different locations, one to his agent, the other to where he gets his fan mail. With any luck, we will get a response, if not it wasn’t because we didn’t try, this letter was drafted in response to Henry’s request or maybe a dare, so be it. When Henry talks, I listen, it was drafted 20 minutes after he suggested I write it. It took a while for him to read it, correct mistakes and so on, this is how Henry and I roll.

    Please understand that its everything too me to generate energy for the site, many people dont understand my motives, I do what I’ve been doing for many years, trying to generate clicks and interest, anyway possible. No matter how you all might feel about this letter, it is what it is, an interest generator, simple as that.

    I do what I do for clicks onto the site, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, my comments and actions go to that reasoning bar none.

    Henry and Laura where kind enough to let me use their PO box for all correspondence as I’m too damn busy to babysit mine. Henry and Laura will be the first to see any response.

    Yes these are my words, nobody else’s, Henry and Laura, God bless them, are kind enough to proof my stuff, and make spelling and grammar corrections, it’s no secret, I cant spell worth s damn, and my punctuation is akin to trying to put a square object into a round hole.

    Again, with any luck, James Woods just might give a damn.

  2. I surely do hope our brother James Woods will join forces with us in the Trenches. It will be a win-win force that surely will make a very big difference to our mutual efforts toward widespread understanding and saving our precious Bill of Rights.

  3. Thank you Mark, great idea. It’s time these Hollywood and other mega wealthies put their mammon where it will truly make a difference, as in make or break this country.

    Henry’s CD on the Bill of Rights which can be gotten from mary would be next in line if he does respond.

    Again Mark, great job and way to reach out!

      1. It is done along with a letter…….marked envelope ‘personal’……no expectation that the letter will be read or the CD listened to by Mr. Woods…..however someone will open those mailers and most likely (at the very least) will read that letter and in doing so just might be inquisitive enough to listen to the CD…..hmmm….imagine

  4. Reaching out to Someone like Woods can’t hurt, of course these folks come to realize the heavy onslaught they will endure when they even dare try be honest and bring their celebrity to a public forum anywhere, let alone at FTT…..

    Hopefully, he would see that it must be pretty late in the day, if Entities like Twitter, YT et al., are banning him for some simpleminded shit like he had posted….

    Remember, Woods is the one who witnessed them practicing (more like conditioning) a trial run flight prior to 911….

    I won’t hold my breath of course, but maybe he will come here and start the process of the next level of awakening, which he may be aware of anyway…. and will then begin supporting the program and the message, even if it is anonymously….

    I mean really, this only ends in a blood war….So, I wonder how many of the privileged multi millionaires are prepared to engage in that and understand this, or are they prepared to get out of dodge while the rest of us die in the cause, and they, like Jones and the “Patriots” come in and usurp a popular uprising…? Sound familiar…

    Thx for the effort Mark

  5. Well… eye got a fkng message for James Woods..

    Were having a goddamed auction…

    Why don’t you throw us a bone …

    Maybe a donation…

    Like maybe.. 50k…

    Or at least free tickets. .at your next matinee…movie viewing.

    Fk these Hollywood niggars.

    James Woods can suk my white dk…

    That niggar ain’t digging my 200′ trench.

    Or putting in my indoor plumbing.

    c’mon ….man…

      1. Ok…… I respect your opinion. ..NC…

        But just remember. ..

        I’m going for the punchline…always.

        No offense to Mark he’s a good man…

        But these goddamint comical voices in my head won’t leave me alone.

        But I’ve come to realize…

        I’m only here for your entertainment.

  6. Geez, Mark, hard to know what to say. You sure put it out there and very honestly and on-point, pulling no punches. My inner skeptic said, “Nah, we’ll be ignored/dismissed; he’ll pass out when he sees some of the comments here on Trump, and he’ll never align with any who call out Jewish power and lay-low anyone and everyone perceived as false, no matter what level of so-called ‘prestige’ they supposedly have.”

    But the other part of me, the part that believes that every now-and-then a miracle happens, said, “Holy Shite!! James Woods is gonna read this, gonna come face-to-face with undeniable truth. If there’s any conscience there at all, he has got to respond.” Soon we’ll know if there’s any conscience there.

    Henry threw down the gauntlet and you put a spotlight on it. Now we wait and see what life delivers. To not respond would be to prove right all those who are fed up with celebrity and with how it remains in service to mammon and perversion.

    Still, I remain supportive of your effort and am grateful you followed through. Your optimism cheers on the long-shot. More than anything, I hope James Woods sees The Bill of Rights as the way out and understands that at The Trenches, that is the primary focus and objective. You made that glaringly clear for him.

    Bless You, Galahad, Er, I mean Mark.



    1. I had a good teacher, pretty easy stuff when your right, amazing how the words flow when truth writes itself.

      1. It would be something if more would also send a letter to him …inundate him with Truth…….tomorrow I will be mailing Henry’s CD to both of the addresses … many have gone the way of twitter, facebook, email…..the odds are pretty good he will see your snail mail letter …and get the CDs……anyway it is out there 🙂

  7. Mark.. gave me a gr8 ida…

    I’m writing a letter to the Pope.


    Where in the bible does it say its ok to fk kids…?

    1. Yeah, so do I, hope he shows this to all his friends, maybe a couple of hollywood light bulbs will turn on.

      1. Please keep in mind that Talent Agents only care about their 10% commission of what their clients earn. If something comes to them that does not make them money, it goes directly into the circular file. Hopefully, the fan club will get it to him. You can also try his website.

  8. While I do have my doubts this will work, I must say that if I can believe in miracles enough to write fiction about celebrity characters who take part in one (free e-book ad at side) then maybe Woods will as well, and pass it on as well. I forget his name, but in the mid- and late-90s one famous actor in particular began standing up for the Bill of Rights. Wish I could remember his name.

    1. Like I have been saying since I typed the first letter, this was not intended to be the hottest screen play since gone with the wind, it was meant to stir interest in the site, if James Woods reads it and acts on it, the more the better. I can guarantee you, he’s already read it.

      He seemed to be the best fit for something like this. These guys have custom algorithms that search the web for their name when ever it pops up. This way they can keep track of what the hell is being said about them, they all have it.

      He’s talked before about being patriotic, let’s see how patriotic he really is.

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