Midwest Chemtrails


Weather forecast for freezing rain and or snow before ten a.m. tomorrow here in the Midwest. The dip sh*ts always spray before precipitation.

29 thoughts on “Midwest Chemtrails

  1. Oh Yea PAUL,I live under the “Air Line Highway ” Between the Minneapolis/St. Paul international airport and Chicago andf New Yourk and I See A lot of those kind of chem trails. 🙁 🙁

  2. I can’t believe more people don’t see this and say something. I mean come on people what in the f#@k are the chances that several planes would make a giant x in the sky with their chemtrails.

  3. “Weather forecast for freezing rain and or snow before ten a.m. tomorrow here in the Midwest. The dip sh*ts always spray before precipitation.”

    Yep and you know what their excuse was years ago when you asked them? “Well, we need to spray the skies in order to keep making it rain, otherwise there will be a drought.” As if they think it will never rain again.


  4. Looks like a giant Anarchy symbol in the sky to me.
    “Look, Chaos girl…it’s the anarchy signal! Let’s get to the AntiGov cave, fast!”
    Da da da da AnarchyWoman Da da da da (theme song)
    Ok, I know it’s not funny but it got stuck in my head and I had to use it.

  5. We live way down south here in the Orlando, FL
    area, and we had them all summer, every day.
    Quite frankly, I was afraid that they were
    “conjuring up” a huge hurricane for our area,
    but as you know, we did not have one single
    hurricane this year.

    I always have my eye on the sky and have
    not seen any in the last few months in our

    When I do try to talk to people about them,
    they think I am delusional. Let’s face it
    folks, it’s sometimes difficult being

    1. Thats my thoughts..

      It shows here now at …errr this am at 7:04….
      I get up around ….well cpl hours before that…anyway,..going down to the goat pasture at daybreak this morning…I counted 18 chemtrails in a morning sky looking like x’s and checkerboards…….ison shows in the SE sky at day break (here anyway)..,, ..by Tue or wed it will be drowned out by the rising sun….the Perihelion is to happen on the 27-28th.
      Several independent (not employed by NASA) astronomers are relaying pics showing the nucleus to be much more LARGER than NASA’s JPL states…..and it appears to be fragmenting….they are also saying an “X” flair is imminent ….that doesn’t bode well.

      They may indeed be hiding the obvious here…

        1. NC they r calling for sleet and freezing rain the next 3 days here……guessing this morning was my only shot at seeing the thing.

          1. western South carolina

            possible sleet and freezing rain…sorry about that.

            but check this…last week we had a dusting of snow and then it was 75 2 days later…….it hardly ever precipitates here before january..

            lots of chemtrails here lately…almost daily anymore

  6. I believe it’s all poison. Air, water, and food……A sick population is one easy to control. I’ve heard that they actually put mrsa virus in some batches that they spray. This supposedly allows them to track the drift from the trails by patients going to the local hospitals for mrsa treatments. I’m not certain if this holds true, but I wouldn’t put it past these bunch of douche bags.

  7. I am near evergreen aviation in oregon. After the shutdown was mentioned I did not see chemtrails for several days, and the sky has been clear. Until yesterday it started all over again and big time..Its weird, even if people want to say they are contrails, are they not worried that dimming the sun all the time might reduce food growing?

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