Media Silent As Guns Used To Save At Least Seven Lives Since May 25

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

As mainstream media outlets continue to support gun control by focusing on the three persons Elliot Rodgers shot to death, they have not bothered reporting that guns have been used to save at least seven lives since May 25.

According to, on May 25 an armed father intervened to stop two armed invaders who kicked in the door of his house in an attempt to reach his daughter. The attackers had threatened the girl beforehand.  

Breitbart News reported that two armed home invaders broke into a house in Orosi, California on May 26. Four siblings were home at the time and the oldest of the four, a 22-year-old, retrieved a handgun and saved himself and his siblings by shooting and killing one of the intruders. The other intruder fled to a medical center for treatment for the gun shot wounds he also received.

According to ABC 7, on May 27 an armed man tried to carjack a vehicle from retired NYPD police officer Derrick Bishop in Brooklyn. Bishop said he rolled down his drivers side window after the carjacker knocked on it and found himself “staring at a 9mm [pistol].” The carjacker asked for all Bishop’s money and then demanded the car. After Bishop got out of the car and the carjacker got in, Bishop drew his gun, shot the carjacker in his chest and killed him.

On June 1 Breitbart News reported on a Georgia woman who answered her door to find three would-be home invaders posing as police. One of the intruders raised his gun to shoot her but she shot him before he could pull the trigger. The suspects fled but the wounded suspect was later apprehended.

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One thought on “Media Silent As Guns Used To Save At Least Seven Lives Since May 25

  1. Yea, supposedly there are too many innocent people getting killed by guns according to Bloominidiot.

    I say we flood this as an email to Bloomindiot’s newspaper and media outlets to piss him and his Internet servers off.

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