McAfee Antivirus founder: “What idiot put this system out there?”


Whatever other — ahem — eccentricities antivirus software company founder and technology mogul John McAfee may have, I think we can at least safely conclude that the man knows his stuff when it comes to online security, and he is decidedly not impressed with the setup of the many separate yet intertwining systems flying under the banner of ObamaCare. Divorcing his criticisms from the underlying purpose of the law itself, McAfee ripped ObamaCare’s technological arrangement and worried that all of its huge moving parts will make it a perfect environment for hackers to steal Americans’ identities, personal information, and money.  

The massive consolidation of so much of Americans’ sensitive data has been the prime concern of several lawmakers trying to secure a delay in the system’s implementation, but of course, their quest to make sure the system actually works and that Americans’ information is secure before putting it to an arbitrary political deadline isn’t welcome in the ranks of the Obama administration.


Oh, it’s seriously bad. Somebody made a grave error, not in designing the program but in simply implementing the web aspect of it. For example, anybody can put up a web page and claim to be a broker for this system. There is no central place where I can go and say, OK, here are all the legitimate brokers, the examiners for all of the states, and pick and choose one. Instead, any hacker can put a website up, make it look extremely competitive, and because of the nature of the system — this is health care, after all — they can ask you the most intimate questions, and you’re freely going to answer them. What’s my Social Security number? My birth date? … Here’s the problem. It’s not something software can solve. I mean, what idiot put this system out there and did not create a central depository? There should be one website, run by the government, you go to that website and then you can click on all of the agencies. This is insane. So, I will predict that the loss of income for the millions of Americans who are going to lose their identities — I mean, you can imagine some retired lady in Utah, who’s $75,000 dollars in the bank, saving her whole life — having it wiped out one day because she signed up for ObamaCare. And believe me, this is going to happen millions of times. This is a hacker’s wet dream. I cannot believe that they did this. … ObamaCare itself is the loosest of all. You can imagine the type of information: Medical records, personal issues, psychological issues. I mean, the government’s going to know everything in the world about everyone very soon.

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