Massive Military Drill In Fort Lauderdale Ahead of Jade Helm

Published on Mar 28, 2015 by DAHBOO77

I want to Once Again Thank Christian for Granting me Rights to Share The Footage with everyone on Youtube.
This is a Pre JADE HELM Drill.
The Military Exercise took place In Fort Lauderdale Florida on March 27th 2015.…

6 thoughts on “Massive Military Drill In Fort Lauderdale Ahead of Jade Helm

  1. Push will soon come to shove in America. 2 choices avail: 1) Grovel and obey ( submission to lucifer ending in death ), or 2) As an American National, one shot, one kill, until the enemy is obliterated. The Zombie Jack Boots have yet to see the REAL Americans awake and come to the fore, and when WE THE PEOPLE fully commit, Game Over for the Jack Boots !!!

    I harbor no fear, for Christ Jesus is my rock . . .

  2. I don’t know this guy spreads fear porn, if it was video maybe, just photos could be from pass drills the people on the street could be anything its too faraway to tell and the vans do not look american.

    1. First off, infowars is a sanctioned dis-info unit. Second, does it matter if it was real troops or actors ? Like Sandy Hook ? The psychological reality is conditioning via Social Engineering. Kinda like video games and tv ” programming “.

      So, either real or imagined, the effect is the same. De-sensitization to environmental stimuli, then ” they ” have you where they want you, and you will OBEY . . . A clue for you . . . . .

      1. Mark, agree with you. Don’t fully agree with you that A.J. is a dis-info unit. He puts out authentic info many times, but his solutions are the problem with me. Point was, Dahboo77, did not bother to say that these were role players as reported by the Sentinel. These people were not resisting one bit, so to me it made sense they were playing a role. Why anyone would role play this type of scenario is stupidity. They must be payed well.
        Journalists should divulge all facts so public can make decisions.

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