Meat Glue (All aimed at Satan’s Transhumanism Agenda)

Published on Apr 29, 2018

Problem, Reaction, Solution – Satanic Elite Create Problem by poisoning food and water supply making all sick, Reaction comes with public outcry on how to heal the sick; the Satanic Elite Solution being Transhumanism become as little God’s free of sickness with Satan setting his Kingdom up in the Hearts of Men replacing God; for God does not dwell in a Machine (Transhumanism); rather in the Hearts of Men.

One thought on “Meat Glue (All aimed at Satan’s Transhumanism Agenda)

  1. ANYONE, rich, poor, whatever, who accepts WILLINGLY transhuman enhancements cannot be saved no matter what they do (1 Timothy 2:4 says God “will have all men (mankind) to be saved” and willful transhumans are not mankind, but hybrid). Which, since these folks know that if they die they are condemned, is why they want to be enhanced and thus “live forever.”

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