7 thoughts on “Missouri Bill To Criminalize 2nd Amendment Infringements From the Federal Government

  1. Good luck with that Missouri, you’re gonna need that and a whole lot more ammo to make that dream a reality.

    While you’re at it, why don’t you add something to your paper that calls for the proper punishment for treason?

    That’s like hoping for the best when accepting a check from a joo who owns a rubber company.

      1. Yes it is, Mark. Yes it is. People should be buying lead, not ink to sign petitions and write “their elected officials”, if they want to try to save themselves.

    1. Great point, #1. I bet there are thousands of laws that should be made retroactive. Then again… too many laws in general.


  2. Tn did the same thing, including silencers and 1 year and a half later nobody sells them without the federal. Paperwork.

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