Megyn Kelly Morten Storm: U.S. Will Likely Be Hit In Two Weeks

Published on Nov 17, 2015 by LesGrossman2016

morten storm told megyn kelly on “the kelly fiule” tonight that the u.s. will likely be hit by terrorists in the next 2 weeks and that the paris attack was just a run. former al qaeda member morten storm reveals that now that the pressure is on expect an attack on the u.s. soil sometime in the nect few weeks

7 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly Morten Storm: U.S. Will Likely Be Hit In Two Weeks

  1. First off, I can’t stand Meagan K.. She sits there as if she is so concerned, while the whole time she knows she’s lying, just feeding the sheeple propaganda.
    This guy says the terrorists know their time is up, so they are desperate.
    He also says they can get hold of guns in the US. A little foot in the door to disarm us, so the terrorists can’t get guns, I see the little nudge in the conversation.
    Oh, and former terrorist turned CIA, hmmm.

  2. If the names Morty Storm or Les Grossman don’t get your zionist spidey-senses a tingling, I don’t know what ever could possibly set them off. Add blonde bimbo and fox “news” to it and you are probably dangerously close to overdosing or choking to death on zio-joo propaganda.

    1. “We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who
      Comes on at five
      She can tell you ’bout the plane crash(terrorist attack) with a gleam
      In her eye
      It’s interesting when people die-
      Give us dirty laundry ”

      Sorry, Don Henley

  3. This guy is a bullshit artist. My pet gold fish saw right through this clown.

    Probably lives next door to Charlie Sheen, trying to get a co -author spot on Sheens next book.

  4. Megyn and the CIA propaganda agent are playing with the miniature brains of Fox News audience members. If ISIS attacks the US in two weeks it’s because the CIA ordered it, period.

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