Met Another Trencher In Washington State- A Fine Man And New Friend

It’s great when all the stars line up, making it possible to personally meet family members on our great site. Traveling the country makes that possible and it’s been a fantastic experience.

Ol’ Stewbum is who he goes by and is a 62 year old man who loves the Trenches and loves the Bill of Rights, owns a piece of Heaven near Auburn, Washington. Married for 34 years with children, 3 dogs and beautiful home he’s trying to hang on to, not an easy feat when under attack by people itching to take it away from him. 

We had a meal together and ran around for a couple of days, seeing the sites and gazing out at the beautiful Mt. Rainier. Ol’ Stewbum, whose name I’ll keep quite out of respect for his family, is definitely looking forward to a reversal of the tyranny and deceit brought forth by the traitors in Washington, hoping for a quick solution, just as all of us.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of him in the future. I encourage all of you to reach out as well, and put a face to the names of the American Nationals who frequent our great site.

9 thoughts on “Met Another Trencher In Washington State- A Fine Man And New Friend

  1. Awww, no picture of you guys raising some beers together. Glad you enjoyed your visit together ol’ stewbum & Mark!

  2. Mark thanks for sharing theses experiences with us as you travel around OUR nation….have you thought about keeping a journal?

  3. How fun!! I still dream about a big Trencher get-together, someday, somewhere.

    After the war, I guess.



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