3 thoughts on “Maybe this is what sparked the Palestinian attack.

  1. So called “God’s Chosen people” calling for death of another people. So benevolent.

    Do Christians really think this is what God truly wants?

    “Thou shalt not kill” ring a bell?

    They’re so brainwashed that they can’t see past those three words, “The Chosen People”.

    Zionist Jews are NOT REAL JEWS!!!

    Blinders turned on again.


  2. If joos are the chosen people and Israhell is the holyland just how fukced up is the almighty? Remember all you christian knuckleheads that Jesus critter was a joo so the fable goes. I don’t support none of those holy rollin bullshit spewing religions either. I think for myself and don’t need to be lead by some fake organized religion. It’s all a control mechanism and if you believe in it you fallen into that trap- dumbass, set yourself free and think for yourself.

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