Michael Dunn Trial: Mistrial Declared on Murder Charge in Loud Music Killing Case


A Florida jury found Michael Dunn guilty on four of the five charges in a case in which he was accused of shooting a teenager to death over loud music, but they could not come to a decision on the murder charge and a mistrial was declared on that count.

Dunn, 47, had faced a first degree murder charge for the shooting death of Jordan Davis, 17, in a Jacksonville convenience store parking lot on Nov. 23, 2012.  

The judge had instructed the jury that they could consider lesser charges, including second degree murder, manslaughter, justifiable homicide or excusable homicide, but they said the could not come to an agreement on any of those charges.

Dunn was found guilty of four three counts of attempted second degree murder for shooting at other teens in car and one count of firing a gun into a car.

Prosecutors alleged that Dunn fatally shot Davis after he asked the teen and his friends to turn down their music.

Dunn testified that he feared for his life and thought Davis was going to kill him, prompting Dunn to pull out his gun and fire nine times at the car that the teenagers were sitting in.

Assistant State Attorney Erin Wolfson told jurors that Dunn “fired round after round after round” at Davis and his friends as they sat in their car. She said Davis was inside the SUV when he was killed. Dunn claims the teen had gotten out of the vehicle.

In his closing argument, Dunn’s attorney Cory Strolla said that his client had a right to “meet force with force.” He said the state has the burden to prove that Davis didn’t brandish a gun at Dunn, as Dunn has claimed.


29 thoughts on “Michael Dunn Trial: Mistrial Declared on Murder Charge in Loud Music Killing Case

  1. This should be a no brainer for anyone with half a brain. How can this murderous pig justify shooting their car full of bullet holes. This pig needs to be put in general population for the rest of his POS worthless life right where he belongs PRISON !!! simple as that he is a murder and he murdered a teenager only 17 yr.s old!! Screw them pigs and screw them hard. They have been getting away with these actions for way too long and there has to be a stop to it and fast !!!
    Oh Yea, just what were the 4 charges that pig was found guilty off?? would be nice to know
    Once again, if that was me or any one else we easily would have been found guilty om1st degree murder.

    1. Just found out that this pig was found guilty of 3 counts of attempted murder and 1 count of fireing into a occupied car.
      These are felonies aren`t they? Lets see if he does a day in prison like the rest of us would have to. 😉 That is where he deserves to be.
      I cannot see how he only got charged with attempted murder when he obviously murdered that kid. That guy needs to be thrown in prison if I have ever seen any one deserves togo to prison for a good loong time that murderer. He needs to get his one way or another
      Yea He will probobly get a slap on the wrists and left go as cops always get. they are always getting away with murder

      1. He was charged with First Degree Murder for the guy he killed. This was the charge that the jury deadlocked on. The attempted murder charges were for the other guys in the car when he shot into it.

    1. No (in this case), digger didn’t mean “pig” as in “cop”. He meant it in the general “insult” context, as in POS. 🙂 Dunn is/was a pilot, not a cop.

      1. Awe Angel, I am pretty sure he was a cop and that is why they compared it to that zimmerman case in fact.
        If he wasn`t a cop then he was a wanna be cop or he was off duty, or was a retired cop.
        I`m sure of it, I try to keep up on cops being charged with things like that especially when people were getting sent away like I was for a few joints.

    2. Yes James, I`m pretty sure he was a off duty or retired cop if I remember right.
      The thing is is that a cop is a cop is a cop on or off duty and this would be a perfect example of their arrogance and parinoia. He should be charged with enhanched charges if I remember right – he being a cop – as a cop should be held to a higher level of accountability than the rest of us common/normal people seeing as to how a cop has a job that is supposed to show restraint and common sence and this murder was completely uncalled for.
      Yea, he riddled that car with 9 bullet hole – he fired 10 shots but only 9 actually hit the car, talk about a lousy shot – I wonder if he was drug/alcohol tested after he was arrested.

        1. HaHa, that guy was not crazy with greif. Heck he left the scene of a crime that he was directly involved in and needed to get his story straight and to figure out what his next wove was going to be.
          Thanks for the link Angel, it still didn`t say though if he was a cop or not though.
          I am going to do a search to make sure that I can back that up about him being a cop. of which I am sure he was 😉

          1. Did you read the other link I found (I edited it in before the cnn piece) ? I can’t find anything other than computer nerd/private pilot in his bios.

