Men are Guilty of Sexually Harassing Women Just by Sitting in the Same Room as Them, Says Police Chief

The Daily Sceptic – by will Jones

Women suffer sexual harassment simply by being in a room with men, a leading police chief has claimed. The Telegraph has the story

Deputy Chief Constable Maggie Blyth, the officer in charge of tackling violence against women and girls, said sexism remained a major problem within many forces as well as in wider society.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms. Blyth – who was appointed to the national role in the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard – said all female officers would have been subject to some form of sexual harassment during their careers.

Asked if she had been subjected to sexist behaviour while serving in the police, she replied: “I think any woman in any profession will say that they’ve experienced sexual harassment absolutely everywhere. But I’ve been massively supported in my role. I wouldn’t be doing the job I’m in if I didn’t believe in policing.”

Asked to describe what incidents she had witnessed, she said: “This is not about me, but I think sexual harassment is about sitting in rooms where you have more male officers than women. Where you’re in a male-dominated environment for any woman – that’s always challenging.”

When a senior police officer implies that men are committing a crime merely by being in the same room as a woman, you know something has gone very wrong. Were there no sensible people available for this role, who could focus on actual crimes instead of the made up ones that police are so fond of nowadays? The push to cast all men as criminals and all women as victims has gone much too far and is doing no one any favours – least of all women who are actually victims of harassment and assault, as it trivialises the offence by mixing it up with ordinary interactions between the sexes.

Worth reading in full.

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10 thoughts on “Men are Guilty of Sexually Harassing Women Just by Sitting in the Same Room as Them, Says Police Chief

  1. Fk the control-masters, but the push is on for women to hate and resent all men, just for being a man. The so-called men who will be tolerated will be only the wusses. All others are unsafe to be around, intimidating, and dangerous. What an assault on civilization and traditional culture!! But real men will be who they are. Strong, protective, assuring the well-being of those near to them.

    Side note… Still vomiting over that picture of Brad Pitt in that skirt. Abomination!!


    1. No, Galen, this problem is widespread, not only among humans but it is also very prevalent in the animal kingdom.
      How many mating dances and rituals have I had to endure on Animal Planet?
      I know the female species is very distressed, but I guess if we are going to do anything about this and can’t separate the species, we’re just going to have to start killing them all until it stops.
      It is amazing for anyone to be this adverse to nature, but like the old lady from Romania told me, the feeling of the power for the woman was incredible, right up until the iron hand came down and she found out her adversaries were not trying to make her stronger than a man they were trying to make her hate men, which she did. And as an old lady on the radio she confessed in shame and dishonor that what happened in Romania was the fault of women not realizing that just being what you were born is bound to bring the happiness that it was meant to.
      The natural order is the natural order and if you go against the natural order you will get unnatural consequences, which we are seeing across the board here in the United States. The women are not only trying to wear the pants in the family, but they want to pull them clear up into their armpits, don’t want those tits showing, that isn’t masculine.
      In the end result they will know the same guilt and self incrimination that the old lady from Romania did and she said it was easy for the communists, just by offering unnatural power of one person over another person, which is bound to cause resent, and where nature would bring two beings together in happiness, these unnatural acts will turn them one against the other.
      To know that this history is out there and to see how fast some women jump on the chance to exercise their 911 balls is concerning.
      Our Bill of Rights is natural law. Everything being thrown at us, including this women wear the pants in the family, is unnatural and will lead to hate, resentment, and war if our people fail to see it for what it is and refuse to go along with it.

      1. Amen, Henry!! They’ve taken something so lovely and enchanting as women and morphed them into ugly machines. The soft, sweet goodness is disappearing. Little did they know the strength behind that goodness and how it compliments the man’s vision and capabilities. How very much each needs the other.


      2. Well said Henry! You definitely said exactly what I was thinking & what I’ve been saying to the gullible women in my family for decades. Thanks!

  2. Wait a minute. Not all women are like that. I am a middle aged woman and I recently (February 2022) was hired as a supervisor in a large home improvement store chain. The young man who interviewed me and hired me began acting strangely not long (within months) after I began working there. On many occasions he approached me and told me how he felt about me. He made it very obvious that he was interested in me sexually and wanted to see me outside of work. He is a very attractive young man, more than 20 years younger than I am. He is also married, which for me, makes him unavailable.
    I did not reciprocate and I ignored him. He eventually told the head store Manager that he had been sexually harassing me.
    The Store manager called me into his office and said “I understand Bradly (not his real name) has been harassing you sexually. I said “No, I never made such a claim.” I said that because I was flattered by this young man’s attention. The manager asked me if I was being harassed and I said “No.” I said that because I was grateful for this young man’s interest, he was a man being a man. Had he been abusive, I would have told him to “back off.” I still work there and “Bradly” and I have a positive, productive working relationship.
    Perhaps you shouldn’t lump all women together in the same dysfunctional pile. Woman are individuals, just as men are individuals. If we loose sight of this, well…game over. Don’t believe everything you read about women on the internet.

    1. Not all men are the same, either.
      Reciting your personal experience here does not address the larger problem.
      This is Communism 101. It has been done to destroy many countries.
      I’m sorry if it hurts anyone’s feelings but women are not as strong and mean as men and they never will be.
      I see them on the TV, every f-king police chief, fire chief, a woman surrounded by men who have been doing the job generationally. All the woman is good at is reciting communist dogma.
      The women in this country could not conquer the men in a physical war. The men put them on a pedestal, they embraced communism and kicked men in the f-king face. Now they want to walk around like they’ve got a pair hanging between their legs, well they don’t and this isn’t Romania. The men here will not hold with communism and these women poking their chests out thinking they can force this shit on us are going to find themselves wearing hijabs for about a hundred years.
      As for your own little incident here, that is your own little incident. If you did not want this kid’s attention all you had to do was tell him to stop or you would tell his wife. No need for any outsiders, as in a company that wants to control your entire life for 8 hours of work a day. And yeah, all women are not like this but more and more are getting like that every day and it’s time for the men to f-king shut them down. They have not f-king spent the last ten thousand years in the jungle. They are not naturally physically powerful. And they do not understand the fight the men fight every day to keep our freedom, so they need to quit f-king around and become comfortable again with the gender they were born into. There are some men who need to do the same goddamn thing.
      By nature men and women in their private lives are meant to comingle, cohabitate, and reproduce. Anything else would be and is unnatural. What has become through nature was and is a very wonderful thing, that’s why the communists want to destroy it and make our lives f-king miserable, because that is the price for going against nature.

    2. Susan, you were “flattered” by someone who was likely willing to cheat on his wife? Unless it was okay with her, but I doubt it. So I read him as a deceiver, and immature.

      I do not lump all women together, but I see the cultural coercion that changed a good many of them into men-hating separatists and I take it as a personal affront on all the good men in my life, from my husband, to my dad, to my brother, my uncles, and my friends who were always there for me and helped me so very much. I’m not going to stand by and watch them be diminished or devalued. It would throw the creation into a tumult where cruel powers will take full charge of our lives. COMMUNISM BE DAMNED!!!


      1. I saw the same thing, Galen. Not just a simple matter between a man and a woman, but hell, let’s get the whole management and corporation unnecessarily involved. Maybe that made it a bigger deal in her life. But the simplicity of the remedy, with everyone minding their own business cannot be ignored. And neither men nor women should be lumped together. Sometimes I do not get what people do not understand about the absolute fact that each being of us is an individual, a one of a kind, and no mold will ever fit all.

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