Maskless man berates ‘coward’ Tube passengers for wearing masks saying ‘you are leading us into slavery’

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A maskless man was caught on camera berating Tube passengers for wearing face coverings and accusing them of ‘leading us into slavery’.

The man, who hasn’t been named, was filmed on the Victoria line at 12.15am this morning. 

He was filmed by a 35-year-old hospitality worker, who did not wish to be named, who said: ‘I noticed him on the platform at Oxford Circus because he had a large guitar with him, he was sat very quietly on a bench and did not start shouting at everyone until we were on the train which I felt was very cowardly.

‘As we were approaching Green Park, a lady a couple of seats away from him told him it was her choice to wear a mask, and was then shouted at by him.

‘My first feelings were shock and disbelief, which turned to anger that we were all being subjected to such disgusting verbal abuse for trying to stay safe and protect others.’

Footage shows the maskless man shouting: ‘F****** cowards. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

‘We’ve won two world wars for you lot to wear your f****** masks, f****** pathetic.

‘There is no science behind any of this, no science it’s all propaganda.’

He then continues to shout swear words at various passengers before turning to a woman near him and saying: ‘If you’re so scared of Covid, p*** off, get out the f****** carriage, f*** off home.’

Other passengers seem to try and calm him down but the man then starts shouting again saying: ‘You guys wearing these masks are leading us into slavery, into vaccine passport slavery.

‘You are completely responsible for the next generation…. You’re all f****** blind mate.

‘There is no deadly pandemic… you can check this on the Office for National Statistics…. the average age of death from Covid is 82 and you’re wearing a f****** mask.’

See video here:

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