          2. Yep Angel. I did read thoes two links 🙂 thanks Angel for clearing that up for me.
            I just found out today that when I had my accident last year that that damn pig lied to me and ya could say he stole about 480. bucks – and that may be why I am now a little touchy about cops today. Yea I just found that one out about 4 hours ago. I`m really peed off about that happening as I am on small income for sure and they know it.
            Any way Angel,Thanks again for clearing that issue up for me 😉
            Your cool for sure Angel

          3. Geez. That Sux, digger. I can’t blame you at all for feeling the way you do. Seems like at every turn it becomes more and more well justified.

          4. Thanx Angel, Most people that know me wonder how I hold my temper towards the cops – Yes I am real touchy when it comes to cops. 🙁 . I have have also have had a real lousy week . Partley why I was quiet here a few days ago. 😉 Didn`t want to go off the wall again ya know Angel. I hate it when I loose my temper, I never catch myself till it is too late usually ya know. 🙁 Yea I guess I can be a real jerk sometimes – I try not to be though.

        2. Yes Angel, I was sure though that I heard that he was a cop.
          No I didn`t find anything saying he was a cop.
          I am really wondering were I got that from.
          It is not like me callin` somebody a cop when they are not one. 🙁 Ha chem trail memory loss perhaps?
          His actions did remind me of cop actions though, but that isn`t – I don`t think where I got that dea from. Geeze I got to figure that one out where I heard that from

          1. There have been so many, it is hard to keep track. Seems like 9 of of 10 times they are, or were, cops. This one is just an Dumb A, afraid of his own shadow. Sure wouldn’t want him around me when the SHTF. Meanwhile, the story is perfect for the MAIG, etc., gun control campaign. 🙁

          2. Yes it is isn`t it Angel. Yea the damned gun control freaks will most likely jump on this.
            Yes Angel, I wouldn`t want that guy around me or my animals either . 🙁
            People need to show some restraint and be more appropriate eh.

          3. Hey Angel, ya ever hear of a site called Instant Checkmate ?, It seems like a good place to preform back ground checks on people – safe and secured so they say anyway. 🙂
            I know I`ll be checking out new people I meet for sure just to learn a little about them. 😉
            I hate to be nosey on people but now days people are kind of hard to trust if ya know what I mean – it never used to be that way growing up ya know 🙁

          4. Yes, I’ve heard of it. Don’t you have to pay to be a “member”, like the other background check sites that have been out there for a few years? I saw an ad for it and thought it was creepy. Almost sent the piece I saw to the Trenches but didn’t want to appear to be advocating their commercial “service”. I was upset that just anyone can find out personal information so easily (even stupid mistakes from one’s youth). Well, I guess that is the way of today’s world. Sad. 🙁

          5. Nope Angel. It is free. It is mostly for employment backgroumd checks 😉 . Yes, it looks good .
            Yes, if I do not already know ya I`ll be useing that for sure.
            Any way It is going to be a early nite so I`ll be layin down soon ya`ll. good nite , I1ll still be up for about 15 – 20 min. maybe not even that long even 🙂

          6. Hmm…That’s interesting. The promos here are pushing it as a site to check out backgrounds potential “dates/suitors.”
            Get some rest, sweet dreams, and stay warm. 🙂

  2. “Dunn testified that he feared for his life and thought Davis was going to kill him, prompting Dunn to pull out his gun and fire nine times at the car that the teenagers were sitting in.”

    All he had to do was drive away. A convenience store? Can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one around here.

    Kinda like Starbucks.

      1. Of course, the freakin’ Zionist media will probably play the race card to the hilt. ANYTHING for division.

        Anything to keep all eyes off of those sub-human parasites.

  3. It’s amazing how many of the facts in this case never made it into the mainstream news reports. Besides that the police work was incredibly sloppy and Angela Cory…well…she needs to be disbarred. Below is Dunn’s website which explains the facts .
    Yes he made mistakes but I do believe him when he says that he was in fear for his life. http://justicefordunn.com/


  4. Any lawyers here?

    How can they declare a mistrial on only one of five charges, and can he still be sentenced for the other four?

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