Media Blames Homeschooling For Expelled Public Schooler’s Murder Spree

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Backwoods Resistance – by Scott M Terry

Radio news broadcasts echoed “”The South Carolina School shooter, who was homeschooled ….”

Fox News reported..  

“A homeschooled South Carolina teenager shot and killed his father Wednesday before opening fire on a nearby elementary school playground, injuring two students and a teacher, local authorities said.”

In the Establishment’s rush to demonize homeschooling, they managed to forget the facts of the story when they wrote the damning headline that will stick in the sheeple’s minds. The same media that refuses to report the race or religion of any “minority” who commits a crime, found it pertinent to mention the minority group of homeschoolers in their fictitious headline. The murderer was not a “homeschool student” but rather a troubled public school student who had been expelled from his school months earlier for bringing a hatchet to school and threatening to kill another student! Hardly the quintessential, all-American homeschool student that the media sought to tarnish.

As reported HERE and HERE

A friend to the family of the suspect says the teen was being home schooled because he was expelled from his school last year for bringing a hatchet to school and attacking a child.

I would hardly characterize someone who was expelled from school a “homeschooler”. But in the minds of millions of people who only read the headlines above, a “homeschooler” murdered his father. Of course when it comes to the mainstream media, the motto “never let the truth get in the way of a good new world order headline” is the rule. The thought of students not being indoctrinated by the state is a wee bit to much for them to tolerate. I expect attacks on homeschooling to intensify. Especially these vague attacks that have absolutely nothing to do with home education or the home education culture.

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