3 thoughts on “Michael Savage Rips Into Caller for Defending Capitol Police Gunning Down Unarmed Woman – 10/4/2013

  1. Michael Savage is absolutely correct. I am sure this woman would
    never have thought she would be shot for driving in circles.
    This was an execution.

    1. isn’t it something, that in the oh, last fifty years or so the police tightened grip of violence has just gotten worse and worse,…until they can shoot, wound, or kill any person they wish and rarely, does that police individual ever get charged with anything………fact, they are possibly promoted…..
      It’s way past time that citizens speak up to the Police chiefs and Sheriffs to cease this murder and assult they put upon their neighbors and or stranger alike…..Voices in numbers in a particular area do have an affect….i have done it here where I live and it made a difference! A voice has to be specific to an incidence and local…locals are the ones to do it……….not clear across country….seems to me!

  2. Savage used to be the biggest zionist shill during the Bush years.

    Now I see him defending liberty more and more. Either he’s had a change of heart, or he’s just trying to save face as more and more of the public is waking up. I still don’t trust the guy, though.

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