Meet Portland’s Anti Gun “Acting” Police Chief

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As Portland police chief Larry O’Dea takes his paid leave of absence, after he got drunk and accidentally shot a friend on a hunting trip then lied about it to cover it up, assistant chief Donna Henderson has been appointed as “acting” chief until the situation is resolved.

Henderson is not without her own sordid past.  

vlcsnap-2016-05-31-00h38m54s129For starters, in 2009, she was demoted from Commander to Captain as then-Chief Rosie Sizer reorganized the bureau. Then, in 2013, after being re-promoted to Commander and promoted again to Assistant Chief of Investigations, she can be seen laughing during the swearing in ceremony, as she’s taking her oath (not very seriously).

In 2014, she defending what is known as the “48 hour rule”, which is a rule that was implemented by the officers union that says that officers involved in deadly shootings or death in custody cannot be interviewed by internal investigations until 48 hours have elapsed.

Earlier in 2014, she appeared at the Oregon state capitol in Salem to testify in favor of SB 1551, that year’s “universal background check bill”. The bill eventually stalled in the legislature. She appeared along side disgraced former governor John Kitzhaber and gun toting hypocrite Mark Kelly.

The 2015 Donna Henderson broke bureau policy by allowing officers who were involved in a shooting to review surveillance footage before giving their official statements. This was also condemned by the U.S. department of justice.

Looks like we’re just getting started with Donna Henderson’s corrupt practices. If the “acting” tag is removed and she is promoted to full time chief, you can expect more stunts from her.

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One thought on “Meet Portland’s Anti Gun “Acting” Police Chief

  1. That’s right.
    Look at the title of the article.
    She is an “Actor” just like Hollywood.
    Acting under the color of law.
    It just makes my stomach turn how they have used women as weaponized enforcers to reign in their tyranny.
    It’s wrong and does not equate to the Universal Prime creator directive.
    Ladies. ….
    You are in a pivotal position to make change.
    You run the courts and systems.
    Get it to fkng together or you will endure the fate of the sacred masculine soul left brain.
    We just can’t keep living like this.
    We will put things in balance.
    You just can’t stop it.
    It’s the Universal prime Creators directive.

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