13 thoughts on “Moms Demand Action Equates Smoking With Gun Ownership

  1. Get back in the kitchen, you idiot.

    When you learn something about the history of gun control, the history of communism, and who happens to be behind today’s gun control movement, then you’ll be able to express an opinion that doesn’t reveal your complete ignorance on the subject. Until that happens, just shut your pie-hole.

    Do you remember when Rosie O’Donnell was a vocal proponent of gun control?
    Do you remember how she completely changed her opinion on the subject once she learned the truth of 9-11? (shortly thereafter, I believe she was removed from TV for talking about 9-11)

    Therein lies the importance of the massive education project we refer to as “waking people up”. Everyone who knows the truth is on our side.

    Education eliminates our opposition, even in the case of our most ardent foes, such as Fat Rosie herself.

    1. Rosie was immolated after it was revealed she had a private armed guard to protect her and her newborn child. Hypocrisy and advocacy cancel each other out.

  2. And I’m sure this latest “Moms” group is just another C.I.A.-funded gang of bored housewives who got tired of watching soap operas, and are easily convinced of anything that will get them out in the sun for a few hours.

  3. Stupid c#nts like this should NEVER open their idiot mouths on subjects they have zero knowledge about.

    IF I had a wife, and IF she was stupid enough to join these @sswipes, she’d be given two choices – either leave them, or leave me.


  4. Anything moms come out spouting about I automatically assume it is paid for by the usual group and ignore it. Thanks but no thanks, I do not accept some group taking control of my choices no matter what those choices ay be. I am living this life and I just wish I could spend less time keeping others out of it.
    If I wish to smoke or anything else I will and I could not care less what anyone thinks about it, if indeed they can think.

  5. another clueless hoplophobe , the stupidity abounds
    so stupid in fact it hurts,, she should be banned or controlled for the harm she could do

  6. Are these the same mothers (the term “moms” implies that they put their kids first) that let day-cares and babysitters raise their kids while they go to work doing a man’s job? And they wonder why Hollywood/GovMedia has raised their kids. It doesn’t occur to these mothers that Big Pharma can’t treat their kids for lung cancer if they never get it! Hello…when WW2 ended Rosie the Riveter went back to the kitchen. Quit your jobs, women, and you’ll solve not only the unemployment crisis but juvenile delinquency. Let’s not forget that when Satan tried to tempt Adam he failed but he found a willing participant in the weaker (physically, mentally) sex. He promised Jesus the world if only Jesus would bow down before him; Jesus didn’t. But we see today that women are more than willing to. And child-birth’s now a bitch, ain’t it?!

    1. Weaker physically may be true, generally speaking. But mentally? You just stepped in it with that. Better hope Angel doesn’t see this one.

      There are a few other ladies who post here that may have a serious issue with that also.

      1. #1, john’s words are not those of a Man and certainly not the words of some one who actually read/understands/believes the teachings of Jesus Christ. I don’t find his misogynistic vitriol worth addressing. He’s as full of sh*t as Moms Demand Action. LOL 😉

      2. Who took the apple? There was no NWO when we lived in paradise, Hatr. We can’t blame that one on the jews.

        1. Your ignorance of Scripture is blatantly obvious. NOWHERE in the Bible does it say it was an apple.

          And it hardly matters that Eve was the one to pick and eat the fruit first, who was stupid enough to join her?


  7. As a mom, I really don’t like it that there are groups of people (presumably moms but who knows) being “moms against this” or “moms for that” because it feels like they are lumping me in with them, and I’d like to be able to be a mom, or a woman, without being put down or called names or assumed that just because I’m a “mom” I must be for gun control or against smoking or whatever. There are lots of moms who are just moms, who love their kids and families. Period. And don’t try to meddle in other people’s lives or try to control stuff. (just had to get that mini rant out).

    Used to be (I think) that mothers were held up as admirable figures and not put down like this. (but I am not sure about that, having only been around about 50 years or so). I’m not sure what happened.

    And I do get what ya’ll are saying…. this is not directed at any of you.

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