Maryland man plows snow with motorized toilet

UPI – by Ben Hooper

BETHESDA, Md., Feb. 20 (UPI) — A Maryland man is clearing snow from Bethesda’s sidewalks with a snowplow attached to an unusual vehicle — a motorized toilet.

David Goldberg, owner of the Union Hardware store, said he created the motorized commode, dubbed “Loo-cille” or “Loo-cy” for short, for last summer’s pride parade, and he is taking his hybrid vehicle out of the garage once again to clear snow from sidewalks.

“This is Loo-cy. Our motorized toilet that we did this summer for the pride parade. We just added a snow plow and [we’re] ready for tomorrow morning’s snow,” Goldberg said in sending a picture of the toilet plow to WUSA-TV.

Goldberg posted a video of the motorized toilet moving snow to YouTube.

“Taking something very private and making it a spectacle is a jolt to the system by itself. But having it plow snow… Over the top!” he wrote in the video’s description.

Goldberg said the toilet has a hybrid engine.

“I have not had to start the engine yet, but it is there after a long day if needed,” Goldberg wrote on YouTube. “I do have dual exhaust mounted for show. It’s all about the looks and fun.”

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