Military Convoys Seen Moving Through Residential Area of Port Orchard, WA

Published on Jun 16, 2016 by DAHBOO777
In keeping track of odd military movement, i was sent the following:
“For the past three days, there have been military convoys up and down the street in a rural residential area. Today as I was leaving my home, I saw soldiers posted in two different places around the corner from my home. I stop and asked them what they were doing and was told that they are doing a convoy and it was “nothing scary”. They have been bringing all kind of equipment (in both directions) through. hummvee’s , tankers labeled flammable, etc. something is going on. Here is a short clip from yesterday. I am going to go back out and get footage of the soldiers posted.”

One thought on “Military Convoys Seen Moving Through Residential Area of Port Orchard, WA

  1. Seen in the Manchester fuel depot area, which stores millions of gallons of jet fuel, etc. I spoke to the personnel at each location, staged at corners and intersections, each covered a badge or devise of some sort when approached each had a different story, one said it was a drill in case fuel lines were disabled or sabotaged, as they were routing tanker trucks through the neighborhood. The depot is a navy facility, but they were army reservists from southern Arizona, I saw no weapons.

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