Woman kills husband; prevents mass shooting

I can’t believe she got away with that defense. She’ll regret that one day soon, especially if that’s why she really shot him. Idiot woman.

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INDIANA (CNN) – An Indiana woman told prosecutors she fatally shot her husband to stop him for using his huge gun arsenal against police who were coming to arrest him.

Authorities say the husband was unstable and owned an arsenal of firearms worth more than one-million dollars.

Prosecutors now say Elizabeth Roberts stopped a potential mass shooting.

Court documents suggest Gary Roberts was in a tailspin prior to his death. He had become erratic, unstable, dangerous and suicidal.

Last Friday his wife went to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department and told officers she feared for her husband’s safety and well being.

She also told them her husband was a gun collector and had amassed an arsenal of weapons.

According to Michael Griffin, Hancock Co. Prosecutor, “Quite a gun collection. Gary had maintained and from my understanding reconditioned a number of those weapons.”

Included in the collection were .50 caliber machine guns. A Youtube video shows you the size and power of the weapon. The army uses them to stop vehicles and shoot through brick walls.

Roberts had more than one in his basement along with sniper rifles, assault rifles, shot guns and handguns.

After talking with police last Friday morning, Elizabeth Roberts returned home expecting officers to come get her husband within 30 minutes.

When they didn’t arrive, she says she told her husband they were coming. That’s when, according to the court records, Gary Roberts threatened to shoot and kill any officers that entered his home.

Fearful of a mass shooting at her home, Roberts told police she shot and killed her husband.

Prosecutor Griffin says her decision likely saved the lives of multiple law enforcement officers. “I think it is time in this country that we stop mass gun violence, and I am firmly convinced that is exactly what Elizabeth Roberts did.”

After investigating the shooting, prosecutors released Elizabeth Roberts. No charges were filed since the shooting was found to be in the defense of others, which is allowable under state law.

If you are wondering about the weapons in Gary Roberts’ arsenal, local station WISH reported they were all legally purchased with the proper licenses and permits.


7 thoughts on “Woman kills husband; prevents mass shooting

  1. So if she had kept her mouth shut he would still be alive, but since she just had to f**k with him and anger him by tipping him off to what she was planning against him he is dead because she says he said something detrimental, who wouldn’t say something they didn’t mean when they find out the person they trusted set them up? Seems she was going to get rid of him one way or another and will now get away with it by saying he reacted to the bad news with threats of violence. Isn’t it obvious she was after him from the beginning to somehow get rid of him? By the story, it does not sound like LE was at the home, but if they were than that would be a different story if he was in a standoff and she ended it.

    1. It seems to set a dangerous precedent. I sure hope that charges will be laid as she provoked the situation.

      1. Yes, it does. Unless he has family willing to bring charges and contest his will, it looks like she’s committed the perfect murder and will walk away with everything rather than go through a divorce. Truly, despicable.

        1. I said she’s an idiot because first of all, the cops are NOT her friends, and secondly because even if she ends up with ALL of hubby’s guns, once the SHTF she’ll have no one to watch her back in a firefight.

          Dumb b#tch. No doubt she’ll get what’s coming to her.

          FEMA fodder, I’m thinkin’.

  2. I’m surprised that she waited so long to tip-of the cops. After all, it is highly unlikely that her hubby amassed $1-million in guns & ammo in a short period of time.

    I would suspect that they both had a big argument. Perhaps he told his wife that he wanted a divorce, and she took advantage of his vulnerability with weapons possession as an excuse to shoot him when his guard was down (after she tipped-off the cops).

    This scenario really makes one think twice regarding who can be trusted to watch your back.

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