9 thoughts on “Minneapolis – Welcome to my world

  1. I hate the goddamn winter, but with you guys around, somebody asks me, “How’s the weather?” all I can say is, “I can’t complain.”

    1. LMAO,

      Well you know what this shit is all about brother, it’s about worrying about the other guy.

      This is interstate 94, the good thing is I’m heavy, so I can haul ass in the lanes with the most snow, as you well know Henry, lanes with powder are actually safer to drive in, little secret the idiot 4 wheelers and new semi drivers haven’t figured out yet.

      1. When you’re running I-90 west of Sioux Falls, when you ‘re on the bridge going over the Big Sioux River, you are in sight of where I live, Mark.

        1. Again today,

          Blizzard, snow only got 65 miles down the road and said, forgettaboutit, not worth it. More delays, at this rate we’re looking at 36 hour delay, easy.

          I’m 485 miles east of you still, I’ll be there next year at this rate. 🙂

          1. Glad you pulled over. Definitely not worth it. Stay safe. Wish you could get a load going further South, out of the snow.

          2. The really heavy wet stuff too. It’s just terrible here in Southeast WI today. Good luck.

      2. Don’t worry about that, I told dispatch to get me into so cal so I can go through Henry’s house and do a little rabble rousing. If my people pull it off, I will get some pics and post.


        I’m in North Dakota now, clear lots of blue sky, storm clouds gone. Headed for Sumner, Wash. Meat load. Then south, hopefully through Henry’s house.

  2. Actually, Mark, it’s MY world and you’re just passing through. In a few days you’ll be in California, and I’ll still be sliding around on the ice.

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